Tuesday, May 03, 2011

EDL Jewish Division support the appropriately named ADL!

Well a picture can tell a thousand stories. The picture above tells one story and one story only! The Australian Nationalist and White Nationalist movement is under and has been under attack from an enemy within.
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Interesting Article from the National Front.

Zionist take over of the APP. Full steam ahead.

zionist take over of white nationalism spins into overdrive.

More on the Zionist Take Over of White Nationalism!

zionist white nationalist a grab for power.

Whitelaw Towers: Zionist Jews Recruiting White Nationalists

Whitelaw Towers: Searchlight, EDL, Australian Protectionist

Talk about letting the fox watch the chickens.

Please don't be fooled by following or supporting anything that has Jewish involvement. No more wars between ourselves, no more allowing them to control our destiny. We are a proud people, we can stand on our own two feet.

For thousands of years we have done their bidding. During that time they have destroyed our culture our religions and our heritage. We have fought and killed millions of our own people for their benefit. We flood our nations with their enemy and people fleeing their Zionist wars. They do not care about you. They only care to keep you as a virtual slave. They will be the farmer and you will be the livestock.

Please, stand and fight with your own people.

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Foot Soldier said...

Just yet another middle class tory attempt at trying to set up an Australian version of a foreign organisation. Will they ever learn?