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Paul Fromm’s “Down Under” Tour A Great Success

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From Paul Fromm — MP3

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. December 13, 2010. Canadian immigration reform and free speech activist Paul Fromm’s speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand wrapped up this morning. Mr. Fromm was the guest of the Australia First Party which has recently run candidates in municipal, state and federal elections. Party leader Dr. Jim Saleam of Sydney’s parting words were: “We’re delighted to have hosted you and to have expanded our contacts with our international allies engaged in the same battles.”

Mr. Fromm addressed large meetings of activists in Sydney, December 4, and Melbourne, December 11. He also met with leaders of Volksfront, the Australia League of Rights, Australian Hammer Skins, Australian-Alternative youth group, National Anarchists and the National Federation of Independent Business.

Mr. Fromm shared the Canadian experience of nearly 40 years of state suppression of free expression — first the “hate law” (the notorious Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code and then various “human rights” restrictions, including Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act — the Internet censorship law. He traced the origins of speech suppression to longstanding lobbying by the Canadian Jewish Congress going back to the 1930s. He explained some of Canadian free speech supporters’ recent victories, including the ruling in September, 2009, in Richard Warman v Marc Lemire, that Sec. 319 is unconstitutional.

Both Australia and Canada face the same immigration porblems, Mr. Fromm explained. In both countries the political elite back in the 1960s decided on the cold-blooded replacement, through Third World immigration, of the European founder/settler people.

My Australian host, the very knowledgeable Dr. Jim Saleam (pronounced Salem) is an amazing tactician, and offers his summary of the tour as does my New Zealand host Kyle Champman.

The Paul Fromm Tour: Report From Dr. Jim Saleam

Last week this newsletter gave a report of the Paul Fromm Sydney meeting. I can now advise that Mr. Fromm spoke in Melbourne on December 11 to a well attended meeting at a suburban venue. It was significant that people attended from Australia First and a number of other patriotic groups, all together in an atmosphere of unity, to listen to this remarkable speaker. There was no disappointment when Paul delivered an excellent discourse on the immigration invasion of Canada and the response of liberal-Canada to restrict freedom of speech to discuss this disaster.

Yet, rather than present a pedestrian report to you, I thought it might be better to raise the discussion to a different level. It seems to me that the Paul Fromm tour was important from a different point of view.

Paul is active in various ways with the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee and the Canadian Association For Free Expression, groups which may one day lay down the basis for a Canada First Party. In the interim, he runs national campaigns and liaises with common-minded groups across his country – and in the United States. It was ‘useful’ that he made the Australian tour and introduced us to his politics. Why?

I believe that one day the forces of the New World Order in Australia will be politically defeated and that our country will take the hazard and go down the road of national independence. We cannot predict the outcome, nor can we even predict or foreshadow the manner in which any of this will come to pass. However, we are compelled to that course or see our country’s identity stripped away and our livelihoods and families sold over to the permanent bondage of the foreign corporations and the globalist banks.

Meeting with Paul Fromm was an important step in building alliances for the future, different alliances that link anti globalist movements and individuals for the common interest of us all.

Speaking personally, I had the honour of several days in Paul’s company, during which we discussed the history of our two countries, the nationalist movements of each and a lot more besides. Many other Australia First members were also able to glean much from his bank of knowledge.

We thank Paul Fromm for taking the time to visit Australia and we look forward to building upon what was achieved.

Paul Fromm in New Zealand: Report From Kyle Chapman

Australia First received this report from Kyle Chapman, our Kiwi ally in the South Island.

We are very happy that Paul made it to New Zealand to speak to us humble folk. At short notice we obtained a venue and rallied some right-thinkers for Paul on Monday the 6th.
His speech was very thought provoking and it showed the many similarities between NZ and Canada. He spoke mainly on Free Speech and Immigration. – both very relevant subjects for us here in New Zealand.

We showed him around our broken city (still a lot of damage after earthquake) and he took in the views from the hills over Christchurch.

We arranged for phone calls with key people in the Nationalist movement so Paul could build a foundation for future contact.

Again it was a great experience to have a leading figure in our movement to come to New Zealand. Thanks to Genet for starting the process and for Australia First for getting him on this side of the world in the first place.

Thank You, Paul, for coming over!

Article Source: Paul Fromm’s Cafe

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Well done Australia First and all others that participated.That's pretty good to reach Dr David Duke's site.
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