Sunday, April 03, 2011

Angry Old Men?

Saw Motörhead at Luna Park's Big Top the other night and was reminded, by observing way too many ‘try hards’ in the crowd, at how clumsily contrived and ‘straight off the shelf’ many hard music ‘fans’ have become over the years. Sure, there were a lot of Gen ‘X’ers and even a few ‘Boomers’ there who seemed to have their shit wired together and had no need for pissing competitions but these Gen ‘Y’ers are a problematical bunch to say the least.

Sheesh! Talk about buy the tee shirt FIRST and then pretend you’re hardcore and know everything. It would seem apprenticeships of any sort are circumvented by this I-Pad generation of ‘World at your fingertips’ techno zombies. Jeezuz! I even copped heaps of quizzical looks and even several questions about my 1991 Aus/NZ Tour shirt! Imagine if I’d explained I have been a dedicated fan since I bought their first Twelve Inch Vinyl Record in 1975! Can everyone say short attention spans, inbuilt redundancy and instant obsolescence?

I recall sometime in 1977 seeing Rose Tattoo play at the Bondi Lifesaver venue in Sydney. It was hot, sweaty, intense, loud and violent. Fights erupted spontaneously all over and, since glass containers were not banned in those halcyon days, many ‘glassings’ and ‘bottlings’ occurred. Different days. I recall subsequent gigs I attended seeing Angry launching into the crowd or crawling around the stage in sheer exhaustion due to the intensity of the delivery. It was scarcely a sedentary act. Even Radio Birdman’s stage diving, crowd surfing and other antics paled by comparison. Good value. Back in those days of Real Punk Rock (before it was criminally appropriated and morphed by limp wristed Pop ‘Anarchists’ like Green Day etc into the Lame-stream) we would go and see bands like Radio Birdman, the Slugf*ckers or even Thrush and the C*nts.

Later there were other notable locals like the Multi Racial Hard Ons etc. But, excuse the cliché, but it really was all about the music to us and we all rocked away to The Clash as well as the Sex Pistols, the Ramones and the Stooges because we didn’t really care much about the Politics. It was all just FUN. We just laughed at the mad lyrics and laughed even harder when the Dead Kennedys and The Exploited hit the scene in the early Eighties with their even madder lyrics. Later, in the Eighties, Metal acts like the AC/DC sound-a-likes Heaven and Lightning Rock were our pub rock equivalents to overseas acts like Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest etc.

I’ve got another confession to make and I couldn’t give a flyin’ f*ck what anybody thinks or says. Rose Tattoo were/are Australia’s best Rock Band and Angry Anderson is Australia’s best Rock ‘N’ Roll ‘character’. In a former life his name was Gary, he had long hair and sang in a Hard Rock, proto Metal band before adopting, as many did in the early Seventies (See Slade etc) the aesthetics and dress sense of a (White) Working Class street gangster, all short hair, boots, black stovepipe jeans and blue singlets, oh, and tattoos. Although, in the Tatts’ case it soon became obvious it was the real deal rather than a cynical ‘showbiz’ affectation. As with Motörhead, the precious Homos of the Music Meeja just couldn't cope with such audacious honesty and an 'in yer face', DILLIGAF attitude so they either panned them or ignored them.

Anyway, Angry Anderson, according to a recent Radio interview, believes in ‘THE Holocaust ©’ (like Dresden wasn’t one) He is, whether @ndy and his bourgeois bum chums believe it or not, genuinely Working Class. He is a product of a blended Race marriage. His mum was Mauritian. He does work hard for ‘Yoof’ focused charities. He works with indigenous people. He is a single parent of four children. So what’s not to like @ndy? He is definitely NOT a money grubbing ‘Pop Star’ or poser as @ndy’s mates have labelled him in the past.

Okay, so he’s not the best educated or even, despite his rather theatrical and, at times, strident loquacity, the most articulate commentator but he is what he is. Perhaps that’s precisely why @ndy and Co hate him so much because, like Pauline Hanson, he is too unsophisticated and honest to understand it is not polite (Politically Correct) to point out the Emperor has no clothes. Like the toddler who embarrasses his parents by loudly enquiring when out shopping ‘why is that lady so fat?’ (one of my own sons did this to me) he has the honesty that can only come from either not knowing social politics is based on deception or not caring. Perhaps, with Angry Anderson, it is both.

But all that being said, his down to earth lucidity when dealing with complex Political issues is actually refreshing in comparison to the turgid, pseudo intellectual wankery of the self promoting pundits and ‘experts’. Like Occam’s Razor he cuts straight to the chase. Of course, his critics, like @ndy, reveal more about themselves than they do about Angry Anderson when they summarily smear him as simplistic or even ‘cretinous’ for employing simple, street level logic to deliberately obfuscated socio-political issues cloaked in Neo-Marxist sophistry. His political talents are obviously limited as much as they are enhanced by his own personal experience and access to real information but who cares? He is foremost and primarily an entertainer. We don’t, or at least shouldn’t, expect him to be an infallible guru.

Australia used to be full of blokes like Angry Anderson, at least in the Country and the Urban Working Class areas and, let me tell you Folks, it was far better for it. Basic units perhaps but at least they were honest and upfront and called it like they saw it. The average Aussie really was a largely unpretentious, self deprecating, knockabout bloke who lived with no fear of telling the truth.

Lying (Political Correctness) as opposed to normal, everyday bullshitting was regarded as very bad form. It was okay to exaggerate when you’d had a few beers at the pub but to deliberately mislead and promote falsehoods was a low act. Unlike today where it has become a secular state ‘religion’. Cultural Marxism and its hammer of Political Correctness have scared the piss out of the moral cowards who make up the bulk of today’s Australia.

Everyone is so frightened of ‘offending’ anyone’s delicate sensibilities that they are like old ladies hiding behind their net curtains and peering out at the big bad world in abject terror at being labelled ‘Extremist’ or ‘Racist’ for speaking their minds despite knowing, at a deeper level of consciousness, that it is always more trustworthy to go with your first impressions and ‘gut feelings’ than let some academic or bureaucrat or politician bully you into chickenshit conformity with convoluted ‘logic’ or trickery.

No, @ndy and Co hate his guts because they know he is, unlike them, the real deal but they impotently grind their teeth because he has had the temerity to ‘come out’ with some relatively ‘conservative’ socio-political views when they are convinced that every true Working Class lad should be a card carrying Red. How DARE he let the side down? Angry Anderson is, despite his Mulatto Racial status, a fiercely proud Aussie Patriot and that burns the Reds more than anything. The ultimate irony of course is that @ndy and his State funded ‘Anarchists©’ Pty Ltd have about as much street cred as Paris Hilton but with even less class.

Perhaps, by now, some of you are wondering just what Angry Anderson said that was so 'dangerous' and 'controversial' to provoke such vitriolic hatred from the Reds and general condemnation from the Lame Stream Press. Well here it is: July 2007: "It's not ill-conceived to look at certain people and question when they come out here what they bring with them," Anderson told The Daily Telegraph. "We have strict quarantine laws and it should be the same when it comes to cultures that do not want to integrate. We should be very careful about where certain Muslims come from and what they believe. If you come here, you should behave yourself – it's as simple as that," he said. "If people come and live in any country and their way of life is so different they need their own special laws, then possibly they have to pick somewhere else to live. The idea of any Muslim being photographed for a passport or a license with one of those shrouds on – sorry, it just can't happen." March 2010: He told a Federal Parliamentary Committee into the impact of violence on youth that life experience has taught him "Aussies use their fists" when they fight and that "weapons were introduced by other cultures".

Wow! That's revolutionary stuff, eh?


Anonymous said...

Happy to report that the Motor Head Concert in QLD on Saturday night was "very old school" and full of new up and coming "white rock and rollers"

Anonymous said...

Rose Tattoo rock!

Been a fan since the late seventies.

WLT NSW said...

Spoken like a gentleman, sir!