Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hardly a battle of wits. Note, don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

Someone has been a very naughty boy. Seems antifa Australia sent one of their child soldiers as cannon fodder once again. Many will recall this the other day.

Well the next move by antifa Australia was to mirror our You Tube channel. A very slick operation by antifa standards (sarcasm folks). Antifa Australia, on a high from his glorious victory against the Nazi regime, (see free thinkers) then decided to go around fraudulently making comments in our name. So as expected, You Tube was flooded with complaints (thanks everyone) from Nationalists who knew only too well the tactic of these Left Wing brain washed Lemmings.

What did antifa Australia achieve? Well besides linking WLT and bring us extra traffic, along with introducing us to new nationalists from around the world, bugger all. The funniest thing is that he manged to have his You Tube channel AntiFascistAustralia shut down, along with his mirror site whiteIawtowers.

Here was a comment he left on the real Whitelawtowers You Tube channel.

Antifa Australia, "im you oh im such a silly Nazi" . Pretty hard core stuff.

Now before he was booted he sent us this message. Rather funny how it just didn't work out.

AntiFascistAustralia has sent you a message:


i just want you guys to know that i am not a member of Antifa Australia so don't blame them it's me. i am a member of no group just a supporter.

by the way you might wanna remove that video of me or i can have you kicked off for copyrights and if you do so I'll close the mirrored account.

and all my videos im not saying this cause i don't wanna be humilated be better off if we don't fight."

Well buddy, seems You Tube is public content and we can download and use what we like. Your punishment is to have this video and other parody's of your video used as a future example of the stupidity of your, anti white hate filled beliefs. You see little fella, we don't blame you. You are just a weak willed lemming.

You are a little fish in a big red sea of scum. Our target is and always will be the people who taught YOU how to hate. People such as yourself, who are a disgrace to all free thinkers usually end up dead in some alley with a syringe hanging out of their arm. Your greatest enemy is yourself. Good luck with that.

You see folks these antifa people are programed to self destruct after they have outlived their usefulness. We should feel no sympathy for them. There was plenty of other people who did not swallow the propaganda. As they say, The strong survive and the weak perish.

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