Monday, May 09, 2011

Australia Calling - Illegals: the horrifying picture

Illegals: the horrifying picture

Australia is being swamped by illegal immigrants from the Third World who call themselves asylum seekers and are mainly Muslims. Detention centres are burning, the government is too cowardly (or stupid, or simply full of traitors) to do anything about it and now an improvised bomb made by the 'asylum seekers' has been found in the Villawood facility. Wake up white man. Wake up white woman. Your country is being stolen from you while you are drinking beer and watching television.

Click HERE to listen.


Anonymous said...

I see that one of your links has been removed and replaced with spam ads, Whitelaw. If you want the site materials, you can find them here. I don't know if you want to replace your link with it, but JR Books would be a good one.

Also, There isn't much on Australian "immigration", but this site leads to who is behind the pushing of the invasion of the White world. There may be some about Australia in the Britan or Canada links.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I realized that I forgot to leave that Balder link.