Friday, January 21, 2011

FDB Media Whores at it Again. Just Another Jewish Hoax.

Well it seems the main stream media is at it again. Roll out the Fight Dem Back Kings of Spin.


Parliament crackdown as white supremacist and Jewish hater Darryl Potts faces the sack

AN ACCUSED white supremacist could be banned from Parliament House as computer experts work to block the online posting of offensive material from within the nation's capital building.

The move follows new revelations Jew hating and other offensive posts were sent to websites from an IP address belonging to the Parliamentary Services Department, reported The Daily Telegraph.

The self-description and language in the posts matches that of parliamentary elevator technician Darryl Potts, exposed yesterday as a Holocaust-denying extremist who has just been granted a handgun licence.

The messages refer to Jews as living in "Satan's sewer" and visiting his family home posing as "Israeli art peddlers". Mr Potts did not deny he was the author of the posts when contacted yesterday.

Parliamentary Services acting head David Kenny said the posts were a clear breach of the rules and parliamentary technicians were working on a way to block the sender.

Mr Kenny also said he was in discussions with the company that directly employed Mr Potts about potentially banning him from the building.

The posts were written under the pseudonym Kinkyboy and written between 2006 and 2010.

In one traced to a parliamentary computer he says: "Jewish Fascists masquerading as 'Israeli Art Peddlers', likely inspired by the slippery reptiles at the B'nai B'rith, have visited the family home when the kids were in the house" - the exact same story and phrase Mr Potts told The Daily Telegraph.

Under another name on a white supremacist website he claims the Jewish holy book, the Talmud, allows sexual abuse of children.

In another post he describes himself as a "6'+ blue-eyed Anglo-Celt, who like some others, wears a kilt, blows the pipes, but refuses to defer to kikes". Mr Potts wears a kilt and plays in bagpipe band.

In yet another post on a white supremacist website he reveals himself to be "KinkyBoy" and likens Jews to flies and maggots.

Mr Potts declined to comment further yesterday.

Oh we have all the standard words used by MSM Jewish reporters,
"white supremacist" "supremacist website" "Jew hating" the list goes on. Now what type of non bias reporting do you think you will get when the reporter himself is a Jew? Oh yes Joe Hildebrand is not only Jewish but good friends with the old Fight Dem Back crew Mathew Henderson, @ndy Slackbastard, Brian Stokes, Cam Smith and Donald Oorst.

Now stranger still is the efforts these people are now going too trying to clean up their image. Just so they may once again be considered as community minded and respected anti racists campaigners.

Just like Darrin Hodges from the APP, who also had all the online proof of his involvement with the Jewish Task Force Forum removed, FDB are also busy cleaning up their mess. You cant have sites such as WLT linking respected reporters such as Joe Hildebrand to deviate criminals like FDB. You certainly cant have people like the now Lawyer Mathew Henderson, founder of FDB on your friends list with his track history. Not unless you can make his sordid past vanish from the internet.

Here is an example. One wonders at the strings pulled to have an internet archive site go back and change history? Remember the Black Mailing of one White Nationalist Benny? Recall how they hounded this guy, then twelve months after they beat him down they set up a online fake account? Remember how they posed as a White Nationalist Woman, convincing him to exchange private and revealing pictures of himself to them. Do you recall how Mathew Henderson then blackmailed him, saying they would not reveal these embarrassing pictures if he gave up everyone he knew, and gave them access to all his accounts at Australian New Nation and other Pro white forums and sites?

Do you recall the picture they plastered on the front page at fight Dem Back taking the piss out of this poor bastard? You recall readers, the one of a naked Black Transvestite reminding him that they are "Blackmailing" him. Below are the screen shots from the internet archive site Way Back Machine before they were pressured to "clean it up".

Note the remark at the bottom. "Thanks for last night Ben" real bloody funny. Now look at the same page from the same site as of today.

Now folks, we don't make this crap up. We just report what we see. We are not insane haters. We are just showing you what we have found. It does our head in how deep this stuff goes. Its so crazy that you may think we are nutters for reporting it.

Fact is, it is crazy. But we are not the ones who are acting insane. The people we write about are the ones the world needs to shake its collective head at. So next time you read some trash from a Jewish reporter about a nasty White man, a White man who is simply telling people what he has witnessed, ask yourself who is the hater, who is the crazy one.

Oh and another thing, how do you think they got his IP? One word @ndy. Seems this chap who is now being persecuted was visiting @ndy's site and leaving comments. See the connection folks? Proof again that he is a State Asset masquerading as an "anarchist".

Just have a read of some of the comments left at the MSM news site. The people have had enough.

Politically Incorrect of Incidentally Accurate Posted at 1:47 AM Today

Talk about a smear campaign. So what if the guy has some political and religious views that most people disagree with? No one has to agree with him, and he doesn't have to agree with anyone else. So what if he took on the police commissioner and won the right to keep his firearms license? Oh no, that just won't do in this "politically correct" era, now will it? We'll just have to dig something up on the guy to cause him problems, won't we? Are the media really puppets of Jews, like he claims they are or something? Because if not, you've got to wonder... Why is this even news? Who cares what the guy thinks or does, as long as it's within the bounds of the law? So far, he's never done anything illegal, and should be treated like the intelligent, productive and hard-working member of society the Tribunal he faced to reclaim his firearms license found him to be.

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Unimpressed of Philosopher Posted at 1:55 AM Today

First the anti-burka mural-owner, and now this guy? Gee, thanks Australian Mass Media thought police! Without you guys, we'd have to actually think about whether these people might actually have a point or not, instead of just jumping on the bandwagon and labelling them "evil" for expressing their opinions!

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Matty Hayes of West of the Great Divide Posted at 2:55 AM Today

hmmmm... freedom of speech in Australia? Tell a muslim they can't go and burn an effigy of the current PM, tell the muslims that they are going to go up in value in their neighbourhoobs while the others pic value

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Joe's Bestie said...

Most of Dem Pillow Biters at FDB have faced the sack, often, and its nothing to do with their work.......Or is it ?

Gloatin's what dem Boiz do best.

Appopllexians said...

Anonymous said...

Has the Australian Jewish community acted lawfully in what could be interpretted as an attempt by them to incite a religiously sanctioned killing of those who choose not to parcipate in their religion.

Anonymous said...

You have a good straight-shooting article, Whitelaw. I commend you for the work you are doing to awaken White people to the extreme danger they are placed in by those "internationalists" (who once operated with stealth, but who are becoming more brazen) in order to undermine White society to dominate, convert (enslave) or to kill our people.

I think you probably have more aware Whites in Australia than we have in the former (and still largely unaware) US. Your style reminds me of a great poster I followed when he was active. Links to a couple of his articles are below. Though older, they have not lost the truth contained in them.