Thursday, January 06, 2011

Time for another reminder

It would appear, judging from some of the posts appearing in our comments section and other feedback reaching us, that there are still people out there that don’t quite understand what Whitelaw Towers is actually all about. Essentially, it does not matter that much to us. We are what we are and if people don’t like it then they can follow other blogs.

The style of this blog has evolved somewhat since its inception as a follow on to The Victor Whitelaw Project. Originally the project was established purely as a medium through which to disseminate the TRUTH about the criminal activities of so-called ‘Anti-Fascist’ and ‘Anti-Racist’ extremist groups in Australia such as Mathew Lee Henderson-Hau’s ‘Fight Dem Back’ Urban Terrorist Group. The nature of not only our Politics but the Internet also ensured the ultimate inevitability of an International aspect to this venture. In short, very quickly it all went Global.

Any readers with the curiosity and the time to trawl through the evidence (research can be tedious) will find the answers in the archives. Simply go back to the beginning and start reading. It will swiftly become apparent what we were doing from the start. Exposing the details of the crimes of the Leftist blackmailers, extortionists, stalkers and thugs to the entire World is, and always has been, our primary mission. A secondary development, over time, has been one of education on White History and Politics in general. This is purely an indulgence of the personal interests of the principal staff members.

Recently there has also been a need for us to champion the cause of the True White Nationalists in Australia as they came under the vicious and cowardly attack of bogus 'Nationalists' such as the so-called 'Australian Protectionist Party' and their motley crew of associates. We offer no apologies whatsoever for this. We view these repellent creatures to be every bit as toxic to our White Racial cause as the likes of Darp and weezil and slackbastard etc. Indeed, in the absence of significant activity last year from the likes of the aforementioned, the APP brigade have in effect acted as a proxy Red Left and some evidence has surfaced that there has been direct cooperation between the two.

Anonymity and the ability to take cheap shots from the shadows are crucial to the success of the so-called ‘AntiFa’ Red thugs. We do our best to put the Red Scum in the spotlight. We were certainly the first people in Australia to publish every threatening E-Mail from the so-called ‘AntiFa’ and our E-Mail responses to those threats right up here on the ‘net for everyone to see. Nobody had done that before. This tactic HAS worked. Our enemies are hypocrites and liars but most of all they are cowards of the worst type. Their greatest fear is to be subjected to the very same scrutiny, surveillance and exposure which they subject their victims to.

Our enemies know that every E-Mail, Telephone call, letter or comments post will be detailed OUT IN THE OPEN for all to see. This ensures there can be no question of blackmail as has happened to several other Australian Nationalists over the years who were na├»ve enough to think they could keep those Red creeps off their backs and out of their lives through suppressing the facts. The only bits we will not post are those of family member’s names and details when the Red Creeps mention them. Non combatants are off limits in our view but the Red Scum have no such qualms.

Under this regime of full exposure there can never be any thought of making ‘deals’ with the WLT staff.

One more time…

Although the general format of WLT can at times be a bit ‘untidy’ and even seem a bit ‘disorganised’ or ‘unfocussed’ (our tendency to mix in some dark humour and irony along the way upsets some readers) we are unconcerned because we believe this lends it a certain uniqueness.

Whitelaw Towers is not a ‘News Source’. If you want streaming raw data 24/7 then this is not the site.

We post what we, in our own opinion, find interesting and relevant to White Nationalism.

We do not dictate. We comment and editorialise.


Whitelaw Towers Does Not Negotiate With Terrorists.

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Anonymous said...

More history consigned to the Ministry of Truth memory hole. Liberals cant even have the "N" word in a book that was pro "N" and essentially a crtique of the white society of the time.