Monday, May 16, 2011

Brendon O'Connell Blog. "They're Getting Pretty Desperate Now "

The following is my rebuttal of the piece published by the West Australian newspaper on 9th May.

Supporters of anti-Semite Brendon O’Connell still post anti-Jewish material on his blog to taunt his victims, despite him being jailed for three years for racial vilification over an online hate campaign.

So, we are 'taunting' Brendon's supposed "victims". Typical Jewish paranoia. The real victim here is Brendon O'Connell - he's the one who has had his liberty taken from him. The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness of Brendon's case, campaign for his release, and to expose the crimes of Jewry, Zionism and Israel, and we thank the Western Australian newspaper for this unexpected publicity. Cheers :-)

O’Connell, 40, was jailed in January but the blog which landed him behind bars is active.

Things are being kept ticking-over until Brendon is released from prison and can resume command of his blog.

Posts menace the jury and his victims including Stanley Keyser, 23, the man he filmed and chased in South Perth yelling Judaism was a “religion of racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing”. The 2009 footage was the basis of his trial.

"Menace"?????? Oh dear, we're being really sensationalist and dramatic now, aren't we? :-)

  • Definition of MENACE
  • 1: a show of intention to inflict harm
  • 2a : one that represents a threat
  • 2b : an annoying person
Although my Jewish critics no doubt find me rather annoying, they cannot however, legitimately accuse me of 'menacing' the jury who convicted Brendon O'Connell nor can they legitimately accuse me of 'menacing' his supposed "victims". Nowhere on this blog are there to be found any posts made by myself wherein I have issued any threats against, or shown any intention to inflict harm, upon Stanley Keyser, Timothy Peach, or any members of the jury that convicted Brendon O'Connell, and to imply otherwise is outright deception. But what else is to be expected from the mainstream media? Since when did legitimate criticism and the practice of free-speech become tantamount to 'meancing' behaviour?

The latest post, uploaded days ago, claims there is a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world.

The video contains a myriad of quotations made by prominent Jews who have openly boasted of their conquest for world domination. Below are but a few of these quotations. Many more can be found in the video posted thereafter.
We Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity, and look forward, not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them.

Goldwin Smith ~ Professor of Modern History at Oxford University ~ October 1981

We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.

Maurice Samuels ~ You Gentiles, p.155

We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.

Paul Warburg ~ Testifying before the U.S. Senate on 17th February 1950

The video post is tagged with Mr Keyser’s name, despite the video having no reference or connection to him.

Wrong! Keyser's name wasn't tagged, and even if it had been, so what?

Mr Keyser said it was upsetting the blog was able to continue, but he felt its influence was limited.

Yes, Stanley "Sensitive" Keyser will be miffed that despite their best efforts, he and his cohorts haven't yet been able to get this blog closed down. And if the sensitive one truly believes this blog to have "limited influence", then why is he complaining about the blog to newspapers, and why have there been multiple attempts to have it closed-down?

“The person updating it seems more extreme than (O’Connell) is and he’s put up all these links to white supremacist groups and holocaust denier groups, so as much as his blog had no credibility in the first place, it has even less credibility now.”

Three points:

1. There are no links on this blog that point to "white supremacist groups and holocaust denier groups". The links that have been posted here point to a multitude of web sites, of which White Nationalist sites and Holocaust Revisionist sites represent but a tiny minority of the total links posted.

2. If this blog "had no credibility in the first place", then why was Brendon O'Connell charged and convicted on six separate counts of "racial vilification" arising out of posts he made here?

3. I have no problem with being labelled "extreme". In the eyes of the Jew, does there exist such a thing as a "moderate" critic of Jewry, Judaism, Zionism, Zionists and Israel? I think not! Anyone who dares criticise any of the five aforementioned is immediately labelled an "anti-Semite", a "Nazi", a "racist", a "hater" or even a "terrorist". And whenever it's one of Keyser's own tribe who is criticising Jewry, Judaism, Zionism, Zionists, or Israel, that critic then becomes a "self-hating Jew".

Steve Lieblich from the Jewish Community Council has also been targeted by the O’Connell blog.

"Targeted"? Give me a break. "Exposed" would be a far better descriptor. Attention has been drawn to the fact that Steve Lieblich is heavily involved with the suspected Mossad-front, Verint, and that Lieblich has served in an unspecified capacity with the Israeli Defense Forces. Lieblich's loyalty to Australia has also been called into question. Why did this man never enlist with the Australian army? Why is Lieblich uninterested in Australian issues? Why does he write pieces wherein only issues pertinent to the apartheid, terrorist state of Israel are raised? Ditto Stanley "Israel's Son" Keyser. The answer in both instances is that Lieblich and Keyser are fifth-columnists whose first allegiance is to Israel, not to the country of their birth. This is treason by any other name. If Lieblich and Keyser love Israel so much, why don't both of them go live there?

He said the continuing campaign was a concern but not surprising.

A "concern"? Why should a blog that Steve Lieblich's family friend, Stanley Keyser, has described as having "had no credibility in the first place" be a "concern"? But should Lieblich actually be concerned about this blog, this would imply that he's been rattled by what has been posted here.

“It has been like that for thousands of years,” he said.

On the subject of history that dates back over thousands of years.....

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Anonymous said...

If Brendon centers his case about Noachide Law and his inalienable responsiblity to dissent, then he will likely win his appeal.

After all isn't he really saying that he has no desire to particapate in the religion of the Jews ?

The last thing the Evil Ones want is public discussion or questions that might alert the bipedal beasts that be "Goyim" to their impending servitude.

Noachide does not make "Good Men Better".. It compromises their integrity and elevates those with the lowest price to import and postion.