Friday, February 25, 2011

'Romance' Black Style

One wonders why, if White Folk are so intrinsically EVIL why are the Negroid Males apparently so fascinated with soft White flesh and seem so desperate to get down and dirty with our Women Folk?
And for all you Lefty Feminists out there. Why is the WHITE Male so relentlessly vilified as a sexual predator when ALL the statistics prove otherwise?


Anonymous said...

Old man loves black cock up his arse..grow up ya old faggot...your ex wife loves black cock up her pussy...i just came...ahhhh...

WLT NSW said...

Oh, hello! Is that YOU Mick? Good to see you've kept up those 'English as a second language' lessons. We can almost make out what you're struggling to say now.

Let's see, you're CONFESSING to something? Is that it? Remember, you can phone a friend if you're really stuck.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! ha!