Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More ridiculous censorship.

Nice work You Tube. On the day the Whitelawtowers account at You Tube is listed to come off a Two week ban, we get the above. Do you think the over reaction from You Tube has anything to do with Racism? Of course not. The same company that allows you to watch the beheading and torture of Libyan soldiers with over 100,000 hits, thinks a video about Brendon O'Connell is hate speech.

Oh how the antfa lot must be rejoicing. What a joke. It must be noted that anyone who dares to post videos concerning Brendon O'Connell, Verint, Steve Lieblich are being taken down one by one.

They are scared, and we know it. A friend of mine said this recently after his account was disabled a day ago.

"the bastards are determined to Orwell every Brendon O/Connell video out there"

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