Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Brendon O'Connell. Fresh Fruit - The Return Of The Vineyard Owner

No Chosen People had their feelings hurt in the making of this film.

Kosher Nazis Here.

Sorry guys and gals, Storm Front gets a serving Here, another shot across the bow from embedded Kosher Nazis HERE, lets not forget all those ex Storm Front "NAZIS" who now defend Israel HERE, and some very painful history on how legit White Nationalists and followers of National Socialism in Australia nearly lost the battle to the kosher crowd HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

I think we are safe to say now that Storm Front Down Under is most likely a legit forum. That's if you take this clown out of the picture and stay aware of the fact that trolls still use it as a disinformation provider. Nothing is perfect. Remember these clowns all belonged to Storm Front at one stage. HERE. Those are the guys Brendon calls the "Kosher Nazis"

You see folks the real White Nationalists have never been able to openly explain their beliefs. When they did the frauds and Left Wing trolls always managed to corrupt the message. When the real people spoke out, the trolls from the Kosher Left and Right had just enough influence to silence them. It was easy to spot a fake in 04/07, just look for the loudest most racist most conversational forum member. Now its the one that uses the NAZI tag the most. The enemy has changed tactics. How do you think Darrin Hodges can be a "NAZI" one day and a Israeli First supporter the next?

Thank fully Brendon wasn't a Nationalist. He would not got as far as he did if he was. Sadly there is a lesson in that for future activists of all types, when you are a Loan Wolf you are on your own.

Clear as mud.

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