Sunday, January 09, 2011

UK. Pakistani Rape Gangs Target Teenage White Girls.

I am speechless. Truly, I just cant find the words to express my outrage against those in power and the dirty bastards that are perpetrating these crimes against our daughters. The future of our race is looking bleak unless we wake up now.

Anyone who seriously thinks that this is an isolated case, and only happening in the UK deserve to be hung. Ignoring the facts is collaboration.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank the BnaiBrith on behalf of these Girls for their work in facilitating the entry of these rapists into the UK. Now we all know that there are indigenous Britons who rape and the British will deal with their own as they see fit. The Jew feigns a monopoly on "The Courage to Care".

However, your clear Jewish/Zionist agenda is purposeful deconstruction of the indigenous UK, yet you publish Shite websites like "Courage to Care", enter schools to infect the mind of innocents with your evil deceptions, feign bravery in the face of the "enemy" and demand medallions, recognition, awards, cash via your pusinallimous Kike wankery confabulated to make the gullible believe you're something other than frauds, conmen and moral midgets who in reality know nothing of decency mutual respect and a love of innocence. Your words enter this world by method of peristalsis, because your "religion of tolerance" is nothing but the digested ideological rejectamenta of Molech your "G_d" to whom you would sacrifice the children of others or even your own so as to receive a material benifit or be perceived as something better and far removed from what you actually amount to.

Every thing the Jew touches turns to Shit....For the simple fact that the "Jew" as "Chosen" is a fraud, and others seem happy to play its game.

It takes nearly a life time to understand and come to terms with the deceptive mischief of the Jews...You all owe your children a head start....Teach them to believe nothing that slithers from their thin and nasty lips. Examine and test Jewish "ideals" to see if there is any substance or benefit...In the majority case you will discover that you have been deceived....Hence the multigenerational disdain for the wurds and ideals that constitute "The Jew".

Anonymous said...

Pakistanis and Indians from India stink and are nasty. Just look at what they are doing. I feel disgusted knowing that my ancestors came as slaves from india in Trinidad. I have the privilege to read and write thanks to the English.

Hang those pakis for the crime or deport them back take a hard stance. But the government will not do that all what they are interested is in power.