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Allied War Crimes. Who were the real ‘Good Guys’?

White European brothers and sisters sacrificed on the Holocaust pyre that was Dresden. A War Crime of almost incomprehensible evil committed by OUR parents and grandparents while in the thrall of the hateful Jew. Ask yourselves if anything has really changed since then.

A Thousand Years of White European History and Culture murdered by bloodthirsty butchers flying OUR flags!

Hollywood has ‘taught’ us all, along with comic books and ‘approved’ History Books that the Germans were brutal, heartless, cold blooded killing machines oozing pure evil and that the Allies were conquering, ‘liberating’ heroes to the last man. ‘Our’ cause was just and we were ridding the World of a despicable ‘Racist’ tyranny. ‘We’ were the ‘Good Guys’ bringing ‘Peace and Democracy’ to Europe. Trouble is, the facts simply do not stand up to honest, rigorous and objective scrutiny. Yeah! Believe it or not folks but those old ‘Commando’ and ‘Sgt Fury’ comics we grew up reading as kids and the Tel Avision shows like New York Jew Vic Morrow’s ‘Combat!’, entertaining though they were, were pure, unadulterated 175 Proof bullshit. Even the so-called ‘Historical Documentaries’ were half bull and the other half all shit. Face up, own up, grow up and WAKE UP! Let’s be real here, Baby Boomers through to Generation ‘X’, we were all weaned on lies. Not poorly informed misinformation based on ignorance of the real facts but rather coldly calculated and deliberate DIS-information concocted by our Governments and institutions with the sole intention to deceive. But hey, don’t feel guilty. There is no shame in being fooled and mugged by experts. After all, these creatures have massive resources and powers. It is only bad if you do not admit it, learn from your experience and move on with a renewed commitment to the truth.

There is a chilling parallel between the present day vilification of Whites in general and the same dehumanising propaganda that was applied to the Germans in particular before, during and after the Second World War which desensitised normally quite altruistic and sentimental types like the English to the point where they cooperated with and participated in some of the most vile atrocities in Human History. All that needed to be done by the maniacal warmongers Churchill and Roosevelt to prepare the British (a people so benign, ordinary and even tempered that Napoleon called them ‘a nation of shopkeepers’ and George Orwell ‘a sleepwalking people’) and other White Europeans such as the Americans was to relentlessly demonise and lie, lie, lie about the Germans, their intentions and their actions, long and hard enough to elicit a Pavlovian response from their populations.

Whether or not it was an exercise in sophisticated mass psychological conditioning it was certainly a cynically contrived process of preparing the populations for conformity and meek compliance to their evil agenda as outlined in the blueprint for genocide of the 1941 book ‘Germany must perish’ written by the loathsome Germanophobic Jew Theodore Newman Kaufman whose fanatical hatred was extrapolated by the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau Jr into what became known as the notorious ‘Morgenthau Plan’. Even the vicious mongrel (his mother was part Jew, part Native American) Winston Churchill only reluctantly agreed to this murderous plot after being badgered by his personal assistant Lord Cherwell who historians have admitted had a ‘pathological hatred’ and a thirst for revenge bordering on the ‘Medieval’ for National Socialist Germany.

In March 1942 Churchill’s War Cabinet adopted the ‘Lindemann plan’, whereby civilian targeting became official. Working-class homes were preferred to upper-class because they were closer together, and so a greater flesh-incineration-per-bomb could be achieved. The Jewish German émigré Professor Frederick Lindemann, Churchill's friend and scientific advisor had by then become Lord Cherwell. He submitted a plan to the War Cabinet on March 30th urging that German working-class houses be targeted in preference to military objectives, the latter being harder to hit. Middle-class homes had too much space around them, he explained. He was not prosecuted for a ghastly new war-crime, hitherto undreamt-of. Thereby all cities and town over 50,000 inhabitants could be destroyed, or at least brought to ruin. The War Cabinet realised that no inkling of this must reach the public.”

If it were not for the inexorable advance of Soviet Communism across Europe and the escalation of the so-called ‘Cold War’ that threatened American/British/NATO hegemony in the remaining ‘free’ states, the Germans as a people and nation would most probably have succumbed to the deliberate starvation of its people and the rape and pillage of its Industrial, Scientific and Technical sectors. The people who had gifted the World with Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Dürer, Goethe, Schiller, Schoenberg, Schmidt, Schopenhauer, Spengler, etc could just have easily vanished down History’s memory hole. Except, placed as they were in the middle of Europe, they suddenly became extremely useful as a bastion against Communist expansion. Suddenly, around 1949-1950 Germans began to be supplied with more food and other basic necessities and were encouraged to rebuild and strengthen Germany rather than just wait around to die as had been their previously imposed destiny. Death’s hand eased off the lever and the German spirit of creation, innovation, inventiveness and technological excellence was once again allowed to flourish.

The sheer industrial scale of the 24/7 Allied bombing campaign unleashed against Germany in the closing phase of the war was the Forties equivalent of ‘shock and awe’ and was only surpassed in its brutality by the ‘mop up’ efforts committed in the immediate aftermath of the raids on cities like Dresden. It really was a case of absolutely ‘Total War’ where ‘nobody gets out of here alive’. Dresden for example was an utterly undefended city of no military value flooded with refugees fleeing the Soviet butchers in the East. The Americans in particular made a terrible name for themselves. They had already disgraced their uniforms in Italy where there are many accounts of these swaggering young thugs, bored and itching for action between battles, took to taking pot shots at women working in the fields or seeing who could ‘shoot the kid off the bicycle’. They were little more than overpaid, oversexed street scum, young, dumb and full of cum. Of course this is not true of all the Americans, many were honourable warriors who were as horrified as anyone else at the conduct of these idiots but it still remains a fact that post the successes of D-Day 6th June 1944 and emboldened by the inevitability of Allied victory, many more cowboys along with ‘avenging’ Jew thugs signed up for what they believed would be a turkey shoot of Germans.

As it turned out the task of crushing the heroically stubborn German resistance to the pro Communist, Germanophobic Allied invasion would prove much harder than anticipated by the slavering criminal jackals of the Allied command. Once again there would be no ‘home by Christmas’ conclusion to yet another fratricidal European war where hundreds of thousands more young White Men were fed into a giant meat grinder but instead a long drawn out struggle of attrition for almost another year. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin were quite literally supervising the process of butchering an entire generation of White European Males and should stand indicted by history and condemned for eternity for their pure evil.

Charles ‘Chuck’ Elwood Yeager is probably most famous for breaking the sound barrier on 14th October 1947 in the X-1 Jet Aircraft. But before being a test pilot he was a highly decorated fighter pilot flying P51 Mustangs in World War Two. He is quoted as saying in his memoirs;

“Atrocities were committed by both Sides. That Fall our fighter group received orders from the Eighth Air Force to stage a maximum effort, Our seventy-five Mustangs were assigned an area of fifty miles by fifty miles inside Germany and ordered to strafe anything that moved, The object was to demoralize the German population. Nobody asked our opinion about whether we were actually demoralising the survivors or maybe enraging them to stage their own maximum effort on behalf of the Nazi war effort. We weren't asked how we felt zapping people. It was a miserable, dirty mission, but we all took off on time and did It. If it occurred to anyone to refuse to participate (nobody refused, as I recall) that person would have probably been court-martialled.”

On the 12th April 2007 the independent journalist and writer Christopher Bollyn wrote an article entitled “The Passing of Kurt Vonnegut - An Eyewitness to the Holocaust of Dresden” with an emphasis on the word ‘Holocaust’. In it he made the following observations:

“Today, the day after Vonnegut passed away at age 84, the BBC played part of an interview with him. He said that he had been an eyewitness to the worst massacre in European history. Vonnegut was under the impression that about 135,000 people had been incinerated in the holocaust of Dresden. This number is at the low end of the death toll estimates from the Ash Wednesday/Valentine's Day holocaust of Dresden. The post-war British and American historians have greatly downplayed the number of victims and the size and viciousness of the Allied war crime that was the incineration – the holocaust of the hundreds of thousands of innocent people and the architectural masterpiece known as Florence on the Elbe. Another eyewitness, the late August Kuklane, had spent time in Dresden looking for his Estonian parents among the hundreds of thousands of refugees that had sought refuge in Dresden during the desperate winter of 1945. Kuklane told me that the number of people estimated to have perished in the city centre that had been totally destroyed by fire was about 600,000. Both Vonnegut and Kuklane witnessed American fighter planes strafing the survivors of the holocaust of Dresden.”

In Samuel Crowell’s book ‘Defending Against the Allied Bombing Campaign: Air Raid Shelters and Gas Protection in Germany, 1939-1945’ he writes:

“Additionally, the hundreds of thousands of refugees in the city would have no way of orienting themselves or knowing how to escape: we can assume panic among many of them, and desperate retreat into overcrowded underground converted public shelters that would ultimately become death traps. Moreover, since Dresden had never before been seriously bombed, the population had neither fled, nor reduced in number, nor were they likely well versed in procedures that would save their lives: and only one, evacuation, would save them in the firestorm. On top of this, the second wave of British bombers was designed to bomb the center of the city at precisely the time when the maximum amount of aid would be in the streets trying to save the lives of the victims from the first wave: that percentage of losses must also be considered. Finally, the third blow by the Americans, next day, doubtless brought its casualties, along with the P-51 Mustangs who in several well documented instances strafed survivors, including Allied POW's, and clearly marked hospital wings.”
“The Allied bombing of Hamburg in late July 1943 – ‘Operation Gomorrah’, as the British called it - claimed more than 100,000 lives. Some 40,000 of these victims were buried in the Ohlsdorf cemetery, in four mass graves of 10,000 bodies each.”

“Winston Churchill and the War Department set up a situation where London would be blitzed, without telling the people that Britain had started the process several months earlier. This had the effect of getting Britons into a mood for total war, without the traditional restraints of civilised ‘laws’ or conventions, restraints which had hitherto established that civilians would not, as such, be targeted.”

Even the morally flaccid and politically insipid wikipedia has a web page entitled ‘Allied War Crimes During World War II’ where, despite its generally apologist line taken on the Allied terror bombing of civilians, does at least give the Soviets some well deserved stick in comments such as:

Acts of mass rape and other war crimes were committed by Soviet troops (Ah yes, our brave and noble Communist 'allies' united with us in the holy war to 'smash Facism') during the occupation of East Prussia (Danzig), parts of Pomerania and Silesia; during the Battle of Berlin, and the Battle of Budapest.” And “The military of the Soviet Union frequently committed war crimes at the direction of its government which included waging wars of aggression, mass murder of prisoners of war and repressing the population of conquered countries.”

But it still fails to address the disgustingly heinous acts committed by us Anglo Saxons and Celts on our Germanic cousins.

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