Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Australian Protectionist Party Openly working for Israel!

Well I guess it was only a matter of time. I can only wonder how much information has been shared between members of the APP and Hate Groups like the Bnai Brith and Chabab. I doubt there would be a single outspoken White Nationalist in this country that doesnt now have his or her own dossier held on file by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.

You can always thank the New South Wales head of the APP, one certain Darrin Hodges. Cant say we didn't warn you all about him.

A vicious smear campaign against the Greens candidate for Marrickville Fiona Byrne in the NSW state election reveals just how worried the powers-that-be were about the prospect of the NSW Greens winning a lower house seat.

This smear campaign focussed almost exclusively on the Greens pro-Palestine stand, in particular its support (along with ALP councillors) for Marrickville council's decision to sign on to the global Boycott, ( Boycott Israel) Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

In the context of an election rout of Labor, and a shoo-in for the Coalition, the Greens had a real chance in two lower house seats.

There was a de facto anti-Green alliance of both major parties, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian, the Daily Telegraph and the Australian Jewish News. Helped along by the former Greens MP Ian Cohen, Sergio "Ban-the-burqa" Redegalli, the Australian Protectionist Party, the Australian Jewish News, this powerful alliance ran a slanderous campaign asserting that the Greens are anti-Israel (or anti-Semitic) because they support BDS and Palestinian rights.

The anti-BDS and anti-Greens campaign in Marrickville – which reached fever pitch in the last two weeks of the election campaign – included the outrageous accusation that the Greens are "fascists" and "Nazis". Greens billboards in the Marrickville electorate were plastered with swastikas, as well as racist and sexist abuse.

Now who would do such a thing?
Just a bit of a rehash on the APP and Hodges.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Zionist Take Over of White Nationalism Spins Into Overdrive.

The head of the Israel First Kosher White Nationalists is ex member of Australia First Darrin Hodges.

Under various user names at Storm Front this man along with a handful of piss ants fueled and welcomed some of the worst behavior ever witnessed in the Australian Scene. In an attempt to take over the Australia First Party they used the Storm Front Down Under Forum to discredit the committee and certain members. They leaked sensitive information and false information to the enemy. With the assistance of Australian BNP supporters they tried to recruit AF members to their cause. This man or should we say creature Hodges was at the time a member of the Jewish Task Force Forum. That was until another infiltrator SilverFern Head of the Australian KKK outed him calling him a Nazi.

Title: Re: Mahdur ad-dam
Post by: Tina Greco - Melbourne on April 08, 2008, 01:31:24 AM
Darrin Hodges is a white nationalist from the Australian Protectionist Party, a Nazi right wing group.

He needs removing as well his gross ideas from Australia and the rest of the world.

I hope you burn to death Darrin, I know many that would help string you up.

Two infiltrators on the same Militant Jewish Forum at the same time. Strange hey? Hodges was there pushing the barrow for the Australian Protectionists Party. A Party trying to copy the BNP. Well one mans version of it. It would seem that the head of the Australian KKK had no problems about outing a Nazi on a Militant Jewish Forum. But it had to be done. At this time Darrin Hodges was fighting off claims from this blog and members of Australia First that he was a Zionist Christian.

Before the advent of the Australian Protectionist Party Darrin Hodges had become frustrated at the leadership or should we say the direction the Australia First Party was taking. So did a few others, for different reasons. Hodges felt it wasn't vocal enough on the issue of Islam and it was too Anti Semitic. It didn't matter to him that the Party was taking a stand against the problems created in this country by Islamic immigration. What mattered was that the Party was also taking a stand against Zionist Imperialism. That made them all "Nazis" and that is just bad PR.

Along with his fellow pro Israel friends Hodges with partial or full consent from the Leadership at APP published lies and innuendo on personal blogs and on the APP forum. Constantly calling Australia First Party members "Nazis" "Arabs" and Pro Islam. He attacked others also. He attacked and labeled anyone who criticized Israel no matter what country they are from.

He along with other members such as Luke Connors up until the end of 2007 had sung a different tune. In an attempt to gain support they often said many things that would lead anyone to believe they are aware of the Zionist Dominated Western Nations of the world. Both would criticize Israel and or Zionism over different reasons. Hell Hodges even questioned the Holocaust. Certainly sucked a few in.

Hodges himself at the Sydney Forum in 2007 was questioned by a QLD White Nationalist in front of witnesses about rumors of him being a Christian Zionist he answered. "I am a National Socialist".

You see folks these supporters of Zionism bluffed many into thinking that staying silent on issues around Israel and Zionism was nothing more than a tactic. It was mentioned by these same people that it was a tactic employed by the BNP and should be adopted by Australia First back in 2007/2008. When Australia First dismissed this tactic it created the splinter group Australian Protectionist Party.

So when does a tactic turn into policy? It was stated back in 2007 that it was wrong to mislead the public on issues that they may find difficult to understand. Yet no one was saying that Anti Zionism was a platform that they should push to the front. Every one knows that we have many other pressing issues to fight. Bread and butter issues is what needs to be addressed NOW.

To be a White Nationalist Party you must behave like a White Nationalist Party or you are just as bad as the Bastards you are trying to replace. People, these types are not talking about turning down the rhetoric here. They are talking about supporting a State and a Religion that many feel is responsible for many of the worlds problems.

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