Thursday, February 03, 2011

We Accept Your Challenge With Great Enthusiasm, Dazzles...

More pathetic drivel from the so-called Australian Protectionist Party's sludge farm, the Australian Identity Forums:
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Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
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AFP's Brokeback Towers at it again with their "threats";

Hodges I would be careful if I was you. When your handlers cut you loose you will be easy prey.

Really? Easy prey for who? And why wait?

You can’t have it BOTH ways Dazzler, you lilly livered, pencil necked little geek. If what you quoted really was a “threat” then, following the same criteria, your last comment of “And why wait” should logically be interpreted as a ‘taunt’ or ‘challenge’ or ‘invitation’ to implied violence.
Are you hereby accepting a perceived challenge? Are we to take it that you are up for a bit of biffo down in the park? Perhaps across the road from your shitty little ‘Shire’ hovel? Or would you prefer, as we suspect, to nominate a ‘champion’ to fight in your place? Poor, delicate flower (weed).
Perhaps your limp wristed, chinless wonder Paul Toohey? I'm sure he'd love to have a crack at a fat old easybeat like me. I promise, unlike YOU jelly backed swine, I won't call the cops if I come off second best. Can't do better than that.
You absolutely KNOW who is writing this and you still have my E-Mail and Phone number so why not simply ‘drop us a line’ or call and ‘have a chat’ and arrange a time and place to punch on? Since you are such a fuckin’ hero, why not? Well, we all know the answer to that don’t we Dazzler? I am the one, solitary bloke in the entire White Nationalist movement who saved your sad, sorry, skinny arse from a certain hiding on at least THREE occasions, and don’t even bother insulting my infinitely superior intelligence by claiming you do not know what I am talking about, you spineless FUCKIN’ MAGGOT. Bring it on Hodges. Anywhere. Any time. You now look like the weak CUNT you really are when there emerges no news about the ‘big event’. Come on. Call me. I’ll be down there within the hour. I promise. Go on. DO IT!
Do it NOW!!!
Any lack of positive response to this acceptance of your challenge will be interpreted as the gutless, wormlike cowardice we have come to know and expect from the swill that comprises the yellow ranks of the A.P.P.

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