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In respect and honour of an absolutely genuine and thoroughly dedicated Real Christian, Brendon Lee of the Family O’Connell, Old Uncle Victor would like to say a few words about Christianity and Faith. With Brendon we have seen a Man who has obviously made some seriously bad tactical errors in the pursuit of proselytising his message and of his legal defence. A slightly more unkind observer might even say he talked himself into gaol.
However, this does not, in our view, diminish the righteousness of his cause. The root of these errors lie in his, some might say naive, faith and its implied expectation that provided one has good intentions, simply tells the truth and deals only with facts then all will result in favourable decisions from both the Judge and Jury. His faith in God and his trust in basic Human decency apparently misled him to believe he could prevail despite the obvious corruption and pure evil intent of the system.
Sadly, some newly aquired 'friends' in the weeks immediately leading up to his trial hyjacked his case somewhat and grafted their own specific agenda, one primarily of Libertarianism and Personal Sovereignty, onto his. This resulted in a very confused and unfocused defence where Brendon was fighting on several different fronts and trying, with ultimate futility, to wrap everything up into one package and emerge victorious for all.
Under these circumstances and in light of his some of his 'coached' and seemingly bizarre behaviour in Court, one could not blame the Jury for their decision. That is understandable and is not the true injustice. The true injustice is the obscenely harsh sentence obviously motivated by vindictiveness on the part of the System to exact revenge upon a very troublesome and persistent dissident.
Herein lies the lesson to be heeded by dissidents of all shades. Do not permit one's perfectly justifiable outrage overrule one's common sense, logic and rationality. Focus on the specific charges you are being accused under and fight them accordingly. Do not allow yourself to indulge in moralising with an innately immoral and utterly ruthless System. It is like trying to 'reason with' a Grizzly Bear. This machine will simply roll on over you with inexorable brutality.

As White Nationalists it is generally in our nature, like all genuine truth seekers, to be cynical, unlike our credulous and obedient adversaries in the Red Left (G'Day 'Anti Fa Australia') who, as followers rather than leaders, iconoclasts rather than creators, are more disposed to drink the political Kool Aid of the ruling elite and obsequiously prostrate themselves at the altar of Racial and Cultural suicide in the Synagogue of Satan. Bereft of any sense of irony they simultaneously profess to be ‘radical’, ‘progressive’ and ‘revolutionary’ while slavishly serving the State’s agenda as indentured ‘useful idiots’.

However, there is another form of ‘blind faith’ that is somewhat more commendable as it originates not from the socio-politically brainwashed minds of those inculcated with Cultural Marxism within the cloistered halls of Red dominated academe but rather emanates from the soul of our Race which has an intrinsic capacity for decency, honour, veracity and trust. I speak, of course, of our Christian brothers who refuse to trim the message of the Gospel to accommodate the purveyors of filth and degradation. Though few in number they are maintaining the spark of truth amid a contrived whirlwind of lies and confusion. Brendon is one of those brave few.

Old Uncle Victor, although Baptised as a child into the Holy Roman Catholic Church, is hardly what one would call a ‘practising’ Christian. Although he is a ‘spiritual’ Man he does not possess the faith and trust to adhere to any particular Religious discipline although he does sympathise with much that is today generically labelled as ‘Pagan’ or ‘Polytheistic’ or ‘Animism’. Much of this early ‘Natural’ mysticism and spiritualism was appropriated by the early church and incorporated into its various customs, traditions and ‘Holidays’ anyway.

In this respect alone the Church has had a symbiotic relationship with the Old Religion of Earth worship and, although largely unaware, its followers have imbibed the Natural spirituality that lives within the Genes of our White Race. It is indelibly imprinted on our Genetic Matrix like a form of Cultural tattoo.

But in this day and age where the Holy Mother Church is administered by a sick cabal of Homosexuality, Pederasty and Sadism indulging in the most grossest depths of depravity it is a bit embarrassing for many to even admit an association with this formerly proud institution. Students of History would be well aware of the function of the Church in maintaining great libraries of knowledge and preserving many artifacts and buildings not necessarily of a direct relevance to the Christian religion but definitely of vital importance in the conservation of the more classical aspects of our culture and civilisation.

It all pretty much vindicates good White Men like Hutton Gibson and others who rail against the secularisation (read: Communisation) of the Church and hint at what we White Nationalists have known all along. That the Christian Churches, both Catholic and Protestant, infiltrated long ago by ‘Conversos’ and ‘Marranos’, have had their gospel message trimmed, distorted and even totally inverted to the stage where there is no remaining shred of integrity whatsoever and permissiveness of the most extreme sort reigns supreme.

The Synagogue of Satan established deep cover franchises long ago in even the most fanatical Christian brotherhoods such as the Jesuits and have yanked the chains of their leadership ever since, in many cases entirely replacing those leaderships with their own alien interlopers. These interlopers have diluted the originally assertive and strong Christian faith into a creed of the weak and submissive who will quite literally allow anything so long as its members profess a belief in their manufactured God who, denuded of all executive power and authority, has somehow morphed from a stern Father figure to a virtual milksop who will love anything and anyone providing they say they love him.

Among the various Human Races there has always been a tradition of prescience, those who could predict the future, regardless whether they be called Shamans or Oracles or Priests or Witches. The White European Race has no less skill in this field than other Races. In fact our prophets tend, on the whole, to be relatively precise in their predictions.

Whatever you might think you believe or understand about the World, its inhabitants, its sciences, its faiths and its prophets, set aside your preconceptions for a minute or two and read on. Read without prejudice. At the very least the following prophecies, like the infamous ‘Protocols’ contain much truth regardless of how or why they were conceived and written. Can it all simply be mere ‘coincidence’ or were these ancient mystics somehow tapped in to a source we do not, and cannot, understand?

Many of the words and phrases will bring a chill of recognition to the reader as he sees these ancients nail the liars of today with their own dogmatic mantras. It is quite uncanny how close to the mark most of them are.

St. Anthony the Abbot (4th Century)
“Men will surrender to the spirit of the age. They will say that if they had lived in our day, faith would be simple and easy. But in their day, they will say, things are complex; the Church must be brought up to date and made meaningful to the day's problems. When the Church and the world are one, then those days are at hand.”

St. Senanus (6th Century)
Falsehood will characterise that class of men who will sit in judgment to pass sentence according to law: between the father and his son, litigations will subsist. The clergy of the holy church will be addicted to pride and injustice. Women will abandon feelings of delicacy, and cohabit with men out of wedlock.”

Saint Hildegard (12th Century)
“The time is coming when princes and peoples will reject the authority of the Pope. Some countries will prefer their own Church rulers to the Pope. The German Empire will be divided (WW2).

Before the comet comes (Nibiru aka Planet X?), many nations, will be scourged by want and famine. The great nation in the ocean that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent will be devastated by earthquakes, storms and tidal waves. It will be divided and, in great part, submerged. The comet will by its tremendous pressure force much of the ocean and flood many countries, causing much want and many plagues. All coastal cities will live in fear, and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves, and most living creatures will be killed, and even those who escape will die from horrible diseases. For in none of those cities does a person live according to the Laws of God.”

Bishop Christianos Ageda (12th Century)
“In the 20th century there will be wars and fury that will last a long time; whole provinces shall be emptied of their inhabitants, and kingdoms shall be thrown into confusion. In many places the land shall be left untilled, and there shall be great slaughters of the upper class. The right hand of the world shall fear the left, and the north shall prevail over the south.”

St. Vincent Ferrer (14th Century)
“In the days of peace that are to come after the desolation of revolutions and wars, before the end of the world, the Christians will become so lax in their religion that they will refuse to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, saying, "It is an unnecessary Sacrament.”

John of the Cleft Rock (14th Century)
“Towards the end of the world, tyrants and hostile mobs will rob the Church and the clergy of all their possessions and will afflict and martyr them. Those who heap the most abuse upon them will be held in high esteem. The sufferings of the Church will be much greater than at any previous time in her history. But God will raise a holy Pope, and the Angels will rejoice. Enlightened by God, this man will rebuild almost the whole world through his holiness. He will lead everyone to the true Faith.”

Maria Laach Monastery (16th Century)
“The twentieth century will bring death and destruction, apostasy from the Church (Vatican II apostasy), discord in families, cities and governments; it will be the century of three great wars with intervals of a few decades. They will become ever more devastating and bloody and will lay in ruins not only Germany, but finally all countries of East and West.After a terrible defeat of Germany will follow the next great war. There will be no bread for people anymore and no fodder for animals. Poisonous clouds, manufactured by human hands, will sink down and exterminate everything. The human mind will be seized by insanity.”

St. Francis of Assisi (12th Century)
“There will be an uncanonically elected Pope who will cause a great schism (John XXIII who promulgated the heretical Second Vatican Council), there will be diverse thoughts preached which will cause many, even those in the different orders to doubt, yea, even agree with those heretics which will cause my Order to divide, then will there be such universal dissensions and persecutions that if those days were not shortened even the elect would be lost.”

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Spot on once again mate.

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Judaism recognises only two forms of 'human' existence... Jew and Goy, one instrinsically good and the other intrinsically evil. The evil may only be redeemed, if at all, and have a place in the judaic world via servile acceptance of totalitarian noachide law.

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