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This latest drivel comes from Darrin (Goldstein) Hodges on the so-called ‘Australian Protectionist’ Party’s Forum:

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Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
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Quote from: Aussie101 on Today at 02:42:01 AM

Lol just visited Haven't been on it in months by my god has it got worse. I tried reading some of the posts but they made no sense whatsoever. It's like a lunatic from an asylum writing them.

It was basically a load of "THE JOOOOOOOOS ARE BEHIND EVERYTHING" and our rambling conspiracy theories.

“ is actually a parody site of”

Whitelaw Towers is a bastion of White supremacy. The proprietors are two middle-aged (mostly) White men with a love of all things White.

We’re not crazy! You’re the one that’s crazy!

“Its (sic) all just crazy on crazy and the stuff that AFP is made from.”

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine who is more loopy, poor old brain damaged Darrin or his army of addled acolytes. Upon reading ‘Aussie101’s post and, quite frankly, finding it hard to believe he was seriously fooled by the fake Whitelaw site, Old Victor was reminded of Fr. Dougal McGuire from the ‘Father Ted’ comedy show. For those not familiar with the program, Dougal was described quite accurately in one episode by another of the shows characters as a ‘cabbage’. He even has a simple graphic chart he must consult regularly to remind him that reality and dreams are different. That dreams come from inside his head and that reality is outside of his head.

The 'intellectually challenged' 'Aussie101'?

This is, tragically, the general calibre of the APP membership. You know the type. If it’s on TelAvision it must be true. But many of them go well beyond the normal call of duty in terms of everyday gullibility. Many of them actually ‘intellectualise’ their stupidity in a form of wilful self deception that requires a high degree of doublethink. One can, indeed one should, forgive the true ignorance of the genuinely deceived but most of the APP crew have concocted a bizarre ‘consensus reality’ within which they live out their dead end lives, creating and contributing nothing.

Inoculated against common sense, immune to reason and ‘relaxed and comfortable’ about their auto hypnosis, they are a zero sum, phase locked loop, a mutual masturbation society, a circle jerk. Now this would be all well and good if they would simply go away and stay away but they seem stubbornly determined to not only act as a political speed hump but to actively and persistently attack genuine White Nationalists. They are quite literally doing the now defunct ‘Fight Dem Back’s job for them. They are effectively the most visible and vocal opposition to White resurgence in Australia.

This is why it is becoming increasingly difficult for Old Victor to convince many concerned White Nationalists in our movement in Sydney that Hodges is NOT working directly for the Statist Establishment and/or Red Left hate mongers like Mathew Lee Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’. Old Victor doesn’t want to believe that anyone, even Hodges, could be that treacherous and poisonous but…look at the raw facts and ask yourself…Cui Bono?

At the very least his activities are disruptive to our cause of White resurgence and convince many newcomers that the Australian Nationalist scene is just an irreconcilable shit fight, a political shambles.

He is definitely and provably running decoy, whether consciously or not, for the Jews every bit as much as his hated Islamists. By expending so much time and energy in smearing the True White Nationalists he obscures the machinations of our eternal enemies like a squid squirting ink. How can the newly arrived to our political scene, the curious and potentially salvageable, unfortunate enough to fall in with the APP crowd, ever see the forest for the trees while under the influence of this idiot?

At worst, he is dealing directly with, and sharing information with, the sworn and dedicated enemies of our people, the Red Left, the Career Criminals of the System and the Jews.

Parody, eh? Hodges is a ‘parody’ of a real person, a figment of his own fevered imagination. Who really controls him and what the ultimate agenda is apart from causing chaos is still not clear but one thing is certain, the sooner more folk, all across the political spectrum, realise he is toxic material, the better.


Now Look 'ere. said...

Perhaps he just wants to be noticed.

Anonymous said...

In the chronicle.

POLICE are hunting a man who raped a teenage girl in a Chinchilla public toilet while the town was isolated by floodwaters.
The 14-year-old child walked to Queens Park to use the public toilets when the offender followed her into the female toilets and grabbed her from behind.

The man is described as Aboriginal, with short black hair, dark complexion, stubble on his face, solid athletic build and about 175cm tall.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Anon. Now I figure you are same guy who spammed this site yesterday calling on us to take a more local look.

You must understand that this blog is a global blog. 56% of our readers are from Australia, the rest are from the US,UK and Europe.

It is also totaly independent of all political and non political groups. All though we belong to at least three separate groups, we remain independent and speak for everyone equaly.

There is literally hundreds of other blogs that cover the very real problems at a local level.

One thing they fail to cover is that of the true root cause of all our problems. This is the gap we try to fill.

We know via our stats what brings in the readers. We also know that people like to read and have a laugh at the same time. Even if its just at Darrin Hodges and the APP. Its still funny.

We also know that the UK and the US are very interested in the WN and NS movement in this country. They study it just as much as we study them and try to learn from each other.

Anon, this is an activists site not a News outlet. Australia has plenty of forums for posting News items.

Sure we do the odd cut and paste. Its called filler. The people here have a life outside of WLT. Time is always in short in supply.

It is also entirely up to the authors of the articles what they write about or what content is in them.

There is no think tank, no meetings, no organised group who pick a subject to write about. We are free agents who truly believe in what we do here and on the outside. WLT is but a small part of what we do for our people.

You are new to here. Do your research before you start lecturing us about what we should write or what we should believe.

Start your own blog at a local level. If its good we will link it. This will hopefully bring you extra traffic.

We do not do requests and we certainly never let anyone, be that Political or personal dictate to us the content of our articles.

This blog represents the authors and our sworn beliefs. It is our own personal contribution to the Australian movement.

If you don't like it don't read it.

Foot Solider said...

Oh what a surprise, a bong attacking a white girl.

One of the benefits of living in the Darling Downs that has been enriched by Aboriginals moving here at the behest of the state and federal governments.