Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Man jailed over anti-semitic video


A 39-year-old Perth man has been sentenced to three years' jail for posting an anti-semitic video on the internet.

Brendon Lee O'Connell is the first person in Western Australia to be convicted under the state's racial vilification laws.

A jury found him guilty last week of six offences.

O'Connell posted a video on YouTube showing him insulting a young Jewish man in 2009.

The video also showed O'Connell standing in front of the Perth Bell Tower telling Jews their days were numbered.

Members of Western Australia's Jewish community were in court for the sentence and welcomed the jail term.

Steve Lieblich, who represents the Jewish community and is on the Australia-Israel and Jewish Affairs Council, says racial vilification must be stopped.

"This time it was the Jewish people that were the target, next time it could be Muslims, Asians or any other group," he said.

"So we should be pleased that we've had this result and this signal has been sent to Mr O'Connell and his supporters."


Comment: So, in the crazy, fucked-up country that is Australia, you can continually sexually abuse your eleven year-old sister for five years and make her pregnant safe in the knowledge that you'll get away with a suspended three-year jail sentence should the police get wind of your incestuous perversion. But should you dare make a video wherein you state that Jews are racist, homicidal maniacs then upload that video to YouTube, you will serve a three year prison sentence should some, whiny, lying, Jewish student report this to the police. What kind of "justice" is this? The Australian "justice" system is corrupt and broken. Fuck you judge Wisbey. Fuck you Stanley Keyser and fuck you too "members of Western Australia's Jewish community were in court for the sentence and welcomed the jail term." I hope every last one chokes on your bagels and Gefilte Fish. The filth that runs Australia.

Friends and supporters of Brendon O'Connell, we are at war. Our freedom of speech and our very liberty is on the line. Brendon O'Connell has been made an example of so to try and frighten and intimidate critics and opponents of Jewry, Judaism, Zionism and Israel into silence. But there aren't enough jails to hold us. Brendon O'Connell was but the first. This is just the beginning, mark my words. Which of us is next. It could be you, it could be me, or both of us. Our freedom of speech and our very liberty are under attack and they must be defended whatever the cost.

Tonight, Brendon O'Connell begins a three-year prison sentence for daring to speak the truth. We must rally to his cause. Let us take the fight to the enemy. United we stand. Let us begin our fightback by first doing some house-cleaning to rid ourselves of the enemy within. I remind my brethren of the traitors and infiltrators in our ranks who have done their level-best to assist the Jews in their efforts to try and
destroy Brendon O'Connell's credibility and assassinate his character. No one has attempted to damage Brendon more than "Poseidon", the Judas goat Jew-shill who operates the Zionist disinformation site,, has.

And let us not forget either, the vicious, contrived hit-piece that was done on Brendon within hours of his arrest by Steve "Nephilim70" Johnson, owner of the site and operator of the stopfundingisrael YouTube channel and the attacks that this self-admitted Jew has been making on Brendon ever since. Aided and abetted by James "Infensus Mentis/Crimes Of Zion" Linton and the communist Jew, "Anarchore", operator of the site, this quartet are as culpable and guilty as Stanley Keyser. I urge anyone still associated with or still promoting these people to dissociate themselves forthwith. These discredited, fully-exposed Jew-plants need to be marginalised if not banished completely.

Brendon asks that we not waste our precious time and energy engaging these agents of the Jews and allow them to distract us. In our final telephone conversation last week, Brendon asked that we instead focus ourselves upon exposing Israeli intelligence activities in Australia. This, he believes, is what the enemy fears most. Brendon also asked me to get the word out that he is in fear of his life and is deeply worried that an "accident" will happen to him while he is in jail. He stressed that he does NOT feel suicidal and that he would NEVER contemplate taking his own life.

Brendon O'Connell decided to make a stand and it ended-up costing him three years of his life. We applaud his sacrifice. We carry on the good work.
Open the flood gates, the shit storm is about to begin.

So it begins.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you just "accidently" knock the head off a friends baby, stick the body in the boot then dump it, perhaps you might get only 3 years (eligible for parole)as well. Well, only if you're an Indian living in Australia.

Just don;t question Zionism, or you'll be fucked.

Whitelaw Towers said...


Anonymous said...

"This time it was the Jewish people that were the target, next time it could be Muslims, Asians or any other group," he said.

Of course it will be....Any host will do.

Poor Cuckoo feels threatened in 'his' nest as recognition is learned. The Muslims and the Asians are our Allies in this. Their nests are at risk through ignorance.

Stanley Keyser Cuckoo feels pleased and smug as he displaces the other from their own nests...

Anonymous said...

Well looks like Brendon is in Room 101 for 3 years. This is pretty scary stuff for free speech. If Hodges, Jaxxen, mutation and thier ilk need any evidence that Jews secretly run the country, this is definetly it.