Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The A.P.P. Brains Trust Pt 6

This is WAAY too funny.
Just when you think Hodges and Co simply can't get further from credibility or logic they edge into the astronomical realm of Light Years from reality.
Okay, so Hodges has a well documented, and possibly notifiable, mental defect but how does one explain the dangerous lunacy of his acolytes?

The following post stretches Christian Zionist naive credulity, slobbering Israel Firstism and obsequious Philosemitism to its absolute limits.

From The Australian Protectionist Party’s Forum (our emphasis):

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Re: Mural targets mayor over Israel boycott - APP mentioned in SMH
“disgusting that she would dump a democracy in with two dicatorial (sic) countries who regularly abuse human righs, (sic) while Israel defends human rights, even (to/for?) those who castigate it.”

Yeah! That’s right. Brave, plucky little Israel, relentless defender of ‘Human Rights’ and noble protector of the wretched and downtrodden…

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


bushranger said...

Simply unbelievable!

HammerRage38 said...

Simply Jewish ! But what are we to expect from those dirty kike APP queers .

Let us all bow down before the Altar that is Irael . God knows our Government and Zionist puppet politicians do .