Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kosher free protesting.

Forget the Jewish controlled opposition the Australian Defense League and or the Australian Protectionist Party. Keep an eye on the Jewish run Fascist Anti Fascist. These groups and many others are nothing but a cruel joke to make their followers believe that they have a voice. Ignore the handlers, free yourself from the designer cage you have been placed in. Get Active!

Fresh Fruit - The Return Of The Vineyard Owner by MrBrendonoconnell33

Research the people behind these groups. The organized Left and the Right of politics are nothing but controlled dissent, and at the worse Honey Traps.

As a White Nationalist it is our task to work and fight for the survival of our culture and people. Don't fight for Israel, fight for your freedom! The answer is simple. No more wars for Israel = No more refugees. No more Zionist control of our politicians = Real Democracy.

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