Thursday, January 06, 2011

Great start to the New Year.

I don't know about you folks, but I think 2011 is looking like it is the Jewish International Year of censorship. Must be something in this video they don't like?


Anonymous said...

Those who declare that "Judaism is not the problem" are having a lend of you all.

It is not possible to oppose Zionism while advocating open borders, which is in itself a Zionist/Judaic imperative.

How can "Anti-Zionists" possibly oppose "apartheid" in stupid Goys when Zionists also oppose apartheid for these same duncical non-jews.

Non-Jews must be kept broadly separate and apartheid only apply between jews and non-jews for the purpose of protecting non-jews from the gloating pleasures Lilliputian jews find in unfortunate others who believe Judaic lies and mischief.

That Jews may only achieve their ends via duplicity suggests that these designs are born of D 'evil found in Judaism.

Ghost of Vinnitsa said...

I say fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.


Zionist Jews are a faction of the broad international capitalist-intelligentsia. A powerful faction and one with great influence but a faction non the less.

Through the last 200 odd years, the competing factions of the capitalist-intelligentsia have sought to control each other and indeed the world.

They have created forces out of nothing and then ditch them only than realising that those forces have become a threat. Communism and Islamic fundamentalisjm are good examples of the mistakes made by the capitalist-intelligentsia over the past century.

The Zionist Jews were one faction of the regime that was involved in creating communism. The other factions of the capitalist-intelligentsia made efforts to kill communism before it became a threat. Remember Winston Churchill saying that the bolshevik baby must be killed immediately?

We must remember that we are dealing with all the traitoreous factions of the capitalist-intelligentsia not just one faction (the Zionist Jews).