Saturday, March 26, 2011

Red Scum Traitor must be charged with Treason NOW!

Australia's 'Defence' Minister Stephen Smith gives firm handshake while brown nosing fellow Commie but Aussie Diggers should expect only his middle finger as he holds them in utter contempt.

The story?

Some young blokes in the Australian Defence Forces currently deployed in the Middle East make some (in our opinion) silly decisions and do what most young ‘uns are doing today. They write up their thoughts on their ‘Facebook’ Pages (very BAD decision) and even post video footage of them letting off some steam in the heat of battle. The sleazy maggots of the Controlled Meeja in the form of Channel “We Support Our Troops” Seven put this really relatively quite tame stuff to air.

The poo then hits the propeller big time as our illustrious ‘Defence Minister’ (an oxymoron in any Labor Party Regime) immediately ignores all protocols, logical and proper channels of response and condemns the Troops’ “behaviour of the most appalling kind” while proceeding to stick his slobbering tongue down the back of the pants of his Afghani counterpart in the most embarrassing display of obsequious submission.

DISGUSTING just don’t cover it Folks. This was the GROSSEST act of treachery seen for some time from an ‘Australian’ Labor Politician and, believe us, that’s really saying something!

This thing called ‘The Honourable Stephen Smith’ (in reality he is utterly bereft of honour) is a typical Labor Party nobody, yet another ex catfish (lawyer) opportunist and Red Internationalist hankering after a position on the Global stage. Yet it thinks it can dump shit on decent, loyal, hard working AND brave Citizens serving their Nation.

In the minds of many ordinary Australian Taxpaying Citizens, whose opinions with which I heartily concur, who called various Talkback Radio stations yesterday, including many ex Servicemen, war widows and even a decorated Veteran of the Long Tan battle, he should be immediately charged with TREASON for his gutless attack on real men who are, even if their mission objectives are somewhat misguided, at least having the balls to serve their Nation.
Many of these people who called local Radio stations were choking back tears of anguish and despair but there was also real anger simmering in their hearts for this disgusting betrayal of our troops. What Smith has done is given hope and comfort to the enemy while pissing on Aussie Diggers. THAT is TREASON. There is simply no other appropriate term for it.

What have maggots like this Smith thing EVER done for Australia? They are career Political Parasites, societal iconoclasts, Racial/Cultural Vandals and Nation Wreckers who sell out the sovereignty of their own people for a handful of shekels and a chance to strut the World stage while indulging their petty egos. .

RED C*NTS like Smith think ONLY of the Global agenda of the New World Order regime and how best to serve the specific interests of the spider at the centre of its web, Israel, while maintaining a Politically Correct, Multicultural Nanny State of ruthless ‘Liberal Democratic’ Tyranny over the people who pay his f*cking salary and benefits.

Even the mealy mouthed Neil James, Chief of the Australian Defence Association, an organisation that is supposed to REPRESENT these Men, was on the Radio yesterday afternoon not only mouthing weasel words and hanging them out to dry but condemning them in the strongest possible terms. This wombat even suggested they had compromised the security of the entire conflict and let down their fellow soldiers!

WHAT a total WANKER!!!

Can you just imagine being a serving Digger and having THIS arsehole ‘representing’ you? You’d be better off having the local goat f*cking, kiddie fiddling mad Mullah on your team. JEEZUZ! This entire affair defies any logic, common sense or Human decency.

Whitelaw Towers don’t believe our Troops should even BE in the Middle East on this bogus N.W.O. mission but at least, while they are, give them the support they need and deserve.

Bring the Boys back Home!

Put these backsliding, feckless, slimy Commo bastards from the so-called ‘Labor’ Party into uniform and send them, along with all these Afghan so-called ‘refugees’ over there to fight for all this ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ they keep bleating about.

The long term effects of this lack of support and intense criticism from home will expose these troops to everything from anxiety and depression to bitterness and resentment which, if left unresolved will result in bad morale and diminished performance and effectiveness in the field. In other words, this latest P.C. claptrap is akin to rolling a grenade under our troops.

In a fair and just World ALL the perpe-traitors in this shameful affair would be summarily hanged in a public place with all the pomp and circumstance befitting the execution of the enemy within. The only argument we can think of against such a lynching is that it would be far too quick for this SCUM.

May their black souls rot in Hell for Eternity.


Foot Solider of the Fourth Reich said...

Note the ribbons representing the number of medals that the officer has been awarded. I wonder what wars he fought in or served in (htere is a difference). Its funny how high ranking military officials in dictatorships tend to be awarded lots of medals even though they rarely ever serve during wars. Just look at the North Korean military officials. The DPRK hasn't been at war since 1953 but their generals have heaps of medals for some reason.

Smith Stay Home. said...

It’s that time of the year again folks..... So get your hairy arses into kilted gear.
Oooooooo...... I didn’t know that !!!!!!

To our Germanic friends.....Thankyou for this below, and so much more. Scots Highland Cathedral. Mozart on the rampage. Idol worshippers at work. 7:30 then especially 8:30. Canon in D. Ainslie Thunderstruck at 2:10 Hellbound Train. Hornpipes.