Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kiwi Fight Back! "How dare they"

From our good friends in the land of the long WHITE cloud.

An extreme right-wing group has been dropping anti-immigration flyers into Christchurch homes.

The flyer titled ``Immigration or Invasion'', which was distributed by a group called New Zealand Right Wing Resistance, claims, ``If current trends continue, whites will soon be a minority in this country''.

Ilam resident Ian Wilton found one of the flyers in his mailbox on Tuesday.

He said its message was ``very offensive''.

``My first thought was how dare they?'' he said.

``We've got an integrated community. It's a mixed street with state-owned houses and tenants.''

A phone number and email address for the New Zealand Right Wing Resistance group was on the flyer.

The Press rang the number today.

The man who answered said he was part of the group, but would not say how many flyers were handed out or if more would be.

At the end of the call he said, ``I have nothing to say.''



Anonymous said...

Sort of related.....Financial Nationalism

Right Wing Resistance said...

Thanks for putting up the article.
Well be doing more flyers and posters around NZ in the next few months along with some other action.
Will let you know about WPWW week end as we plan to do alot of flyers that month to support our day.