Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A Stake To Drive Straight Through "Andy Fleming" Heart

So @ndy, tell us again who the REAL 'Terrorists' are. Take us on another mad Ghost Train Ride through your alternative world of political paranoia where there are 'Neo-Nazis' and 'Fascists' lurking in every shadow and hiding behind every door.

Study the Form Guide old son. You'll discover it's YOUR mob, the old bomb throwing ANARCHISTS who rank WAY higher on the hit parade than those evil, wicked Nazis. Jeezuz! Even the JEWS are more active Terrorists! Who'da thunk it?

All this begs the question, where do you manage to scrounge up all your reports of petty little incidents, usually minor assault and vandalism, perpetrated by White seperatists and how much time do you spend on it to desperately maintain this illusion of danger from organised groups of White people? Your act is getting really, REALLY old now @ndy and your material is so threadbare a good breeze would blow it all away.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! ha!

From The ‘National Counterterrorism Center’ Website:

After viewing the very revealing statistics on this United States Government published chart ask yourself this: Why is it that so-called ‘Neo-Nazis’ (code word for Pro-White people) are still marched out in the Controlled Media as the ultimate bogey men to scare the hell out of everyone when it is plainly clear by reading the numbers that they represent the second lowest risk category for acts of Terrorism resulting in injury or actual death? In other words, the claims by Media and the various (bogus) so-called ‘Anti-Racist’ organisations like Fight Dem Back simply do not stand up to any reasonable scrutiny of the available data and evidence. Why does the Controlled Media, on a tiresomely regular basis, present shrill, shock horror pieces about so-called ‘Neo-Nazi’, ‘Fascist’, ‘Racist’ or ‘White Supremacist’ groups or individuals promoting ‘intolerance’ and ‘Hate’?
Every TelAvision story is accompanied by imagery of people dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes and pointy hats, burning crosses and burning synagogues, montages of Hitler and the Third Reich or even grainy, black and white shots of the gates of Auschwitz. It is so comical, crude and clumsy it is amazing it still works but, apparently, it does for vast segments of the population.

Why is it that any common criminal who happens to have a swastika tattoo or similar symbol is immediately assumed to be part of some secret underground ‘White Supremacist’ organisation rather than just another delinquent who thinks Nazi symbols make him look scary? Major Media outlets such as Abe 'ADL' Foxman's Foxtel and The History Channel and others devote entire episodes of crime series programs in an aim to convince viewers that, particularly if they are Non-White, they should be terrified of anyone who promotes White interests, whether they are a shaven headed, tattooed skinhead or a rogue academic who won’t toe the Politically Correct Multicultural party line.

Most people really know, deep down in their hearts, who the more dangerous elements are in society and who the main perpetrators of Terrorist acts are yet, judging by their reaction to these lurid shock pieces with their grossly exaggerated claims and sensationalist terminology, they still allow themselves to be titillated and moved to virtual hysteria by the Controlled Media.

Look at the boxed/highlighted section on the above chart for example and then think about this. Imagine you are at a party or a barbecue somewhere with a reasonable cross section of socio-economic and cultural segments of society and you or another guest drops the ‘T’ word into the conversation along with terms such as ‘White Supremacist’ or ‘Racist’. It is a virtual foregone conclusion this will be met with suitable furrowed brows, frowns of disapproval and ‘knowing’ looks from those who think they understand the wicked world and who’s who in the zoo.

You might well hear such comments as “Yes, well of course dear, I’ve seen ‘Romper Stomper’ and ‘American History X’ and, quite frankly, those brutes frighten me to death.” Or “It’s disgusting, in this day and age of tolerance and multiculturalism, that such savages still exist. They are a danger to society. They should all be locked up.” Or “Why, I was only watching a documentary last week…” Blah! Blah! Blah! You will suddenly find you are surrounded by a group of ‘experts’ who are so ‘well informed’ on the subject you will be shocked at their depth of ‘knowledge’.

On the other hand imagine if you accompanied the ‘T’ word with mention of the ‘Jewish Defense League’ or ‘Zionist Extremists’. You would likely be met with open mouthed, glassy eyed vacant stares. You might even hear a bleeding heart type, utterly unaware of their own hypocrisy, who’ll say something like “I saw ‘Schindler’s List” and what those evil, wicked Nazis did to those poor, innocent, harmless Jews was despicable. If they are striking back in revenge on their enemies then they deserve it. Haven’t they suffered enough without being victimised yet again by bigots and racists who point out their every little misdemeanour?”

Regular WLT readers will know all this already. We're just reiterating our position on this subject for the benefit of all the new followers who are steadily gathering in number and frequency to this site.

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Facts are never relevant to left wings cunts like @ndy.