Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Filth That Runs Australia…Addendum

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What IS it with the Australian Labor Party? They are literally lousy with Homos and assorted other perverts. In the latest scandal to surface, and let’s face it folks, it has to be pretty bad and blatant to make it to the Controlled Media who are in with this Left Wing scum as thick as thieves, a South Australian Labor M.P., and Minister no less, has been sprung disseminating Kiddie Porn. Of course, protected by his equally perverse bum chums in the Judiciary, he cannot be identified although ABC Radio did originally broadcast his name prior to the gag order being heeded.

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There seems to have developed in the Australian Labor Party over the past couple of decades or so a very real culture of not only tolerance of Homosexuality, which would certainly not have sat well with the original Working Class Trade Unionist types, but an actual implicit, and at times, overt advocacy. Some insipid apologists claim that Homosexuality does not necessarily link to pederasty and other gross perversions but the overwhelming predominance of Homosexuals prosecuted for child molestation and underage/barely legal offences proves they have an insatiable hunger for young flesh.

It is far more sensible for the sake of safety and convenience to assume that all are at least potential child molesters until proven otherwise. For example, one does not need to be familiar with each and every individual Brown Snake and know its record to realise that, as a species, they are highly dangerous and should be avoided and/or watched at all costs. It also makes sense not to have them living among you in your community.

Sadly, for us, there are certain institutions in our current society, the Australian Labor Party and The Greens for example, which welcome and celebrate Homosexuality, thereby concentrating, validating and empowering these perverts through strengthening their networking capabilities and institutionalisation as well as, in many cases, depending on the portfolio, increasing their access to victims.

The protections the Party Machine, the Bureaucracy etc affords them must also not be underestimated. It is only when these individuals become overconfident, clumsy or even overtly reckless that we get cases such as this latest one. Illicit drug abuse often accompanies the activities of these repellent freaks so might account for the aberrant behaviour escalating into ever more extreme acts. Obviously, the vast majority of this problem lies, like the main bulk of an iceberg, below the surface and away from exposure by the authorities and certainly concealed from public scrutiny.

While ever the Fabian Marxists of the Labor and Greens Parties remain in the ascendency the Sodomites will never even feel their disgusting lifestyles under threat, let alone face the quite justifiable certainty of eradication. Hopefully, the cult of the genuine 'Whistleblower' will remain and grow. One good thing about the authoritarian 'dobber' mentality and 'snitch' culture that has developed in recent years
is that more people will feel emboldened to tip the bucket on these maggots.


Ghost Of Vinnitsa said...

One simple question just has to be asked.

Why does the State protect the welfare of criminal perverts by restricting publication of their identities?

Could it be the State, or at least many within its ranks, actually fraternise with and identify with said criminal perverts?

veritas6464 said...

Hey WT,...I hear the name of his African beauty queen was Asif, haaargh. G of V, given the Marshall law situation coming to a state near you, I am thankful they don't publish identities. Or perhaps the Soviet Union of yiddish khazars were right to do so during their reign of terror in eastern Europe? How many white Christians were murdered, 20 million, 100 million?

I fight tyranny, and I don't support agendised multicultural bullshit aimed at destroying my tribe of Adam. Fuck the mixing pot, support racial integrity. Live and let live though, I'm happy for these people to thrive in Sudan; tourism is a profitable thing too, but don't over-stay your visa.

We treat the blacks here like shit why would these dumb fucks want to share in that shit? They don't, it is a yiddish agenda that destroys their homes and make them easy pawns in the yiddish game of destroy white Christendom by shuffling these fucking rock-apes around the globe, how many do they ship to occupied Palestine? None, PERIOD.

Only the tribe of Adam can achieve world peace...