Sunday, February 20, 2011

For @ndy

Since @ndy slackjaw over at seems to think it's 'LOL' hilarious to post cartoons and other images mocking the death of Adolf Hitler we thought the least we could do was reciprocate by putting up some happy snaps of a few of HIS heroes... 'post mortem' so to speak.

Although the Staff at Whitelaw Towers do not normally indulge in such callous and disrespectful behaviour we thought that, considering the low calibre of the subjects and on this occassion of @ndy's utterly grotesque contempt for a long dead White Nationalist Statesman, we would make an exception.

Laff it up big time @ndy...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


Doc Marten General Manager said...

Interesting that you describe Hitler as a White Nationalist statement. Hitler wasn't really a WN but just a raical German nationalist

Whitey said...

ahhh it warms the heart to see pictures of dead commie pigs :)
Good old Trotsky with the Ice Pick in his skull and the lovely happy snap of commie poster by Che Guevara dead as a door nail, ahhh

WLT NSW said...

Actually I believe that is very much a matter of opinion based on one's own individual interpretation of his philosophy and writings as much as his apparent .

He is distinguished for example from Mussolini and Italian Fascism by the fact that German National Socialism was based on Folk identity, Blood and Soil and Ethno-Racial Nationalism whereas Italian Fascism was Corporate Nationalism dependent on the (in my opinion) fallacious assumption of multi ethnic assimilation under the Nation State. Not exactly a million miles away from the sick Globalist Multiculturalism of today and its kumbaya utopianist claptrap of universal brotherhood.

It is mostly Hollywood and a string of dishonest disinfo ‘Historians’ that have promoted the lie of Hitler’s fanatical, one eyed, Germanicism. He greatly admired, for example, the British Empire and the apparent ease with which it conquered a third of the Earth. Proof, in Hitler’s mind, of White Supremacy. One of his favourite films was The Bengal Lancer which demonstrated the White Man’s control over the swarthy hordes.

Ultimately though, your argument is spurious and quite possibly purely mischievous, Hitler was White and he was a Nationalist, Socialist or not. His most basic belief was the link between Man, Place, Race and Culture. So, ESSENTIALLY, my interpretation is CORRECT.

End of section.

Ghost Of Vinnitsa said...

"Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky? He got an ice pick that made his ears burn"

'No More Heroes'

The Stranglers