Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Worst Type of Traitor!

A member of the Australian Protectionist Party.

If the Australian Protectionist Party is not interested in protecting Australians from International spy rings like the Mossad, then who are they protecting?

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Note how the APP member Jonas is using Jewish Anti-Fa links. Jonas is well known at the APP forum for posting in the "World News, News from everywhere else!" section. The only problem is that the majority of posts are from Israel.

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Anyway back on topic.

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Oh, by the way Jonas, his name is Brendon not Anthony.

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Darrin Hodges would be proud.


bushranger said...

The APP and its members are some of THE most pitiful useless eaters ever to extract valuable oxygen from the planet.

It doesn't matter if you agree with Brendon or not. It takes REAL courage to stand your ground in the face of our corrupt legal system.

Anonymous said...

Apart from the aptly named 'Mutation', 'Jonas' has to be the biggest useful idiotGoyyim schmeckle on the AI forum, and he writes like a 12 year old, and yes, is obsessed with news in his master's homeland of Israhell.

WLT NSW said...

‘Jonas’ possesses all the sentience of a mollusc and yet the source he quotes uses the very Victorian term ‘Bogan’ to describe Mr. Brendon Lee O’Connell.

NSW/Sydney readers will know this intended slur as ‘Westy’. Most ‘Westies’ would have better common sense and survival skills than the type who sign up to APP.

Most are bourgeois wankers who simply wish to defend their Middle Class postcode insularity from the worst ravages of Multiculturalism. These corporate, small ‘n’ ‘nationalists’ have no Racial ideology or Cultural integrity and insofar as they are ‘conservatives’ they are fiscal conservatives (Neo-Cons) rather than Paleo-conservatives.

I would suggest, having read quite a few ‘Jonas’ posts over time while researching the terminal idiocy known as ‘Australian Protectionism’, that Brendon has forgotten more than Jonas could ever learn in several lifetimes.