Friday, May 06, 2011

Here it comes, the awakening?

I graduated from the University of Miami in December 2008. It was an exacting curriculum that tested my mental disciplines. This phrase from a UM campus tee-shirt says it best, “All it takes — is all you got.”

Hiding among these great professors like copperheads were outrages against the Western Canon beyond my wildest nightmares. Abominations against culture, literary art and all decency.

Zionism read to me like a hornets nest of venom, hatred, racism and sinister intent. Their media assassinates the characters of good people.

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Rabble Rouser said...

The Scots apparently seek to free themselves of the construct that is probably CromWell's United Knoachides. Centrally planned immigration into the UK with "prejudice" so as to engineer the diasporisation of mankind is a precursor to the enforcement of murderous Noachide Law in a global sense. The Noachide serfdom is to be administered from Jerusalem with the assistance of regional Gentile Kapos who have no proclivities against shitting on their own people, or anyone else, for a few shekels and elevation to a position of snivelling servile "authority". Such persons are viewed with contempt by both their masters and those forced to answer to the Kapo.
Noachides will live in an era of rule known as a Kapocracy, and that era is in its gestational phase now.

A Tune "The Rebel"

How will witless Zionist Noachides march to war and their own subjugation for the glory of Israel without the Pipes ?

A throng of Morris Dancers ?

Wake up Englishmen, join your related kin and reject the Noachidiocy of those who would destroy you.