Monday, January 10, 2011


Roll out the hate laws. Resistance is futile.

No One Twirls Chickens Like A Judaic

You have to see this. A quick look at the Jewess congresswoman's Youtube site and you will see that she has subscribed to two other people's youtube channels -

Congressman Ike Skelton and Jared Loughner - THE GUY WHO FRICKING SHOT HER. Now out of all of the Youtube channels she could have subscribed to, she hooks up with the weirdest most bizarre character out there who incidentally many are suggesting is a Jew himself.

Her Youtube account is authentic. she joined in 2008 (you would expect it to be recently created if it was a fake) and she had a couple of hundred lackeys which one would expect and most of the videos she has as favourites pertain to herself which seems normal given that narcissism is one of the preserves of the Jew. If a hacker did access her account, than why is this account still up and running? Youtube would have been informed by now and closed it. Loughner's other sites were removed the moment that news channels started reporting on them yesterday and the fact that she seems to have befriended him is a far more contentious issue than him writing conspiratorial nonsense on a myspace page which is subsequently removed.

I wasn't too sure myself about he shooter's surname as it is a surname unfamiliar to me and I could not discern his Jew credentials from his photo. I'll have to do some further digging. But Jim from the former Gentile Alliance (a great authority on Jew identification) opined that Loughner's name is a bastardization of an Anglo-Saxon surname, and several sites are suggesting that he is indeed a Judaic. Well if he is, that is certainly a turn up for the books. A Jew goes on a killing spree and world opinion rounds on so-called Right-wingers for stirring up the hornet's nest, when in fact it could very well have been one of their own mentally unstable tribal members who caused so much death and carnage.

Have you noticed how the media is very content to focus on the very much alive and kicking Jewess politician in lieu of the people who DID actually DIE including a child. Makes sense given that Jews believe their lives to be infinitely more valuable than ours. The "How Dare I blog" rightly pointed out that when the young American human rights activist Rachel Corrie was mown down by a Jew in his killing machine, she was labelled a terrorist and any mention of her name was accompanied by scorn and repugnance from the Jewish quarters. Her life was as meaningless to them as the chickens they twirl around their head during Yom Kippur. Yet one Jewess is shot and survives and the world media behaves as if Armageddon has arrived.

Look at her youtube channel for yourself:

Click here and scroll to the bottom left hand side of her page where you will see her subscriptions. Jared Loughner is "Classit". I am certain her Youtube page will disappear before too long.

I think we will keep an eye on this one folks. Interesting times.

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