Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Nostradamus of Australian White Nationalism?

We can guarantee neither the accuracy or the veracity of the claims by Darp in the below quotation. After all, if the lying Red creep told you it was raining you'd have to go outside and check but we certainly admire the apparent prescience demonstrated by the alleged quote from a particular Stormfront poster.
Could this perhaps be the earliest example yet found of a White Nationalist picking Darp's future vocation? If anyone can provide an older one than this then please do so. Send all your entries to our comments section.
Quote taken from Darp on the Fight Dem Back Website of December 2004:

“Using Stormfront really adds to the piss-weak nature of their continual public denials regarding their neo-Nazism. Have a look at the avatar for 303SMLE, the guy who replied to “Young Soldier/Luke”. It’s a morphing swastika! Check out his advice to young Luke:

“My advice, put your boots on and take care of it. These people are just typical brain washed fools. They will all grow up to be lawyers for some money sucking refugee. Or die of a drug overdose or most probably AIDS. They have nothing on you young blokes. Keep up the good work. RAHOWA.”

One can only hope that in the fullness of time the rest of the prediction proves to be just as accurate...

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