Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Just my humble opinion. Comments on Brendon O'Connell

Well as we all know Brendon is paying a heavy price for his beliefs, lucky for him he has an unshakable faith in his God.

What happened, could he have handle it better? In hindsight I guess he could have done it better?

Now I could be wrong, but I believe Brendon is probably not that upset with the publicity. I trust he will use this time to rest, regroup and recharge. After all he truly is a colorful character who makes friends very easily.

Of course if you have been privy to the court transcripts you would understand the process and what truly happened. You would know that a lot of the negative comments being flung about are from people quoting the press. Not exactly the best way to get your info. Certainly many of those making these negative comments already have an axe to grind or an agenda to push.

Now, no one person is to blame. I don't think he was guided to slaughter by a shadowy figure. The State picked its target well, they knew their victim and they have a very good understanding of the law. They also knew Brendon is a fiery son of a bitch. The perfect lamb to the slaughter. He had everything they needed to send him away if he didn't play the game.

It is my belief that if Brendon just stuck to the subject at hand and not expand his crusade into constitutional law and other SERIOUS matters, he may well have done better. Maybe if he just took a Legal Aid lawyer and showed these pictures to the jury on the first day and asked. Do you believe that Jews are a Race a Religion or a Political movement, it may have ended at that?
I don't think anyone here would believe that?

Now you have.

Oy vey......

But we must understand that Brendon did try and cover an awful lot of ground. Trying to kill two birds with one stone as they say. To much knowledge can be a bad thing. What Brendon had to say may very well make sense to myself and our readers here, but Joe public?

Its all well and good, his work has not been in vain. Brendon's research and that of others from Australia to the UK is about to make a public appearance. What we will see over the coming months, even years, will certainly have you all feeling a little uncomfortable. It may well scare the living crap out of you. Once you understand how deep his research has gone, once you see what he and others have uncovered, you will understand that no mater what he did in that court room, they were not going to let him go with out a warning to us all. Don't mess with Israel!

I'm sure we haven't heard the last from him yet.

Joe public certainly cant be expected to understand the big picture yet. But they sure know something is truly wrong with this conviction and his imprisonment. So who do you think will be next? Could be you?

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to add to the comments made by Whitelaw Towers by saying that I have known Brendon O'Connell as a friend for almost two years and during that time, I've had extensive contact with him and spoke with him on a regulat basis via SKYPE.

There is much debate taking place at the moment as to whether Brendon intentionally martyred himself to the cause and people keep asking me if this was the case. The truth is, I don't know. If he had planned on martyring himself, he said nothing of any such plan to me or anyone else I know. Up until his trial, Brendon believed that he would not be incarcerated. There were occasions between the time of his arrest and the run-up to the trial when he almost had me convinced too, such was the level of his misplaced confidence. My initial thought upon learning of his arrest in May 2009 was that he would ultimately be jailed. On the basis of Brendon's infectious exuberance and some wishful thinking on my part, I changed my mind for a short-time last summer, but soon reverted to my initial thought that he would be imprisoned. I predicted that Brendon would receive a prison sentence of between 3-5 years, and so it came to be.

It is difficult to assess whether or not Brendon would have received a lesser sentence had he not refused to recognise the court and he not called the trial judge a traitor and a fool and requested that he be arrested for treason. Judging from the remarks he made during his sentencing of Brendon, Judge John Wisbey was always going to deliver a severe punishment anyway. My own opinion is that Brendon committed a catalogue of errors before and during his trial. To begin with, sacking his lawyers was very foolish indeed. Quite what Brendon hoped to gain from such a move, I do not know. Lord knows what he was thinking when he did that. I also believe that Brendon made a catastrophic tatical error by acting on the advice given to him by the constitutionalists who had befriended him, that he declare himself a "freeman" and attempt to have the trial declared unconstitutional. I was dismayed when I was brought up to speed with the events that took place in court on the first day of Brendon's trial. Even at that early point in the proceedings, it seemed clear to me that he would not leave that courtroom a free man after the conclusion of his trial.

I share the opinion expressed by Whitelaw Towwers that Brendon should have focused exclusively upon the issue of race. This seemed like the logical thing to do given that he was standing trial on seven counts of "racial vilification". All he had to do to demonstrate the invalidity of these charges was ro show the jury photographs of a white-skinned Jew and a brown-skinned Jew then ask the jury how it is possible for Jews to be "a race". If Brendon could have convinced the jury that Jews are not a race, the charges of "racial vilification" would surely have been difficult for the prosecution to prove.

With regard to Brendon's character, he is most certainly hot-headed, headstrong and rash at times. He needs to learn to control his emotions a bit better. Brendon is an emotional guy, there's no denying that. But it is unwise to continually allow the heart to rule the head. This is a criticism I've voiced to Brendon himself on several past occasions. Hopefully, he'll be able to smooth his rough edges during his time inside and emerge stronger and wiser.