Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter/Eastre.

Well as many of my brothers and sisters gear up for spring in the Northern Hemisphere, down here in the Southern Hemisphere we are preparing for our winter.

Many of our Christian readers this weekend will spend time in prayer and contemplation. Sacrifice being the theme of the weekend. I would hope that they and everyone else spare a thought for one of the flock who has also made a sacrifice. Spare a thought for your Christian Brother Brendon O'Connell this weekend. He has also found himself persecuted by the Rabbis.

Shocking stuff.

For those of us who look back to a much simpler time (minus the Rabbis). I wish you all a Happy Eastre. To our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, plant a seed. It doesn't have to be in the garden. Plant a seed in the mind of your fellow man.

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