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Rassinier Revisited

A few months ago Old Victor posted an article, mostly gleaned from Wikipedia, on Paul Rassinier bit in light of some recent news stories regarding fake ‘war heroes’ and phoney ‘Holocaust Survivors’ we thought it appropriate to once again discuss this noble and fearless man of the Left, a REAL ‘Socialist’ in the very true meaning of the word, a conscientious seeker and defender of TRUTH and Justice, a Man who, among other things, has been called the Father of Holocaust Revisionism.

The real deal:

Paul Rassinier was the very first person to write a readable and convincing book questioning the truth of the Holocaust. If in future centuries the notion of truth is not entirely eradicated from the human mind, Rassinier may well go down as the most fearless historian of modern times. A man who in the high tide of the French Revolutionary Terror stood up and screeched, “A bas Robespierre”, wouId not have had more guts.

Rassinier was born in 1908 near Montbeliard in the west of France. His father, a farmer and militant socialist, was drafted for service in World War I, but refused to fight. His pacifism and internationalist activities earned Rassinier père five years in prison. In 1922, at the age of sixteen, Paul Rassinier joined the Communist Party. Eventually he turned against the controlling Stalinist clique and was expelled in 1932. He then formed the Fédération Communiste Indépendante with the help of some Marxist workers and published a newspaper in Belfort. He participated in several unsuccessful attempts to unify the French revolutionary movement before joining the Socialist party.

When the German armies poured into France in 1940, he was one of the first members of the Resistance, organizing the mass production of false papers and founding the clandestine journal La Troisième Republic whose reports were broadcast over Radio-London. Captured by the Gestapo in October 1943, he was tortured for eleven days (smashed hands, broken jaw and a ruptured kidney). His wife and two-year-old son were also arrested and locked up for two months. Rassinier was deported to Buchenwald, then to Dora (19 months). A physical wreck as the result of his deportation and a severe attack of typhus, he barely survived.

Returning to France at war's end, he resumed his place at the head of the Socialist party in Belfort, where he discovered that most of those who were boasting about their great deeds as Resistance fighters had never been in the Resistance at all.

Elected a Socialist deputy to France's postwar constitutional assembly, he was defeated in 1946 by the Communists, who supported the Radical party candidate. Rassinier then progressively retired from political life, devoted himself to historical research and was eventually appointed professor of history at the Académie de Besançon.

Following the publication of Le mensonge d'Ulysse, which brilliantly repudiated the Holocaust myth, a nationwide propaganda campaign was unloosed against him. He was expelled from the Socialist party at the intervention of leading French politicians. Rassinierdied in 1967, persuaded that his work would eventually make its mark on history and that mankind would finally produce a generation capable of understanding him.

Some conservatives have known the truth about the Holocaust for years. But, try as they would, they were hardly effective in shooting it down. In the modern world it is only when liberals talk that people start to listen.

Then, for example, the fakes, this from of 22nd December 2010:

“An elderly man, Arthur “Rex” Crane who posed as a World War II veteran for 22 years was uncovered of his deceit last year by a military historian, Lynete Silver. The 84-year-old man from Brisbane who held a position of the President of Ex-POW Association of Australia claimed $689,491 in war pension and disability payments. Mr. Crane pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court to defrauding the government and obtaining financial benefits by deception. He was sentenced to jail for four years, but will be released on a good behaviour bond after six months. Court also ordered Crane to repay $413,869 which is still outstanding and for which he is not entitled for. Fake war veteran Arthur Crane even claimed to have been involved in a volunteer guerrilla force against the Japanese at the age of 15 and said he was captured and tortured by the Japanese and sent to work on the Thai-Burma Death Railway. But in fact he had never served in the military.”

And this:

Anger, sadness over a Holocaust survivor's fabricated story that led to cancellation of book By HILLEL ITALIE, Associated Press

29th December 2008

“Herman Rosenblat and his wife are the most gentle, loving, beautiful people,” literary agent Andrea Hurst said Sunday, anguishing over why she, and so many others, were taken by Rosenblat's story of love born on opposite sides of a barbed-wire fence at a concentration camp.

“I question why I never questioned it. I believed it; it was an incredible, hope-filled story.”

On Saturday, Berkley Books canceled Rosenblat's memoir, “Angel at the Fence,” after he acknowledged that he and his wife did not meet, as they had said for years, at a sub-camp of Buchenwald, where she allegedly sneaked him apples and bread. The book was supposed to come out in February. Rosenblat, 79, has been married to the former Roma Radzicky for 50 years, since meeting her on a blind date in New York. In a statement issued Saturday through his agent, he described himself as an advocate of love and tolerance who falsified his past to better spread his message. “I wanted to bring happiness to people,” said Rosenblat, who now lives in the Miami area. “I brought hope to a lot of people. My motivation was to make good in this world.” Rosenblat's believers included not only his agent and his publisher, but Oprah Winfrey, film producers, journalists, family members, school children and strangers online who ignored, or didn't know about, the warnings from scholars and skeptics that his story didn't make sense. Other Holocaust memoirists have devised greater fantasies. Misha Defonseca, author of “Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years,” pretended she was a Jewish girl who lived with wolves during the war, when she was actually a non-Jew who lived, without wolves, in Belgium. Historical records prove Rosenblat was indeed at Buchenwald and other camps.

“How sad that he felt he had to embellish a life of surviving the Holocaust and of being married for half a century,” said Holocaust scholar Michael Berenbaum.

The damage is broad. Publishing, the most trusting of industries, has again been burned by a memoir that fact-checking might have prevented. Berkley is an imprint of Penguin Group (USA), which in March pulled Margaret B. Jones' “Love and Consequences” after the author acknowledged she had invented her story of gang life in Los Angeles. Winfrey fell, as she did with James Frey, for a narrative of suffering and redemption better suited for television than for history.
“If I ever take on another memoir, they're going to have to prove everything, every line,” Hurst says. “From now on, I may just stick to basic fiction and nonfiction.”

The damage is deep. Scholars and fellow survivors fear that Rosenblat's fabrications will only encourage doubts about the Holocaust.

“I am very worried because many of us speak to thousands of students each year," says Sidney Finkel, a longtime friend of Rosenblat's and a fellow survivor. "We go before audiences. We tell them a story and now some people will question what I experienced.”

“This was not Holocaust education but mis-education,” Ken Waltzer, director of Jewish Studies at Michigan State University, said in a statement.

“Holocaust experience is not heartwarming, it is heart rending. All this shows something about the broad unwillingness in our culture to confront the difficult knowledge of the Holocaust," Waltzer said. “All the more important then to have real memoirs that tell of real experience in the camps.” Among the fooled, at least the partially fooled, was Berenbaum, former director of the United States Holocaust Research Institute at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. Berenbaum had been asked to read the manuscript by film producer Harris Salomon, who still plans an adaptation of the book. Berenbaum's tentative support — "Crazier things have happened,” he told The Associated Press last fall — was cited by the publisher as it initially defended the book. Berenbaum now says he saw factual errors, including Rosenblat's description of Theresienstadt, the camp from which he was eventually liberated, but didn't think of challenging the love story. “There's a limit to what I can verify, because I was not there,” he says. “I can verify the general historical narrative, but in my research I rely upon the survivors to present the specifics of their existence with integrity. When they don't, they destroy so much and they ruin so much, and that's terrible. I was burned,” he added. “And I have to read books more skeptically because I was burned.”

The following is an extract from a radio broadcast made by the late Dr. William Pierce on 27th December 1997 entitled ‘The Criminal in the White House’. It deals with one of the very worst examples of this false war hero ‘syndrome’ in the form of a rich Jewish criminal named Larry Lawrence. The nature of the Controlled Media being what it is we bet most of you have never even heard of him. Well, read on.

“In my broadcast three weeks ago I referred briefly to Mr. Clinton's sale of plots in Arlington National Cemetery to his friends and supporters. I didn't go into detail, because I hoped that the controlled media would cover this particular scandal. I've always considered my job to be covering the subjects that the controlled media refuse to cover.

Well, I've waited three weeks, and although there has been a little news released on this subject, it's been nowhere near enough. They briefly mentioned the especially shocking case of Larry Lawrence, and now it looks as if they're going to drop the subject and hope that the public forgets about it. So let me remind you of the details of the Larry Lawrence case. He was a filthy-rich Jewish real estate developer, with $300 million in the bank, who died of cancer in January 1996, at the age of 69. During the Second World War Lawrence had dodged the draft, just as Bill Clinton did during the Vietnam war. Much of Lawrence's real estate was in San Diego, however. And San Diego, at least White non-Mexican San Diego, is a military town.

Lawrence was rankled by the fact that he could not break into San Diego's good society, no matter how much money he accumulated. The reason was undoubtedly Lawrence's extraordinarily loud and pushy Jewishness. Even his best friends describe him as exceptionally obnoxious. But Lawrence thought that the problem was his lack of military service, so he invented a war record for himself. He claimed he had served in the merchant marine during the Second World War and had been seriously wounded when his ship was torpedoed. He also gave lots of money to the Democratic Party: $10 million altogether. He gave $200,000 specifically to get Bill Clinton elected in 1992.

That got him all the invitations to the White House he wanted. And he reciprocated by inviting the Clintons to lavish parties at his San Diego mansion. He and Bill Clinton became bosom buddies. And when the end began approaching in 1995, Lawrence decided that he deserved to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery, alongside America's military heroes. His donations to the Clinton campaign entitled him to it. That, he thought, would show those stuffy admirals in San Diego who had never accepted him socially.

Mr. Clinton agreed that his fellow draft-dodger had paid enough to his election campaign to earn himself a place in Arlington National Cemetery. Now, the Army, which has charge of the cemetery, checks the credentials of people who want to be buried there. They checked Lawrence's claims of World War Two service and found no record of him at all. They told that to the State Department, but the State Department is very heavily staffed with Larry Lawrence's fellow tribesmen, and they told the Army to try again to find some grounds for burying Lawrence in Arlington National Cemetery. The Army, which just didn't get it, checked all of Lawrence's claims again and reported to Lawrence's kinsmen in the State Department a second time that they could find no record of military service for Lawrence.
Exasperated at the Army's obtuseness and lack of sensitivity in the matter, Lawrence's Jewish kinsman Richard Holbrooke, who was assistant secretary of state at the time, wrote a letter to the White House praising Lawrence and saying that a burial for him at Arlington National Cemetery would be appropriate. The excuse used was that he was once appointed as an Ambassador. This position was of course another political 'thank you' for his generous campaign contributions, but, under pressure, it served the purpose.

Bill Clinton presided over Lawrence's burial at Arlington National Cemetery himself and delivered the eulogy personally. And the matter would have rested there, like so many other pieces of official crookedness, had not a few Republicans in the Congress got wind of the matter, dug up the facts, and begun publicizing them. Since then a few newspapers have reported the Lawrence affair, but they have been quite restrained in their comments. They seem to be a bit embarrassed about it, and one gets the impression that they are hoping that the public interest in it will fade soon. And Lawrence's family and the government have quietly, but very hastily, yanked his remains and his elaborate tombstone, complete with its Star of David, from the cemetery.

The Jews, perhaps realizing the potential for causing themselves real damage, have been uncharacteristically discreet in this matter, carefully avoiding the usual screeching about “anti-Semitism.” Mr. Clinton, naturally, professes both ignorance and innocence in the matter. He didn't know his Jewish friend and financial supporter was a draft-dodger who had invented a war record for himself, he says.”

Further to the subject of miraculous occurrences around Jews is this ‘amazing story’…believe it…or not…

From Wikipedia:

Ilan Ramon
אילן רמון
ISA astronaut
Nationality Israel
Born June 20, 1954
Ramat Gan, Israel
Died February 1, 2003(2003-02-01) (aged 48) over Texas
Previous occupation Fighter pilot
Rank Colonel, Israeli Air Force
Time in space 15d 22h 20m
Selection 1996 NASA Group
Missions STS-107
Ilan Ramon (June 20, 1954 - February 1, 2003; Hebrew: אילן רמון‎, born Ilan Wolferman[1]) was a fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force, and later the first Israeli astronaut. Ramon was the space shuttle payload specialist of STS-107, the fatal mission of Columbia, where he and six other crew members were killed in the re-entry accident. Ilan Ramon is the only foreign recipient of the United States Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

“Miracle” diary

37 pages from the diary he was keeping while in orbit survived the crash and were returned to his widow, Rona, who has shared an excerpt with the Israeli public in a display at Jerusalem's Israel Museum. Rona Ramon brought it to Israel Museum forensic experts. Only 2 pages were displayed, 1 containing Ramon's notes, and the other is a copy of the Kiddush prayer. Curator Yigal Zalmona said the diary was partially restored in 1 year, and needed 4 more, for police scientists to decipher 80% of the text. Zalmona stated: “The diary survived extreme heat in the explosion, extreme atmospheric cold, and then “was attacked by microorganisms and insects. It's almost a miracle that it survived — it's incredible. There is 'no rational explanation' for how it was recovered when most of the shuttle was not, he said.” Ramon wrote on the last day of the journal: “Today was the first day that I felt that I am truly living in space. I have become a man who lives and works in space.”

Inscribed in black ink and pencil, it covered just the first six days of the 16-day mission. The papers remained white even though, exposed at high speed 37 miles above the Earth, they should have super-heated and burned.

Just a few ‘inconvenient’ scientific facts… The Speed of Sound is 1,236 Kilometres Per Hour. At the time of the Space Shuttle Columbia’s disintegration at around Sixty Kilometers above the Earth it was traveling at approximately Mach 19 (that is Nineteen times the Speed of Sound, work it out) down from its peak of Mach 24 only minutes before. The temperatures of the leading edges of its wings were in the region of 1,580 Degrees Celsius!

Yet… a paper diary survived…yeah right.

The Lord G_D be praised…


Lying and cheating for fun and profit
So, in what way are these examples of fraud relevant to our understanding of history? Think about this. How much of the narrative of our mainstream, orthodox history curriculum, the reservoir of ‘received wisdom’ from which our children are taught and upon which the authors of all our books, documentaries and dramas draw, is based initially upon and therefore ultimately dependent on the ‘eyewitness’ testimonies of fraudsters like these people? How much of this claptrap has made it into our reference books? We would suggest that most of the lurid and fantastic claims about the so-called ‘Holocaust’ has been extrapolated from wartime and post wartime Anti-German propaganda and the delusional and hysterical fairy tales of fantasy artists.

This illustrates once again the notorious unreliability of so-called ‘eyewitness accounts’ in the establishment of facts and truth in history. Just as in legal matters, forensic evidence carries (or should) greater weight.

Extra special caution needs also to be excercised when judging history on the testomonies of people who have a long and sordid record of not only lying with all the casual ease of the psychopath and the brazen arrogance of the self righteous but have even enshrined the methodology of maintaining falsehoods in the tenets of their very peculiar and bizarre religion.

Their holy books outline in painfully precise detail the exact procedures and justifications for bearing false witness when dealing with those outside the realm of their racial/religious group.

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