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Afrikaner independence: discussed in THE HAGUE: UNPO

Press Conference in The Hague - to find a peaceful solution for the plight of the AfrikanerBoer nation HERE

On Tuesday, April 5 2011 from 1am to 3nm - at the The Hague, Netherlands conference hall of the Kruger Paul convener of Boer Election Committee Unrepresented Nations and Peoples' Organisation , Paul Kruger, (pictured: the elected convenor of the AfrikanerBoer Electoral Commission) is holding an international press conference and talks with human-rights organisations – under the guidance of UNPO – about the overwhelming human-rights violations targetting the AfrikanerBoer minority under the ANC-regime. Talks will be started at this international platform to try and find a peaceful solution for the autonomic rights of the AfrikanerBoer nation.

UNPO is an influentual international platform for minorities which have no political representation. Their efforts have, amongst others, already led to the peaceful autonomy of former Balkan states - away from the Russian Federation, allowing the autonomy of small nations such as Lithuania and Estland who also, similar to the BoerAfrikaners, count about 3-million people. These former Balkan states now live in peaceful co-existence with their former Soviet neighbours. Similarly, the AfrikanerBoers also, under the guidance of UNPO, can gain a similar status in South Africa – and without any need for the use of violence to gain their political and cultural autonomy.

Press conference in The Hague, The Netherlands: Tuesday April 5 2011.

The news media and other interested parties are invited to the press conference at the The Hague office of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples' Organisation, (UNPO), Tuesday April 5 2011 -- interviews conducted between 10h00 – 13h00 - at Nr 70 Laan van Meerdervoort,, The Hague, the Netherlands

Subject: Serious human rights violations against the Afrikaner minority in South Africa: and a peaceful solution:

Interviews can also be conducted individually with Mr Paul Kruger, a legal and the democratically--elected convenor of the Afrikaner/Boer electoral commission (VVK) – and also with the coordinator of UNPO. The Afrikaners have been members of UNPO since 2008. (background from UNPO on its member 'the Afrikaners"

Human rights violations on record include:

a) AFRIKANERS_PRETORIA-WAITING_FOODHANDOUTSFREEDOMFRONT Ethnic-cleansing of Afrikaners from their traditional farms, towns and cities through land-confiscation and armed violence:- .. also includes the government-directed removal of their cultural rights; the deliberate impoverishment of Afrikaners due to the near-total ban on access to the labour market in South Africa for all the Afrikaner-Boer workers under ANC-laws: creating hundreds of Afrikaner ghetto-shantytowns where children suffer starvation (denied both food-aid and government support-benefits):

Dutch documentary by journalist Saskia Vredeveld ( IKON-TV) "Arm Blanken/Poor Whites" HERE

b) Laws created by ANC-regime bar all indigenous skilled 'white' citizens from entire SA labour market : the only legal criteria allowed for hiring workers is ‘racial representation” i.a. in favour of 94% black majority in each individual organisation:

c) Widespread armed attacks by youth-militias against urban and suburban Afrikaner/boer families -- accompanied by massive hatespeech campaign by ANC-regime' - which advocates use of genocidal hatespeech chant sat public meetings i.a.: 'Kill the Boer ' and " One Bullet One White Infant

For the latest murder attacks, sexual mutilation attacks, executions and murders on

Picture galleries of victims of the above: 2010/2011:

Here and HERE

DVD of documentary "A Bloody Harvest" by SA TV-documentary producer Susan Puren of M-Net:

YouTube videos HERE and HERE

d) Top genocide expert warns of Boers under serious threat from black-racists: Dr Gregory Stanton, founder of "' has been issuing warnings of 'growing danger of armed violence by black-racists against Afrikaner/Boers since 2002: recent quote:

Genocide Watch share your concern for possible genocide of the Boers in South Africa. It has been on our Countries at Risk chart for a very long time now" HERE "We also compiled a report on the violence as early as 2003" HERE

Current trials of black youths who slaughtered Afrikaner/Boer families - often execution-style, often accompanied with horrific sexual-mutilations etc are hardly reported in the mainstream English-language news media: HERE and HERE
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