Monday, March 07, 2011

Brendon O'Connell latest Update.

Well folks sad to say nothing has changed as yet. It is very hard for us to give the full story behind the scenes as we are not directly involved with the people who are helping him at this moment. They do not have a news letter or a media liaison officer.

I can say that all of those who have donated money including us can be assured it is being used to pay for the legal team to have him released while they go about the appeal process. We are aware of the circumstances but have not been given permission to publicize any other info. The last thing we need to do is jeopardize his appeal. Please be patient as we wait for further updates. If you wish to donate the details are below. For now continue to write to Brendon O'Connell,
Unit 9, Hakea Prison, Locked Bag 111, Canningvale, Western Australia 6970, Australia

Account Name:- Australian Constitutional Trust

Bank for Trust Account:- Commonwealth bank

Bank Branch :- Norfolk Island

Account number :- 062 950 10004014

Make sure you put Brendon's down along with any donation.

I can say that he is being transferred to another prison in the coming weeks . We will update his new contact details as soon as we are made aware of them. Mail is very important, so please write to him if you have any further concerns. Thanks for your help.


BilboBaggins said...

Brendon O'Connell has tacitly declared that he will never kneel as a "Noachide".....and for this he has been gaoled, for his public declaration of defiance in the face of cold blooded, chameleonic duplicity.

Australian Law protects the citizen's responsiblity to dissent when that citizen identifies those who desire to impose totalitarian rule upon Australians by means of stealth and siezure of the legislature for that purpose.

It makes sense that those who desire and covet rule, and for who esteem and magnificence is a direct function of the number of suboordinates who are felt to be a answerable to them, would whine "hatred" and "racism" when their demented and psychotically delude and distemperate designs are exposed.

Brendon need only clearly enunciate to the court the reality of his activism......That he will NEVER kneel as "Noachide". The court will either acknowledge his inalienable freedom to dissent, or reveal its complicity in upholding the custodial sentence imposed upon him.

And yes...we do, all, revel in the pious sanctimony of the "@narchists" impartial analycysts as an "Anachist" infinity.....and beyond ...........sputter..Pffft...Phhhhharrrrt........

Jetterous Maximus said...

Guy have you tried the Magna Carta Law Article 61 under common Law????!!! We can overthrow the JUDGE!! I think it applies here to Australia cos we are still under the Monarchs.