Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So Mr and Mrs Black African refugee, whats on your mind?

Well what have we here? Direct Threats of violence, racism towards Whites. Are you shocked? Do you think anyone will get questioned or in trouble over these remarks? No way, that type of treatment is only used if you are white and trying to protect your Heritage and culture.

You just have to love the comments from Awak Kongor. Such a nice example of how the Sudanese are settling into Australia. First she threatens to kill a White Girl on Face Book then she claims that "WHITE Girls are getting raped (by black men) frequently coz their stupid"

Awak Kongor "your lucky honey, imma hunt your ass down and kill you myself.
Thats sad coming from me coz i'm the most respectable person out, but after what you just said and this chris bitch Ranting on, any sane person can turn lunatic. White girls are getting raped frequently coz their stupid in america, black girls look after themselves.So shut the fuck up and mind your own bussiness."

What about this proud Australian Sudanese, studying to be a doctor no less.

Tezzy Bbyy @HONEY CAKES "Bitch please! your the fucking animal here. who the fuck are you to talk. your talking about black people in america, if you didn't know, we are fucking sudanese.
i am australian and proud of it. but its bitches like you who m...ake me sick to my stomach. who are you to say that this kind of shit is exclusive to only sudanese people, i know plenty of WHITE people who fuck up just like this. you ignorant idiot, black people don't fucking kill, we don't throw our kids over the westgate bridge and we don't go on a killing rampage. you guys are fucking pyschos. we are the few honey. OBAMA BITCH! how the fuck do you like that! i bet u got raped thats why your talking shit. it takes an exprienced motherfucker to know. i bet it was huge and i bet you loved it. oh wait it was your dad. i am not an animal, i'm in VCE studying to become a doctor u fuckin slut! i'm tyna make a living and i'm actually contributing my fucking community. it makes me sick how your shit talking bitch. and because i'm studying biology i can safely say that we're all animals, we're fucking mammals you little fuck. oh wait you probably won't know what that means. little arrogant whore!"

Now for the kicker folks, all this on a thread started by an Australian Journalist. Can everyone say TNB. I bet this journalist conveniently forgets to see or report this?

Hi everyone-
I hope you don't mind me posting here.

I'm a reporter at the Star Newspaper, which covers Braybrook.
I was hoping to get in contact with any local people from the Sudanese community in Melbourne's West who might be able to provide me with some positive comments about their culture and the benefits Sudanese people bring to t...he area.
If anyone can help out please e-mail me or call me on 03 9933 4816.

On the other hand, if anyone knows what happened at the Braybrook event or knows anyone who attended, please also feel free to contact me- you can remain anonymous!

Thanks Alesha

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