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A Call For An Investigation Of Steve Lieblich And Verint

Hello readers. What you are about to read is truly worth taking in. Sure it’s easy for people such as me to follow. Why you may ask? Having seen for myself how Jewish Anti racists and Anarchists have posed as Uniform wearing stereo typical "Nazis” on White Nationalist forums, having witnessed how they infiltrate White Nationalists groups and illegally entrap members of these groups, I can assure you what you are about to read is very credible.

Having seen how these Australian Jewish Anti racists have used friends in the media to discredit and harass any opposition to their Jewish, Marxist, Anti White beliefs. It came as no surprise to me that the same people, the same media, are also involved in the same type of behavior when it comes to any Liberal minded person who attempts to tell the truth. That includes the 911 folk’s the climate skeptics and anyone in particular who questions the Bandit State of Israel and its vast infiltration into Western governments.

It must be noted that members of this blog have followed this story from the very beginning. First contact with Mr. O'Connell was to only point out that the same identities that persecute us persecute him. They all move in the same circles and are all predominately Jewish.

It was at this time I saw that the Anti Zionist and Revisionist movement was in a far worse state than any right wing or pro white movement. It’s easy to brush us away with a tag, but these Liberal minded folks get special treatment.

So enjoy a special bird’s eye view over the coming weeks as we show you how these sick and evil people will do anything to discredit anyone who strays from the herd or stumbles accidentally across an Israeli Intelligence cell illegally operating out of a sovereign nation such as Australia.

All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing


"So we should be pleased that we've had this result and this signal has been sent to Mr O'Connell and his supporters." Steve Lieblich ~ 31st January 2011

No sooner had Brendon O'Connell been sentenced to three years imprisonment in Hakea prison, Canning Vale, Western Australia, than Steve Lieblich sent a thinly-veiled message to myself and the hordes of other people around the world who stand with Brendon O'Connell. The message was clear and unambiguous: screw with the Jew and you're going to jail. I have a clear and unambiguous message that I wish to convey to Steve Lieblich: there aren't enough jails to hold those who oppose you, your religion, your evil ideology, and your beloved Israel. If Steve Lieblich believes for just one second that the incarceration of Brendon O'Connell will somehow act as a deterrent against the expression of criticism of Jews, Judaism, Zionism and Israel, then he is very badly mistaken. Brendon's imprisonment will not be the end of this matter, this is just the beginning. I don't think Lieblich realises the depth of support that exists for Brendon O'Connell nor do I think he understands the level of disgust and indignation that has been created as a consequence of Brendon O'Connell being jailed for three years simply for exercising his God-given right to free-speech. Rather than Brendon's supporters being deterred, our resolve has been strengthened. We will not be intimidated. We will not be silenced. We will not yield. We carry on.

Steve Lieblich has been portrayed by the Australian media as being a "Jewish community leader" and a "family friend". But Steve Lieblich is much more than that. In 2007, Lieblich was appointed Director of the National Editorial Board of the Australia-Israel And Jewish Affairs Council. AIJAC purports to be representative of the interests of "the Australian Jewish community" to "government, politicians, media and other community groups and organisations." Prior to this appointment, Lieblich had been appointed Director of Public Affairs of the Jewish Community Council of Western Australia in 2004, and as Vice President of Perth Hebrew Congregation Incorporated in 1999 - a post he occupied for three years, having been a board member for the preceding three years. Steve Lieblich boasts an impressive CV. His career has been based upon him having established, developed and maintained sustained relationships with a variety of stakeholders, including major government and corporate enterprise.

A very interesting revelation to be found in Lieblich's CV is that he served in an undefined capacity in the Israel Defence Forces between 1976 and 1978. To the best of my knowledge, Steve Lieblich was born in Australia. That he chose to enlist in the Israeli army rather than the Australian army shows where Lieblich's true loyalties lie. Steve Lieblich is an unashamed Zionist and "Israeli-fister". His first concern is Israel, not Australia, the country of his birth. In my book, that makes him a fifth-columnist, although some would go further and say that makes him a traitor. Since Steve Lieblich loves Israel so much and is evidently dedicated to Israel's cause, the obvious question that arises here is: why doesn't he go and live there? Ditto Stanley Keyser. Ditto every other Jew who lives in a country other than Israel, but whose loyalty concern and affections lie with the pariah, terrorist state rather than the country in which they were born. An Australian's loyalty and national identity ought to lie with Australia. Brendon O'Connell's loyalty is to Australia, but Israel is where Steve Lieblich's loyalty lies. Brendon O'Connell is an Australian patriot whose first love is Australia. Steve Lieblich is an Australian whose first love is Israel.

In August 2010, a Jewish group was formed in Perth, Western Australia with the aim of drumming-up support for Lieblich's beloved Israel. This is what Lieblich said to the Jewish news outlet J-Wire shortly after the inaugural meeting of Friends of Israel Western Australia, a Jewish organisation which purports Israel to be "a champion" of "democratic values and freedoms", and describes the pariah, terrorist state as a nation "on the front lines of the global battle between those who love life and those who glorify death", and which asserts Israel to be the "victim" of a "relentless propaganda campaign" by people who seek to "vilify her, undermine her legitimacy, and ultimately destroy the only homeland of the Jewish people":
"The Jewish community wanted to show support for Israel after O’Connell had been charged and a group of us got together with one purpose in mind…to find support for Israel not just from the Jewish community but from all Australians. Today’s event was the culmination of this initiative. Instead of the usual 300-400 diehard Jewish supporters we got 1500 of which about 75% were not Jewish."
If Lieblich is not guilty of gross exaggeration and propagandising, then Brendon O'Connell must be perceived by "the Jewish community" as having inflicted serious public-relations damage upon the pariah, terrorist state of Israel. If so, we commend him and applaud his success. Arise Sir Brendon of Perthshire :-)

But, of course, Lieblich is a propagandist. Show me a Zionist who isn't. In an interview he did with Paul Murray of the Perth radio station, 6PR, on 1st February, Lieblich accuses Brendon of "threatening to place explosives near one of our synagogues". But if this was the case, then why wasn't Brendon arrested and charged under Australia's anti-terrorism laws? A Google search using the keywords of "Brendon O'Connell + explosives + synagogue" returns just two relevant listings, the first of which is a post made on the "Argue With Everyone" forum. This forum is owned by a man named Kevin Kneupper, who is an associate in the Austin office of McKool Smith. This legal firm boasts of having a "proud relationship" with the ADL. The poster claims that Brendon made the following statement on the NOLAJBS forum:
"I'm going to pack 100kg of Powergel and 40 bags of ANFO onto the back of a Scooter and park it at the local Synagogue - shout "free bagels and kiddie porn" - and then run like hell!"
I have no idea whether or not Brendon actually made this statement, but if he did, I think it would be obvious to anyone not in dire need of humour transplant that the statement was made tongue-in-cheek. I somehow don't think a "synagogue bomber" would want to draw attention to himself by shouting "free bagels and kiddie porn", before beating a retreat on his scooter. The only other references that I could find in relation to Lieblich's outrageous and unsubstantiated allegation of a "synagogue bombing plot" was among some comments that were posted on YouTube, and in comments made by "Aussie Dave", some Australian Jew who runs the site. I quote "Aussie Dave":
Now for the kicker: I purposefully withheld this blog post until I was informed that this information was passed on to the police. Given that Brendover purportedly made similar threats to a few synagogues and Jewish school in Perth, this blog statement will likely be added to the list and presented in court.
You can bet your last shekel that if Brendon O'Connell had "made threats" against "a few synagogues" and a "Jewish school", then "Aussie Dave would certainly not have stated these 'threats' to be "purported. Furthermore, had Brendon actually made these threats, he would have been arrested and charged. But he wasn't. This would be down to there being no evidence of him ever making "threats" against synagogues and Jewish schools. The source of the allegation that Brendon "threatened" a Jewish school emanates exclusively from Keith Shilkin, president of the Western Australia Jewish Community Council:
The video had "swept through the community, causing great concern". Children at the Carmel Jewish day school have had counselling sessions but we have had close liaisons with the police, who became quickly aware of the situation.
It was also falsely alleged by an anonymous poster who used the handle of "Perth Guy", that on the night of his arrest back in May 2009, Brendon telephoned "a Perth-based Jewish centre" and supposedly told them he was "coming around to finish them off". No such complaint was ever made to the police and the first Brendon knew of this supposed "event" was when I told him about it. These members of "the Jewish community" are either delusional fantasists, or they are vicious, outright liars. You decide which.

Returning to the matter of the inaugural meeting of Friends of Israel Western Australia, this meeting was attended by some interesting people. Present in the audience were over 100 Federal and State Parliamentarians and "community leaders". Also present at this Zionist gathering was Yuval Rotem, the Israeli Ambassador to Australia. Danny Ayalon, Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister spoke via a videolink. And sharing the stage with the Israeli ambassador was yet another unashamed Zionist and "Israeli firster", Stanley Keyser, a.k.a. "Israel's Son", creator and controller of the site. who, gave the pre-event "education" session. But what Keyser and his fellow Zionists did not know was that three Brendon O'Connell supporters had infiltrated the meeting complete with video camera. Listen to Keyser as one of Brendon's supporters asks if there is truth in the claim made by Dr. Alan Sabrosky, the former Director of Studies at the U.S. Army War College, that the Israeli Mossad carried-out the 9-11 attacks on New York and Washington.

Source: J-Wire

No, Stanley "Israel's Son" Keyser, we are not going to leave it there. No way. We are going to continue exposing the crime that your beloved Israel committed on the morning of September 11th, 2001. The media portray Keyser as an "innocent" "victim", a good, little Jewish boy who was minding his own business "observing" a protest taking place outside a Perth supermarket, that had been organised by the "Friends of Palestine". The media and Jewish mouthpieces such as Steve Lieblich claim that after being challenged by Brendon as to why they had been taking photographs of the pro-Palestinian protesters, Keyser was then, "harassed", "intimidated", and "racially vilified" by Brendon.

But Stanley Keyser is no "innocent" little, Jewish boy. At the very least, he is part of a Hasbara
or Sayanim operation, with the latter being much more likely given that he had been gathering intelligence on the protesters. Stanley Keyser is a committed Zionist, be in no doubt of that. He is also a propagandist albeit one who isn't very good. Keyser describes the Israeli wall as a "security barrier" and makes the quite extraordinary claim that "the security barrier" "hasn't just stopped terrorism", but that "it has helped revive the West Bank economy and turn it into one of the worlds great tourism spots." Well, extraordinary claims don't come any more extraordinary than that, do they?

Keyser complains that he has to disguise his identity online because he receives "hate mail" from "local Nazis" and "conspiracy theorists", and has since closed his YouTube channel. But he still maintains a Facebook account, a Twitter account, various blogs, and at least one website that I know of. Incidentally, if the principles of "The Rivero Test" are applied to Stanley Keyser's website, then must be considered to be a "known cutout for intelligence operations which exists solely to allow intelligence operatives to create untraceable websites". Intelligence operations is a theme I shall return to later.

Source: YouTube

Anyone wishing to contact Stanley Keyser can still do so through any of the avenues that I have highlighted, or if any interested parties prefer, Keyser can be contacted directly via his e-mail address. The reader's attention is drawn to the host of Keyser's e-mail address: Hagshama is the university and young professionals division of the World Zionist Organization". It's purpose it is to "bring high-level Zionist and Israeli educational programming of all kinds to communities and campuses throughout the world". As I said earlier, Stanley Keyser is no "innocent" little Jewish boy. He is a rabid Zionist.

Perhaps that great "exposer" of extraordinary claims, "Poseidon" a.k.a. "exposedeceivers", the Judas goat Jew-shill who controls the Zionist disinformation site, will now begin to expose the true enemy - committed Zionists like Stanley Keyser and Steve Liebilch - instead of spawning vicious, contrived hit-piece after vicious, contrived hit-piece on myself and Brendon O'Connell and others who are trying to expose their activities of Zionists such as Stanley Keyser. But don't hold your breath.

While "Poseidon" the supposed "anti-Zionist" has clearly assisted Zionist Jews by virtue of him having relentlessly attacked Brendon O'Connell since shortly after his arrest in the hope of destroying his credibility and character prior to his trial taking place, we find that this supposed "anti-Zionist" and fake white nationalist actually defends the very people he claims to be "exposing". While "Poseidon" would have us believe that Brendon O'Connell is "delusional", a "nutjob", "mentally-ill", a "liar", "a known Zionist shill", "Rupert Murdoch's "Zionist agent", a Western Australia Police "plant", an "agent provocateur", and a "possible Mossad operative", this rather obvious and well-exposed agent of the Jews would also have us believe that Stanley Keyser is "naive" and has been "brainwashed". How much more obvious could this discredited
shill be folks? How much more evidence do you need to see to be convinced that this deceitful creep is one of them pretending to be one of us? A simple question: who benefited most from the vicious hit-pieces that this scumbag did on Brendon O'Connell? Us or them? A nother simple question: would a genuine anti-Zionist openly associate himself with a self-admitted ADL informant? I rest my case.

Source: YouTube

Steve Lieblich runs a company out of Mount Lawley, Perth. The "Jewish Ghetto" of Mount
Lawley is an expensive suburb wherein "Poseidon"'s friend and associate James "Crimes of Zion/Infensus Mentis" Linton just happens to reside. Linton and "Poseidon" both claim that there is a grand total of "72 Judaics" resident in this "Jewish Ghetto".

Source: James Linton - September 2007

According to the University of Sydney, many of Perth's Jews reside in the Mount Lawley area and number around 6,000.
Steve Lieblich is one of them. We glean from Steve Lieblich's resume that his company, Steve Lieblich Associates, is based at 49 Woodsome Street, Mount Lawley. This can no more than five minutes walk - ten at the very most - from 135 Fifth Avenue, Mount Lawley, residence of James "Crimes of Zion/Infensus Mentis" Linton. Despite the fact that Linton is not in remunerative employment and hasn't been for a considerable number of years, he is nevertheless in a position whereby he can afford to live in one of the plushest and most expensive areas of Perth. Linton states that he can do so by way of an "inheritance" he claims to have received "some years ago", and which is so substantial that he doesn't have to touch either the capital or the interest accrued thereupon to be able to live in one of the most expensive districts of Perth. It's a small world, isn't it?, where unemployed bums can live minutes away from a wealthy Jew who operates a company which is a direct associate of Verint.

Brendon O'Connell, as we know, is a fearless warrior who has no fear of getting in people's faces with his video camera. A major criticism that Brendon makes of the anti-Zionist movement is that too many people within it are "keyboard warriors". Brendon wholeheartedly believes that the fight against Zionism is lost unless those of an anti-Zionist persuasion become as organised, effective and as pro-active as the Zionists themselves. While Brendon believes that Judaism, not Zionism, is the problem, Steve Lieblich's near-neighbour, James "Infensus Mentis/Crimes of Zion" Linton, believes that Zionism is the problem, not Judaism. Since Linton believes that Zionism is the problem rather than Judaism, those who practice and preach Zionism must therefore be part of the problem that Linton the "anti-Zionist" has identified. Given that Linton claims to be an "anti-Zionist", Steve Lieblich must therefore be Linton's natural enemy since Lieblich, as I have demonstrated, is an avowed Zionist. Since Lieblich is heavily-involved with Verint, a suspected Mossad front-company, and since Lieblich's office is in Linton's neighbourhood, there now exists an opportunity for James Linton to demonstrate his anti-Zionist credentials by switching-off his laptop, switching-on his video camera, and going round to Lieblich's office to confront him on-camera regarding his involvement with a suspected Mossad front-company. Since Linton is ideally located, there can be no excuses for "our man in Mount Lawley" not to pay visit Lieblich a visit. I look forward in eager anticipation to seeing the video "Crimes Of Zion Confronts Zionist Steve Liebilch" appearing alongside "The Jim Kerr Mental Health Appeal 2009" and the"Welcome Back Mr Lyntonstein" videos on the "Infensus Mentis" YouTube channel in the not-too-distant future.

An associate of Linton who goes by the name of Steve "Nephilim70" Johnson, is another supposed "anti-Zionist" who resides in the city of Perth. Since fast-talking. double-talking Johnson likes to telephone people and bombard them with all kinds of questions, Johnson is therefore the ideal candidate to undertake a telephone-based interview of Steve Lieblich. Lielich's office number is (08) 6262 9336. Steve Johnson boasts that he is a "shit hot researcher" and an "intrepid investigator" who "sniffs out stories under every rock". Johnson's "shit hot" research, however, is not required on this particular occasion since all the spade-work has already been done by me. Steve Johnson "investigated" Verint in the summer of 2009, but our "intrepid investigator" failed to connect Steve Lieblich with Verint. But as I have already proven, Steve Lieblich is most definitely involved with Verint, and Steve "Intrepid Investigator" Johnson is now presented with a diamond opportunity to make amends for his "oversight". There can be no excuses should he not seize it.

All our "shit hot researcher" needs to do this time is lift the phone, dial (08) 6262 9336, ask to speak to Steve Lieblich, then ask him questions such as: "How long have you been involved with Verint?" "How long have you been involved with Mossad?" "What was your rank when you served in the Israel Defense Force?" "Why, when you are an Australian citizen, did you join the army of a foreign power rather than the Australian army?" "Why, when you are an Australian national, are you concerned only with the affairs of Israel and not of Australia, the country of your birth?" and "What credible evidence do you have other than a couple of Internet posts to substantiate your extraordinary allegation that Brendon O'Connell threatened to leave explosives near one of your synagogues?" I await with baited breath to listening to the audio files of "Steve Johnson Exposes Steve Lieblich As A Mossad Agent" that will appear on the website and on the stopfundingisrael YouTube channel in the not-too-distant future. I fully understand that as a self-admitted Jew, exposing another member of the tribe isn't going to be easy. All I can suggest is that Johnson does a "Kol Nidre" before he phones Lieblich.

In the summer of 2009, Johnson scrutinsed the research that Brendon O'Connell had carried-out regarding Israeli intelligence operations in Australia. That this research was exclusively Brendon O'Connell's is a fact that even his enemies - the 'anti-Zionists' who have relentlessly attacked him - have admitted. It was Brendon O'Connell who established that Verint are operating the CCTV system installed on the Sydney rail network. The comments that have been posted by the operator of the site and his/her associates on the comments section of the page that the previous link points to, shows how these people initially praise Brendon's research before they then begin to set-about trying to debunk and discredit it. Note the level of back-slapping and self-congratulation that takes place as they all commend one another for the "great" work each has done. I draw the reader's attention to rule number four of the eight traits of the disinformationalist. It is to Brendon O'Connell to whom all credit belongs, this is his research, not theirs.

The narration in the three videos posted below is provided by Steve "Nephilim70" Johnson. The reader's attention is drawn to the fact that Johnson claims to be an "Australian", and says that he grew-up in Guildford, Western Australia. But I'm sure the reader will agree that Johnson has the most American-sounding "Australian" accent they've ever heard and are ever likely to hear. In the first of the trilogy of videos that Johnson produced regarding Brendon O'Connell's revelations of Israeli operations in Australia, Brendon's research is found to be accurate and his allegation that Verint are in charge of the CCTV system installed on the Sydney rail network is verified. So rather than having exposed anything new, Steve Johnson has merely confirmed that Brendon was speaking the truth when he blew the whistle on Verint operating within Sydney's rail network.

In the second part of Johnson's trilogy, he speaks with personnel based at Campbell Barracks, Western Australia and tries to discover if Israeli troops are training there alongside the Australian SAS, as Brendon alleges, but draws a blank. I think that was always going to be the only outcome of Johnson's "investigation". Did he ever seriously expect to hear something along the lines of: "Yes Mr. Johnson, Israeli troops are indeed here and training with our guys. Would you like me to give you their names, addresses and home telephone numbers so you can contact them yourself?" Johnson also attempts to discover if a Mossad-agent by the name of Leon Wende is working there. As if anyone at the base is going to say: "Yes, Leon the Mossad guy works here".

"Evidence" is then given by someone obscure, anonymous person who Johnson refers to as "Mr. Rabbit Nexus". This is the point where the attempted discreditation of Brendon O'Connell and his research begins in earnest.

In this final segment, "Mr Rabbit Nexus" continues to give "evidence" against Brendon O'Connell. Brendon's integrity is called into question and aspersions are cast upon his character. The purpose of these videos is clear: rather than to develop and enhance Brendon O'Connell's "incredible research", this trilogy of videos were created to undermine and discredit that research. This should now be abundantly clear if it was not already so. As we have seen, Johnson and his accomplices, "Poseidon", the controller of the,, and domains "Anarchore", controller of the domain, and James "Infensus Mentis/Crimes of Zion" Linton could not attack the research that Brendon O'Connell did on Israeli spying operations in Australia. They therefore had no other choice but to commend it. So to prevent themselves appearing foolish. So they instead attacked the messenger's message. They did their utmost to destroy Brendon O'Connell's reputation and they did their level-best to ruin his character, just as Steve Lieblich is now trying to do, even though Brendon is now in prison. and can't defend himself. These supposed "anti-Zionists" and Lieblich are no different. They all sing from the same hymn-sheet - they have all tried to destroy Brendon O'Connell.

Verint, formerly known as Comverse Infosys is the Israeli-owned company that operated the CCTV cameras installed on the London Underground rail network to which mysteriously 'malfunctioned' and went offline just before the 7/7 tube bombings took place. Verint benefited financially from the 7/7 bombings. Verint has close ties with the Israeli military. There is strong suspicion that Verint is a Mossad front-company who were involved in the 9-11 attacks. Steve Lieblich is heavily involved with Verint and needs to be investigated. I therefore urge that our focus now be directed in Lieblich's direction. Let's turn him upside-down and see what falls out of his pockets.

Brendon O'Connell was arrested on then subsequently tried and convicted on "racial vilification" charges. But there exists plenty of suspicion that the real threat O'Connell posed to the Zionists was the research he did on the Israeli intelligence operations that are ongoing on Australia soil - particularly with regard to the Collins-Class submarine programme. Let us not forget that it was Brendon who exposed Verint's operations within the Sydney rail network. Verint are clearly a threat to Australian national security. That is what motivated Brendon to expose them. He performed his patriotic duty, but ended-up getting a three-year prison sentence.

During the final conversation we had prior to him being sentenced, Brendon expressed his fear that he will meet with an "accident" while serving his sentence. He told me that his final request of me was that I ask Australian patriots, whether they be ordinary men and women, bloggers/researchers, police officers, members of the armed forces, or members of the intelligence community, to identity and expose the Israeli-agents who are operating in Australia, and who pose a serious threat to Australia's security - agents such as Leon Wende. I hereby make that request. Please investigate Verint. Please investigate Steve Lieblich.

Israeli Intelligence Operating Down Under from QuoTodt on Vimeo.

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