Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anti Antifa finds more victims in Sydney, Joey Trotter

Joey Trotter posted this on his facebook page regarding Jock Palfreeman, the Australian Antifa fuckstick who murdered a guy in Bulgaria…..

“Well i went to school with Jock and yes he was. he stabbed a Nationalist hooligan, whilst doing so shouted “down with racism, down with fascism.”
this country could do more with antifa activists like jock. he is a hero to us all.”

So Joey, you condone murder? I guess you’re just another typical SYDNEY ANTIFA

Well doesn’t really matter, because Jock is rotting in Prison right now, so i guess we get the last laugh…

ABOVE: Joey Trotter, the guy in the Antifa shirt on the left, with some guy who isn’t important.
Anti Antifa HERE

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