Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Downfall of Fight Dem Back and Mathew Henderson Hau

Yes folks you recall Fight Dem Back? Who could forget those sad social misfits. Once praised by the Australian media and Left Wing Politicians alike. Seems the Fascist Anti Fascist over at Revleft didnt shed a tear at the demise of Fight Dem Back. Nor did they spend to much time reminiscing about its founding members Mathew Henderson Hau AKA Darp AKA "Mat Henderson," " Mathew Lee Henderson," "Darp"or his pals Donald Oorst and Brian Stokes.

Its not the first time we have seen the founding member "Mathew Henderson Hau" recognised for what he is, A pompous arrogant Mamser Boy.

Above reads, "There's a group called Fight Dem Back, which has tryed to represent the 'anti-organised-racist' movement in Australia. But the organisation has mostly been ruined by the egos of some of its members, mostly notably the guy that started it. I think his username or real name is Darp."

Seems everything they touch turns to shit. Hell even Mathews work colleagues at Turner Freeman Lawyers Level 8, 100 George Street, Parramatta, NSW, 225 Phone: 02 8833 2500 Fax: 02 8833 2549 have had a gut full of this slimy little pretentious self proclaimed JEW. Surprised?

I love this email from one of his work mates.

"I work as a @#$%^ in a city chambers. I am also a #*^ @&%$@&!.

Last Friday morning I looked over a very interesting package concerning a Mr Matthew Lee Henderson. I have previously conversed with colleagues of mine who have received a similar package at their firm in Parramatta some time ago. This email address was listed in that material.

I have my own unique issues with Mr Henderson and this material being circulated made me laugh out loud at its accuracy. I would like to provide you with some more up to date information."

So is it goodbye? Will we see them all return like Stalin's Ghost to be influential Party members of the Australian Greens or the Australian Labor Party? I just hope he gets hit by a bus.

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Anonymous said...

I would suggest that they leave that particularist package alone.... Don't know where its been or what its got.

Its owner probably carries genetic fragments of the other FDB members.