Monday, April 25, 2011

Machete II

From the ‘We told you so’ department of Grim Reality, Whitelaw Towers is pleased to present you with the very latest instalment in our ongoing series of ‘wake the f*ck up’ articles…

“Wild brawl as pageant after-party turns ugly

Megan Levy

25 April 2011

Two men were injured with a machete and a metal chain during a wild brawl that erupted at a beauty pageant after-party in Melbourne's south-east early this morning. More than 1000 members of Melbourne's Sudanese community had gathered at a public hall in Clayton last night to celebrate the Miss South Sudan Beauty Pageant Australia, held the previous day in Springvale.

But the party, which had been advertised on Facebook, turned violent about 2.20am when a number of neighbouring residents in Mary Street called triple-0 to report fighting and excessive noise. A Victoria Police spokeswoman said officers were pelted with bottles and were forced to retreat and call for back-up.

It took 12 police units and three dog-squad units two hours to bring the violence under control. The spokeswoman said a 28-year-old Hampton Park man was taken to the Monash Medical Centre with a cut to his upper lip, stab wounds to his hands and welts to his back.

He told police he had been attacked with a machete and hit with a metal chain during the violence. A 32-year-old man was also taken to hospital with cuts to his ear. Residents said party-goers began arriving at the council-owned hall, which is opposite a senior citizens centre, early yesterday afternoon and the gathering became rowdier as the night wore on.

The event was advertised on Facebook as the "sunday kickback parrrrty".

"Clayton town hall! $15.. Be there befor 10pm," the page said.

In an apparent rebuke to the behaviour overnight, one person posted on Facebook this morning: "you people are embrassing man". The Facebook page congratulates Nyakor Tut, from Melbourne, for winning the beauty pageant on Saturday.

The pageant is described on its website as an "innovative empowering and energetic congregation of young Southern Sudanese women". "The event will celebrate the individuality of the young women, with a reflection on physical beauty but more importantly the inner beauty and confidence that makes a woman," it says.

"The event aims to create opportunities for young Southern Sudanese women to empower them towards greater self confidence and enhance their strength to address a diverse range of needs. It is an opportunity to celebrate as a community the ambitions of young people and their leadership."

Last year's event, as well as a previous event in Adelaide, are also believed to have been marred by violence.

Police have appealed for anyone with information about last night's violence to contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit”

Find the original Sydney Morning Herald article here:

Wow! We’re only surprised there wasn’t a good old fashioned, Winnie Mandela style, ‘necklacing’, (an ingenious recycling initiative to utilise those old tyres) or two just to brighten things up a bit. It is only a matter of time before it happens here.

For more information on this time honoured African tradition see:

Apart from the comically oxymoronic concept of an African ‘beauty’ pageant there is the unavoidable fact that you simply cannot have a First World Nation with a Third World population. It is utterly unsustainable. It’s as silly a proposition as an African Space Program.

Any Leftist do-gooders, bleeding hearts, hand wringers and self loathing Whites still hankering after that pilgrimage to Africa can now save themselves the air fare and experience the sights, sounds and smells of Black African savagery, in all its lurid glory, right here in downtown Melbourne. Just make sure you take your guitar and tambourine so you can sing kumbaya 'round the campfire.

Ah! Multiculturalism!

Bringing the World to your doorstep.


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