Saturday, April 30, 2011

Glen Smyth – Anarchist/communist/Antifa/ SCHOOL TEACHER?

A nice find from our comrades over at Anti Antifa Australia.

Noticed the anti Nationalist posters around Newtown? (Posters HERE ) Well, it’s safe to say that this shady character above is the one to blame. He names dozens of groups who aren’t welcome in Newtown (stormfront is one? last time i checked it was just an internet forum?) because they are “Nazi Scum”

Well hold onto your seats folks, we’ve got some news for this fool coming shortly!

You can visit Glen’s website and tell him what you think HERE

Just for you antifa Australia lol.

Foul Mouth, Rude Ways, No Respect
Bad Manners, No Class, A Defect
Keep Asking, I'm giving, You won't forget
My fist, your Face, You will regret

Be careful What You Wish For 2x

Cry Foul, Cry Wolf, I don't care
Your Eyes, Tell Lies, Don't Stop and Stare
Trick One, Trick Two, You can't trick em all
Your Pride, Your Jaw, Is gonna hit the wall

Be careful What You Wish For 2x

Just because the beard is gray, doesn't mean I can't thrash
Don't write checks that your running mouth can't cash


Obadiah said...

A bloodless emaciated fag in a toga. The Jews really do need to fine tune their recruitment program.

The Christian Identity Forum

Ghost Of Vinnitsa said...

Why is it that Leftists always, and I do mean always, look like such absolute prats? Could there perhaps be a genetic factor at work here?

Anti Antifa said...

Definately Antifa's finest.. heh!

Antifa? HA! HA! HA!