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Six Million

The American Hebrew 31st October 1919

Detail Showing Six Million Figure
The number of ‘Six Million’ is quite obviously one of greater significance than a mere claimed statistical death toll. It has mystical, magickal, Kabbalistic meanings going back into the deepest, darkest realms of Occult History. Most people are only familiar with the number when it seemed to appear suddenly during the early decades of the Twentieth Century and, after a brief hiatus, its return during the last three decades or so of the last Millennia. Here are some articles and quotes to assist our readers in a better understanding of this awesome number of Six Million.


“The six million figure is not based on any body count, records, or census. The number came into use during the war in Zionist propaganda and appears to have symbolic numerological significance. When the digits in six million are summed they add up to six. Six million is six times ten raised to the sixth power. In numerology the number six is considered 'perfect'. Six is the number of days God used to create the earth in the story of creation in the book of Genesis. It holds a special significance for the Jews who use the hexagram as their symbol. In the Holocaust itself, the six million figure was used in propaganda emanating from Zionist and Jewish organizations as early as 1941. Before the Russian Bolshevik revolution, anti-Czarist propaganda generated by Jews used the six million figure in describing the magnitude of the plight of Russian Jews under the Czar.”

11th August 2008
American Free Press
By Dr. Frederick Toben

Most people think that the figure "six million" emerged during World War II, when it was claimed that Germany killed that many Jews in the "Holocaust."* But the magic six-million figure dates back to 1900. Here a distinguished educator and historical investigator from Australia shows how this number first appeared in its current mystical configuration, as he presents sequentially items gleaned from articles published in The New York Times between 1900 and 1920.

May 7, 1920: “Jewish war sufferers in Central and Eastern Europe, where six million face horrifying conditions of famine, disease and death.”

May 5, 1920: “[T]o save six million men and women in Eastern Europe from extermination by hunger and disease.”

May 5, 1920:Six million starving, fever-stricken sufferers in war-torn Europe appeal to us.”

May 3, 1920: “Your help is needed to save the lives of six million people in Eastern and Central Europe.”

May 2, 1920: “…Six million human beings, without food, shelter, clothing or medical treatment.”

May 1, 1920: “But the lives of six million human beings are waiting for an answer.”

Nov. 12, 1919: “…tragically unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease about six million souls, or half the Jewish population of the Earth . . . a million children and five million parents and elders.”

Sept. 29, 1919: “...tragically unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease . . . about six million souls, or half the Jewish population of the Earth.”

Aug. 10, 1917: “Germans Let Jews Die. Women and Children in Warsaw Starving to Death . . . Jewish mothers, mothers of mercy, feel happy to see their nursing babies die; at least they are through with their suffering.”

Jan. 14, 1915: “In the world today there are about 13 million Jews, of whom more than six million are in the heart of the war zone; Jews, whose lives are at stake and who today are subjected to every manner of suffering and sorrow…”

But to go one step further back in time. In 1900, Rabbi Stephen Wise made the following statement for Jewish welfare organizations in the United States: “There are six million living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favour of Zionism.”

It’s either a massive COINCIDENCE or it’s a MIRACLE!

‘Miracles’ happen all the time around Jews.

A little more esoteric perhaps but the following article goes deeper into the kabbalistic and numerological origins of the Six Million.

Kabalistic Gematria and the Myth of the Six Million

By Lazlo Toth

When someone is working a magic spell over you, the spell can easily be broken once you understand how the trick works. It is much like this with the Jewish Myth of the Six Million, which has successfully (after a couple of early 20th century false starts in 1919 and the early 1930s) been incorporated as an inviolable article of faith into the actual empirical history of WWII. If you understand the real processes concerning how the number of Jewish victims (or sacrifices) was arrived at, you will very easily be able to separate History from Myth, and there is a very significant difference between the two, no matter what travelling carnies and professional snake-oil salesmen like Elie Wiesel and Simon Wiesenthal may tell you.


This now well known six million number is, in fact, not a number from the world of empirical history, but one from the realm of Jewish mysticism and the Human religious imagination. It is a mystic multiple of the Hebrew letter Vav. The letter Vav (or Vau, Waw) = the sounds of the English letters V, W, or U, while numerically Vav (or Vau,Waw = 6 (as in the numeral six). This Kabalistically sacred number 6 is interpreted as representing the concept of cosmic completion, as in the number of days it took G-d to create the complete world. This number also signifies the 6 directions of space (north, south, east, west, up, down), and the 6 points on the Star of David. Within the cosmic completion notion attached to the number six, there is also the idea involving the completion of a circle or cycle, such as from exile to homecoming.

In the literature of the Kabala, such as the books of the Zohar, the number of 6,000,000 is considered to be the number of perfect soul times 10, with the number 10 representing the total number of Sephira, i.e. the divine emanations of G-d. Alef, the first letter of the first word of Creation = 1 or 1,000. (1,000 x 6 = 6,000 x 10 = 60,000 x 10 = 600,000 x 10 = 6,000,000). This mystic sexagesimal (60-based) system was most assuredly adopted by Jewish scribes during their sojourn in Babylonia. The Babylonians, of course, borrowed this mathematical system from the earlier Sumerians. The three separate multiplications by 10 in this calculation can also each represent one of the three points on the sacred triangle? The pre-Judaic fertility symbol represented by the star of David consists of two sacred triangles “the one pointing downwards represents water and the feminine principle, while the one pointing upwards represents fire and the masculine principle. In this fashion, the symbol of the Star of David can be interpreted to represent the Active and Passive principles of Creation united in harmony and equilibrium. In the books of the Zohar, the Hebrew letter Yod and the letter He, which make up the first two letters of the divine Tetragrammaton YHWH, also represent, respectively, the male and female principles of Creation. YH (Yah), of course, is the name of the original Canaanite deity that the idea of YHWH is based upon. The number 6 is represented in the Tetragrammaton name of the Deity by W (the letter Vav). In the Zohars Book of Concealed Mystery it is explained that, by means of utterance, the sound of the letter Y(od) creates the worlds as an idea in the Divine Mind, and then later, with help from the feminine principle of H(e), gives form to these ideas as fabricated material reality after receiving Light from V(av) (or W). This provides the triangular, triliteral, trilateral name of YHW (Yod, He, Vav/Waw). Adding the extra feminine creative principle represented by the letter He, gives the full, ineffable Tetragrammaton of the Deity’s sacred name “YHWH.”


Aside from the multiple processes of Notariqon where every letter, or just the initials, medials, and finals, is taken to be a possible initial letter or abbreviation for another completely different word or Temura, where each letter in a word or phrase is substituted for either the letter that precedes or follows it in the Hebrew alphabet, one of the leading principles in the Kabalistic interpretation of sacred Hebrew texts is called Gematria. This involves a mystical analysis of sacred texts that operates according to various numerological principles. Every Hebrew letter has a sound as well as a numerical value, so by adding together all the numerical values of each letter in a word or phrase, different interpretations and analyses of a text can be arrived at. For example, the Hebrew letter Shin, with the sound sh, also has the numerical value of 300, which equals the total numerical value of all the letters in the phrase Ruach Elohim (RVCh ALHIM), the spirit (or breath) of the Elohim, from Genesis 1:2 “R = 200, V = 6, Ch = 8, A = 1, L = 30, H = 5, I = 10, and M = 40; TOTAL = 300. In this way, the letter Shin, with its numerical value of 300, is interpreted by the Kabalists as symbolizing the spirit (or breath) of the Elohim the God(s) It is this Kabalistic numerological process of Gematria which provides the prophetic Holocaust interpretation of a verse from the third book of Torah - Leviticus, Chapter 25: Verse 10. This six million number in the Jewish Holocaust narrative is a sacred numerological figure which was also spoken of by the 12th century Jewish philosopher Moshe ben-Maimon, or Rambam (Maimonides, 1135-1204).

and you shall hallow the fiftieth year. You shall proclaim release (liberty) throughout the land for all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee (Heb: yobel, a rams horn) for you: each of you shall return to his holding and each of you shall return to his family. (TORAH: Leviticus 25:10)

English translation from: TANAKH: The Holy Scriptures (The New JPS Translation According to the Traditional Hebrew Text). Philadelphia/Jerusalem: 1985, p. 196.

This phrase, you shall return, from Leviticus 25:10 is written in Kabbalistic versions of the Torah as TShVU. Grammatically, however, this phrase should have been written TShuVU, but the letter Vav, which should follow the letter Shin, is MISSING! Another part of this prophecy of six million burnt holocaust offerings, followed by a tribal homecoming, is formed by adding up the numerical values of this grammatically incomplete phrase.

Tav = 400
Shin = 300
Vet (or Bet) = 2
Vav (or Vaw, Waw) = 6
TOTAL = 708

When the year of the Hebrew calendar is written, the millennia number is always 5, and is therefore never written (a kind of short-hand), so the 708 in this case can be interpreted by the process of Kabalistic gematria as referring to the year 5708, which just so happens to equal the Christian calendar date of 1948, the year when the modern State of Israel was declared.

The phrase (repeated twice) in Leviticus 25:10 TaShuVU (you shall return) can now be interpreted according to the principles of Kabalistic gematria as “you shall return (lacking, minus, or without the 6[,000,000] in the year [5]708).


For this Kabalistically generated prophecy to actually be fulfilled, however, the Nazis would have had to actually cremate the bodies of 6 million Jews in their detention camp bread ovens. At this point, it then must be asked, that if Hitler had really planned to systematically exterminate the roughly 3 to 4.5 million Jews of Europe in his efficiently run German extermination camps, or death camps, why are there still several hundred thousand people walking around with IBM-generated detention camp numbers tattooed on their arms? Were the German Nazis really that incompetent? And what about the 150,000 assimilated Jews and mischlinge (mixed) Jews who served in the German armed forces? How come Hitler didn’t round them up, seize their assets, and put them in camps? (see: Bryan Mark Rigg, Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, 2002.)

When dealing with Kabalistic numerology, we are basically dealing with concepts of magic and power. Kabala is very much about the acquisition of power and control over matter through magic, and after all, the dictionary definition of a cabal is a conspiratorial group, so the understanding of Kabalistic processes is highly relevant to understanding the manipulations of modern power politics.

Because of this power-seeking numerological magic, the number of 6,000,000 cannot be changed or altered, even when the official death tolls at Auschwitz are reduced from 4,000,000 to 1,000,000 (The multi-volume, 1948 reports of the International Red Cross, however, put total Auschwitz deaths at the still sad and unfortunate number of 52,389). For the ritualistic repetition of this magical Holocaust spell to continue working upon the minds of the goyim though, the 6,000,000 number must never be altered, hence all the international, anti-real-Holocaust research legislation. The secular religion that has replaced Judaism for many Jews is the religion of the Holocaust, and what gives this religion its power is the magical unalterable number of 6,000,000. And for the word holocaust (or burnt offering) to have any meaning in this religion, there is absolute necessity for the placement within this narration of the concept that these 6,000,000 were systematically sacrificed and burnt in ovens. Without this sacred fatality number of 6,000,000 and the Nazi ovens working round the clock for a mere 4.5 years, the entire Holocaust religion, in its two most important elements, falls like a house of cards and loses all of its power over the goyim. Who knows, Christians worldwide might even take time out one day to shed a single tear for the very real 7.5 million mainly Ukrainian Orthodox Christians who died from starvation due to Stalin’s policies of punishment in the 1930s. Many of these Ukrainians who survived the famines were also sent to detention camps (in Siberia). Maybe the Christian world will build a memorial to them in Washington, D.C. and also say, NEVER AGAIN!

This Holocaust religion has been correctly and succinctly explained by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he said, They have fabricated a legend under the name of Massacre of the Jews, and they hold it higher than God Himself, religion itself, and the prophets themselves. With Holocaust museums as temples, it is a religion of exaggeratedly romanticized and glorified imaginary heroic martyrdom wherein the suffering of perhaps a million Jews during WWII is looked upon as unique and transcendentally separate from, and beyond, the sufferings of all other humans throughout the entire course of recorded or unrecorded history.

The only FULLY protected (by law) religion on earth is that of the Holocaust Faith. One can urinate on Christ or construct a Virgin Mary painting out of elephant dung in a museum and charge admission, but jail and never-ending social exile will surely come to anyone who questions the mythic burning sacrifice of six million bodies to the Nazi Moloch deity. Deny the legislatively protected dogmas of the Holocaust Religion and suffer the Inquisition!

The people who push for the Orwellian Trojan horse of anti-hate speech laws only serve the manipulative cabal of what might be called historical truth deniers. And they will not have an honest debate against any real historians on these issues because they know that their house is built on the sands of emotional fiction, and mystic mumbo-jumbo, and they would be fully exposed within the hour of the debating contest. Their power is the power to endlessly parse, obfuscate, and cheaply manipulate emotions (Ooo, what about the poor victims, don’t you have any heart?, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah...), but when it comes to logic, hard facts, or any kind of real documentary evidence outside of confessions acquired through torture and extortion, their part in this historical debate basically disappears. Stripped of their emotionally based content, they are left with nothing but a three-legged chair to sit on, very much like the fake version of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

The Holocaust House of Cards will come down, and the spell of the magical Kabalistic six million number over the emotions of the goyim and their generous, naive wallets will most assuredly come to an end. The truth of 9/11 will also be understood, and then Americans will take back their Republic, driving the money-changers once again from the Temple. In the meantime, the innocent Jews of the world would do well to soberly apprise themselves of this momentous international awakening to the lies of modern history.

Perhaps strange too, is it not, that in 1933 the mainstream press did briefly mention the very real Genocide of the Ukrainian Kulaks (Freehold Farmers) although the story was very much overshadowed by sob pieces about the poor persecuted Jews in Germany. Stranger too though is that the 'reporting' was very sloppy, filled with the most clumsy and hackneyed anti-Red propaganda and many of the accompanying photos were well dodgy to say the least.

Was this deliberately inept reporting perhaps an attempt by the Zionist media bosses to discredit the true facts of the horror of the Zionist/Communist Holodomor? They even had the hide to use the magic 'Six Million' figure despite the fact that Stalin himself had proudly bragged he had murdered TEN Million Ukrainians and that the Ukrainian's own Secret State Police estimated the figure to be at least SEVEN Million! So why did the American Press splash the old chestnut of SIX Million around?

Very odd.

On an additional but related aspect of the story...

The talented, multilingual Welsh investigative journalist Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones (1905-1935) was the first to be generally credited with exposing the facts of the so-called ‘Russian Famine’ and the Ukrainian Holodomor to the West but, despite being a good friend and confidante of British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, he was ruthlessly attacked and smeared by Zionists and Soviet apologists, in particular the traitorous Pulitzer Prize recipient, Walter Durante.

Jones was eventually murdered in August 1935 in what was clearly a politically motivated execution by ex Chinese Army soldiers in Mongolia who it is believed were acting upon instructions from the Japanese whose Government he had embarrassed with his typically critical writing. It is claimed the Japanese had held the Chinese murderers’ family members as hostage to ensure cooperation. Ironic, considering Jones was being held as a hostage by the Chinese, who were unable to secure the ransom of (strangely) 100,000 Mexican Dollars!

Truth really IS stranger than fiction. History is rarely simple and uncomplicated.

The following segment is adapted from an unknown source:

Under the fiction of autonomy, Russian domination provoked Ukrainian resistance. As part of his collectivisation of agriculture, Josef Stalin inflicted a famine, now known as the "Terror Famine," on the Ukraine by seizing all the food from the farmers. Estimates of the dead ranged generally from five to seven million. Stalin himself was known to proudly claim TEN Million! Although many in the West were aware of the famine at the time, the Soviet Union and its supporters conspired to suppress credible information about it.

New York Times reporter and Crypto Jew Walter Durante even received a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting that there was no famine. We now know that Durante was being blackmailed and that he actually passed along accurate but unofficial information through diplomatic circles. Nevertheless, even now, Soviet sympathizers continue, long after the death of the Soviet Union, to downplay the scale of the genocide. Because of this experience, many Ukrainians actually welcomed the Germans when they invaded again in World War II.

Regrettably, the New York Times seems to have been at the forefront of the trend of newspapers that nurtured reporters who deceived the public. A few will recognize the name of Walter Durante, the New York Times reporter assigned to Soviet Russia in the 1930s to 1950s, who portrayed the bloodthirsty dictator Joseph Stalin as "Uncle Joe" and claimed that everything was better in the Soviet Union. Malcolm Muggeridge (Communist) and other reporters from other countries were horrified at Durante’s falsified reports of bounty in Soviet Russia at a time when millions were being killed by the Communist tyrants and six million Ukrainians were purposely being starved to death. Durante was eventually exposed, but not before his support for the Communist Soviet system had brought the aid that was needed to keep the evil empire alive for many more years than would have been the case if the truth had been known.

The most notable among them was The New York Times' Walter Durante ... who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for deceitfully propagandistic dispatches from Russia which routinely denied or minimized horrors he knew to have taken place. Muggeridge was later to write that "Durante was the greatest liar of any journalist I have met in 50 years of journalism." Yet Durante and the British Communist Claud Cockburn helped to shape Franklin Roosevelt's impression of [Stalin's] Soviet Russia as "progressive." He recognized the Soviet Union diplomatically and sent "the corrupt and gullible Joseph Davies" as ambassador to Moscow in 1936 "with instructions to win Stalin's friendship at all cost."

In a June 24, 1931 article in the New York Times, Duranty gives his views of the Soviet actions in the countryside that eventually led to the famine in the Ukraine. He described those who opposed collectivization of farming as an "almost privileged class" that had been created by mistake by Lenin. He said that the same logic that led to the overthrow of the Czarist regime must inevitably lead to the destruction of these people who he numbered at 5,000,000. He compared Stalin's logic in the matter to that of the Biblical Prophet Samuel or Tamerlane. He said that these people had to be "liquidated or melted in the hot fire of exile and labor into the proletarian mass". Duranty claimed the Siberian labor camps were a means of giving individuals a chance to re-join soviet society but also said that for those who could not accept the system, "the final fate of such enemies is death.". Duranty, though describing the system as cruel, says he has "no brief for or against it, nor any purpose save to try to tell the truth". He ends the article with the claim that brutal collectivization campaign which led to the famine was motivated by the "hope or promise of a subsequent raising up" of Asian-minded masses in Soviet Union which only history could judge.


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TO Hex someone - IS TO cast a magical spell over them. TO affect by evil. TO bewitch someone, TO overlook. TO charm (deceitfully).

The Jewish Oligarch Rothschild took the occultist HEXagon symbol to represent his own.
666 :
6 Pointed Star
6 Mini-Triangles surrounding
6 Sided Hexagon.

WHICH IS A Compound Equilateral Triangle - 60 - 60 - 60 Degrees.

The best picture of it is here:

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6 million is not an important number in jewish numerology. You are stretching way to far to get to that number. Go ask a rabbi. Go ask a kabbalist.

Also, the 6 million number for dead jews was arrived at by comparing the jewish population in the territories with the jewish population after the war, accounting for jewish refugees worldwide. The current best accepted number is 5.7 million, but it can be easier to round up.

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