Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The voice of a real Australian White Nationalist.

One of the best debates I have personally witnessed in a few years is raging over at Australia's favorite State Sponsored Anarchist site, Slackbastard.

Now I regret having to supply a link to such a State Asset such as @ndy, but I feel this time around we can bend the rules. Good old Victor from Whitelaw Towers dips his toe into the Anarchist sewer. Please read the following, then follow the link to read this debate in full. Maybe a good idea to use a proxy if you feel so inclined.

For the ease of our readers,Victor from WhiteLaw Towers comments will be in yellow.

Aussie says:

April 18, 2011 at 10:00 am


Why do you get words people have used and try to define them to the point where you have confused and/or misinterpreted the simple point they were making, is it really necessary to get your point across, anyway its no good arguing.(?)

I’ll assume for the sake of this dialogue that your ‘question’ is not simply rhetorical and attempt to answer it. I do not actually, at least consciously, try to deliberately misconstrue or manipulate other people’s words. I do however make great efforts to clarify the intended meaning of those words. Call it pedantic indulgence but I instinctively tend to ‘proof read’ the material of other posters.

I seek only the truth.

Why is it ‘no good arguing’?

I assure you my opinions are not swayed by anyone, nor am I on someones (sic) “team”. Andy gets up my nose, like yours, on a regular basis. Its (sic) not what is important, he is helping to expose the large scale insanities of the world.

Is he? Is he really? Think about it…carefully.

I don’t get into the nitty gritty garbage, partly because i (sic) don’t understand it, and partly because i (sic) don’t care. It doesn’t need to be so complicated is my point.

But if you really, truly, madly, deeply ‘don’t care’ why are you even posting comments on this website?

This word “racism”, I don’t like it because it puts millions of people into a category.

Well, you know what they say, ‘clich├ęs’ and ‘stereotypes’ exist because the original subjects/material exists, simple as that. I’ll admit to fitting certain stereotypes on the surface but, as you know, every individual goes much deeper than that. So what?

The essential issue with the word should not be what it appears to do, in that it appears to categorise individuals into a certain group, but rather the identity of the person and/or special interest group and the specific socio-political agenda it was intended to advance and the results it was contrived to facilitate.

On the other hand, it does exist, especially in countries such as Australia (mostly because of the unhealthy cultural identity they created).

So you summarily bestow ‘existence’, along with moral judgement, upon a word/concept/construct that you ‘don’t like’ and therefore possibly challenge the very validity of? Please explain…

Actually, I believe you’ll discover, if you research honestly and deeply, no such ‘creation’ occurred. The people who established/created the colony and nation of Australia had no doubts whatsoever about their Racial/Cultural Identity. They KNEW exactly who they were, from whence they came and were not confused at all. These were the days BEFORE the pseudo intellectual sophistry of Political Correctness.

Because of the design of the human mind

“Design”? Do I detect the presence of a Creationist? I thought all @ndy’s mates were committed Evolutionary Humanists. Surely there can be no “design” in Evolution, only Natural Selection.

this cultural identity can quite easily create a snowball affect (effect?) and get out of hand… eek!

“Out of hand”?

Call it racism or what ever you wish, its (sic) just a word

Oh, if only it were.

its (sic) the concept that this county has, that this country is better or deserves more that is the problem, it is also a problem in many other predominately white countries and is just a problem with humans in general, if enough people disagree, this snowball affect can be stopped with the fact, that people do what is normal, and go along with what is normal in their society.

“Problem”? When did Human nature and survival instincts become ‘problematical’?

This happens because at the core of humanitys (sic) problems (are) is their mind (s). To completely fix humanity, each individual would need to help themselves, but i (sic) won’t get into that!

Why not? Jump in. Go on. Don’t be shy. This is what Human discourse and debate is all about.

Although i (sic) don’t always agree with the methods on here like yourself, its (sic) this information that stops that snowball effect, by exposing its falseness.

There are a Zillion other sites that not only ‘expose falseness’ but make way more sense than this one.

Peoples (sic) opinions about other people count for nothing.

Wrong. In a normal, healthy, functioning society they count for much, particularly if those opinions gain general currency through media broadcasts.

To sum all that up, the guru comment went in Andys (sic) favour simply because you didn’t take how serious the hurt, worry, fear, anxiety, winging, (whinging?) violence, slavery, and all other forms of suffering is in the world today that has a lot to do with this thing called racism.

Oh, I take all of that stuff VERY seriously but, as an honest, well read, truth seeking White Man, I can identify the engine, the original source, that drives this deliberately contrived chaos.

I used the term guru because Andy has given it to me about being, or trying to be, in his words, a “guru”.


Aussie says:
April 18, 2011 at 10:33 am

One other thing, you talk about politics and what needs to happen for all to be good, and how everything needs to be based on facts, that couldn’t be more true, question is, how will that ever happen?

A fair question. The answer is that it can’t but that the quest for truth and accuracy is an ideal that should never be subsumed by selfish ambitions, political expediency or outright deception. Think of it as an ultimately unobtainable standard or benchmark that should nevertheless serve as a goal to be strived for.

Have you ever studied the human mind (the core of any problem)

Misanthropy is one thing but if you truly believe “the human mind” is “the core of any problem” then I despair at your self loathing that leads you to summarily condemn your fellow Man, presumably, for thinking.

the world is structured on peoples (sic) viewpoints

Not true. It is structured on the agenda and intentions of the Cryptocracy and the Industrial/Military and Global Financial Complexes they control.

politics is the best place to create an “unconscious” state of mind

Wrong again. TelAvision is where virtually ALL ‘opinion’ is manufactured.

which means people identify with thoughts they didnt (sic) choose to have, they just picked them up somewhere in life and identified with them to the point that they are convinced they have the right answer

You underestimate the intellect of the average Human. Even the dullest drone is more discerning and critical than you claim. It is far more complex than you present.

teams of people working against each other for personal satisfaction, forcing people to have their opinion.

That is a gross oversimplification of a complex system.

The biggest problem (among many) is the minds satisfaction in being right, wars have been fought over this alone. My opinion, politics needs to “consciously”, start all over again.

Without wishing to appear too disrespectful, that last comment, in MY opinion, tags you as being very young. NOT that there’s anything (necessarily) wrong with that…BUT…it does betray a significant degree of political naivety and social immaturity.

Read more…and often…

Additionally. Regarding @ndy’s labelling of me as a ‘bigot’ and a ‘racist’. Leaving aside the various strict dictionary definitions and technical interpretations of these terms for a moment I would like to say that I certainly do not fit the generally accepted popular intended meanings when employed in the common vernacular.

For example the term ‘bigot’ is normally used to describe someone who is not only strongly opinionated and strident in their beliefs but also closed minded. I utterly refute this allegation.

Similarly the term ‘racist’ is generally understood and accepted to mean a person with an entirely irrational hatred of other Races, which would seem to imply an intrinsic and serious personality disorder or even a psychosis. In this respect it is closely associated with the rather more technical term ‘xenophobe’ which, determined by its etymological origins, is more usually employed to describe an irrational ‘fear’ of ‘the other’.

Neither of these terms allows for the quite mundane, normal and perfectly justifiable actions of an individual belonging to a distinct ethnic entity striving to maintain the Racial/Cultural integrity of the tribe/nation. Neither do they permit the logical intellectualisation of an innate Human faculty for defence and protection to be developed into a complex, sophisticated philosophy that might be utilised as a framework upon which to establish and maintain a long term Racial/Cultural Imperium for the exclusive benefit of group members.

Every organism, sentient or otherwise, has, as their most fundamental and inalienable entitlement, the right to develop, refine and perpetuate its own seed line for the exclusive advancement of its own kind. Any action that would seek to diminish or extinguish that right would, in effect, be an act of Genocide. What other possible agenda could any authority have that would demand the quite deliberately engineered insertion of clearly inassimilable elements into a formally homogenous and stable society other than to ruthlessly crush its uniqueness through dilution and genetic levelling?

How’s that for Human Rights? Where is the sovereignty, both of individuals and traditional groups?

So please summon the courage and vist old @ndys site using the proxy provided and take the time to study the debate. I assure you its worth it.

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