Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Voice - The Australian Greens - Part Five of Seven (Video)

In part five we take a look at more of the Greens' treasonous policies regarding human rights and democracy, constitutional reform, the creation of an Australian republic which will no doubt take the nation a step closer to becoming the People's Republic of Austrasia, a formal recognition of so-called diversity that the Australian people have never had a say on, and a bill of rights which will take away all of our rights. They also want by-elections abolished by having retiring members of parliament replaced by a member of his or her party, those with dual citizenship will be allowed to run for Federal Parliament which will leave the nation open to corruption, public funding of all elections, and global governance which will take away Australia's sovereignty forever. The Greens also want the creation of an international environmental court and the reform of migration regulations which will effectively open our borders to all and sundry. They want a closer involvement with Asia, increased promotion of multiculturalism which is already being shoved down our throats, and the creation of a new class of so-called refugees called environment refugees who will be allowed instant access to our labour market. They also want racial profiling banned and further gun controls.

Do you now think that they are harmless greenies or evil communists? There are even more shocking policies to follow in part six.

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