Friday, January 07, 2011

Cencorship and the Jewish Hate Group Chabad-Lubavitch

Interesting times readers. Seeing as Dr David Dukes You Tube channel was "Terminated" for the second time in recent months, WLT staff and many others have since uploaded a selection of his Videos to their "You Tube" accounts.

Within thirty minutes of staff at WLT uploading Dr Dukes video "How Nations Die" we were advised by "You Tube" that we can no longer access or upload to our account for two weeks. Along with this we were also told that another infraction may get our site deleted or suspended.

Our last suspension was for one month after we put up one of our home grown vids concerning Zionism and its roll in the destruction of South Africa and Europe. All factual all backed up by historians, yet it was considered by "You Tube" to be "hate speech".

Much like Pay Pal shutting our account down here claiming we were selling "Hate Material" when we obviously were not, You Tube has been proven once again to be under the influence of the most murderous hate filled regime to ever dominate this planet.

It would seem that Dr Duke is not walking away without a fight. As he did a few months back, he is fighting tooth and nail to have his account restored once again. Now when this happens do you think You Tube will restore our status and remove this bogus infraction? Not to worry we will send them an email with a please explain. Its the least we can do.

Anyway for more on this please watch and listen to the following vid hosted by the Kosher Boys club at "You Tube".

Below. Israeli training camp for "Jewish Internet trolls".

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