Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Obama blows it again.

Remember when the then Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating aka Lizard of Oz placed his hand on the Queens back? Recall how the media had a field day with that minuscule mishap? How many of you have seen this? It seems Obama thought the Brits organized a Hollywood moment for his toast to the Queen. Leader of the free world, what a joke.


Anonymous said...

This is unrelated to your post but...

In the last month, numerous bilboards and bus-stop have been plastered with a "safe sex" campaign which features two sodomites groping one another.
Fortunately the company that is responsible for displaying these images, Adshel, has backed down and withdrawn the offending material. Showing this kind of garbage is yet another attempt at "normalizing" repugnant and degenerate lifestyles, namely homosexuality.

Feel free to post what I wrote on your blog but edit it more to your style ;)

Foot Soldier said...

Does any one notice that the President's wife wasn't sitting next to him? She was sitting next to Prince Phillip. I wonder what Phillip and the Presiden't wife were talking about?