Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Filth That runs Australia

In yet another sleazy chapter that could easily have fell from the pages of a Hollywood Babylon tale the State of NSW has confirmed its current status as the most corrupt and maladministered in the entire Australian nation.
From the Sydney Morning Herald:

She's devastated: Keneally

Heath Aston State Political Editor

January 30, 2011

EDUCATION Minister Verity Firth was ''devastated'' last night after learning her husband had been arrested buying a $20 ecstasy tablet on a street in Glebe. Matthew Chesher, 44, a longtime Labor government staffer, immediately quit as chief of staff to Roads Minister David Borger.

His arrest by police has plunged the Keneally government into another crisis as it limps towards almost certain election defeat in March. The bust has shocked Ms Firth, who government sources insist was unaware of her husband's apparent drug use until after his arrest. The couple's Glebe terrace was empty yesterday afternoon.
''I love Matthew and want to make sure he is OK. This is a very difficult time for our family and I ask for some privacy as we work through these issues,'' Ms Firth, the Balmain MP, said in a statement last night. Premier Kristina Keneally came out in support of her embattled minister.

"Like most people, I was shocked to hear about Matthew Chesher's arrest and resignation,'' Ms Keneally said. "This morning, I spoke with Verity Firth. She was devastated and disappointed. As a friend and colleague, Verity Firth has my support during this very difficult time."

The couple have a four-year-old daughter, April Harper. Ms Firth is the older sister of (alleged) comedian Charles Firth, best known for his appearances on the ABC's The Chaser. Mr Borger was taken by surprise. ''He was a valued member of my staff, and I am disappointed about the circumstances which appear out of character,'' he said in a statement. Mr Chesher offered his resignation and Mr Borger said he had ''accepted it immediately''. Mr Chesher, who has been bailed to appear at Downing Centre Local Court on April 1, was apparently caught up in a police operation against an inner-west drug dealer.

Police from the Redfern drug squad had been following 30-year-old Gerald Hugh Gordon on Friday evening when he was allegedly observed selling one tablet to Mr Chesher. The drug deal was worth about $20.
The pair were taken to Newtown police station where Mr Chesher was released on police bail. Police later searched the Pyrmont flat of Mr Gordon where they allegedly found about $17,000 worth of drugs including MDMA, GHB, LSD, cocaine, and ketamine. They also allegedly discovered small amounts of testosterone, alprazolam and diazepam, as well as a large amount of cash alleged to be proceeds of crime. He was charged with three counts of commercial supply of prohibited drugs, two counts of supply prohibited drug, one count of supply small quantity of prohibited drug, three counts of possess prescribed restricted substance and one count of deal with proceeds of crime.

He did not apply for bail at Parramatta Local Court yesterday and will appear via video link on Tuesday at Central Court. Mr Chesher's arrest is another in a series of tawdry episodes for the Keneally government. In September, Ports Minister Paul McLeay quit cabinet admitting to viewing online porn and gambling sites from a parliamentary computer. Former Roads Minister David Campbell resigned after being filmed leaving a gay sauna, while Ian Macdonald was forced to resign after charging airfares to the taxpayer without permission. Former Labor MPs Karyn Paluzzano and Angela D'Amore were both punted from the party for rorting parliamentary expenses.
Government sources were unsure as to what effect the scandal would have on Ms Firth's campaign for re-election in Balmain. She was already expected to lose to Greens candidate Jamie Parker, the mayor of Leichhardt. Ms Firth fell out of favour with Ms Keneally last year when she announced the $400 million replacement of all unflued gas heaters in NSW schools without the permission of Treasurer Eric Roozendaal and the Premier.

Her Left faction of the NSW ALP is under increasing pressure, with Carmel Tebbutt also expected to lose Marrickville. Nathan Rees will struggle to hold Toongabbie and Mr Borger may suffer because of this new scandal. Mr Borger, whose margin of 11.1 per cent in Granville would not save him in an expected statewide swing against Labor of at least 15 per cent, is the former mayor of Parramatta. He is seen as future leadership material for the Left, a possible replacement for Ms Tebbutt as deputy leader.”

So what has this latest tacky story regarding our politicians got to do with White Nationalism? Well, this broadly reaching cabal of lowlife career criminals who the likes of fawning social climber Mathew Lee Henderson-Hau aka (Kevin 07) ‘Darp’ admire and emulate at every opportunity are the very same creatures who, in an obscene affront to common decency and justice, gaol people like Brendon O’Connell for telling the TRUTH!

Not to forget Former NSW Labor Party Aboriginal Affairs Minister Milton ‘The Monster’ Orkopoulos or any number of other confirmed and unconfirmed Homosexuals, Paedo-Predators, Drug users and crims who were either Labor Party Politicians or their very close friends and associates. Names like Late Wollongong Lord Mayor Frank Arkell, Late Judge David Yeldham, Former NSW Treasurer Michael Egan, Late/Former NSW Health Minister Andrew Refshauge, Former Health Minister Dr. Neal Blewett, Late Solicitor John Marsden, Former High Court Justice Michael Kirby, Late Enterpreneur Rene Rivkin, etc all circulated in the same ‘social set’. Then there are the 'dodgy' ones. The ones about whom there are lots of stories and suspicions but not a lot of confirmed facts to go on. People like Former Australian Labor Party Prime Minister Paul Keating and Former NSW Premier Bob (low rank mail-order bride) Carr. This Homo/Druggo Mafia is what really runs Australia.

Then there is the husband of Labor Party MP Tanya Plibersek, the convicted Heroin trafficker with the ridiculous name Michael Coutts-Trotter who is the NSW Director of Education!!! And let's not forget Darp's mate, the disgraced former Judge Marcus Einfeld who showed us all what an arrogant Jew thinks of the Law. The entire structure of the Establishment is rotten to the very core and that Establishment has been in the sweaty grasping paws of the Left Wing Kleptocracy for many decades now.

The grim facts are that, per capita, members of Parliament and the Judiciary are grossly over represented among the ranks of the Homosexuals and Paedo-Predators. Absolute fact. Also, it is equally true that the Left Wing Parties and their fellow travellers provide us with the overwhelming majority of criminal perverts. Yet they sit in judgment of

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