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Book Review Ctd Chapter 3&4

Destiny Of Angels By Richard McCulloch as reviewed by Wilmot Robertson

Chapter 3: Racial Empathy

Just as a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, so too is a little objectivity. Northern Europeans are presently in the condition of a moulted crab, having shed the protective constraining shell of subjectivism but not yet risen to that higher level of objectivity which is Racial Empathy. At their present awkward stage, many Northerners have an acute feeling for the interests of other races, yet lack the deeper understanding of life which is required for an appreciation of their own group's truly unique vulnerability.

The need, says McCulloch, is for more Racial Empaths, Men and Women who, through a long introspective process, have come to understand the congruence of their racial and individual identity. “The true leadership class, natural nobility, or Aristoi, consists of Racial Empaths.” Such people feel Northernkind's wounds as their own.

McCulloch cites Shakespeare's “procreation sonnets” as sublime poetic instances of racial empathy. At the opposite extreme are today's “intellectual terrorists,” who teach the would-be Racial Empath that the “devil” is inside him. Against the constant false association of healthy Race consciousness with every sort of deviance, only those em paths with the most "natural wisdom, intuitive perceptiveness, sensitivity, willpower and psychological independence I can see the truth through the fog of falsehoods."

Yet even such superior Empaths are rarely permitted, under the dominant interracist morality, to express their hopes and fears in any way without risking the most “terrible reprisals.” The anti-Northern forces of repression are supremely effective today, and yet the destructive events and actions which disturb, agitate and activate empathy have yet but barely begun to reveal the full extent of their terrible effects. As the casualties mount, empathic awareness will be ever more difficult to deceive or repress, infeeling will quake ever more restively under the superficial crust of outthinking, and the angelic host may find a strength within itself that can only be given by Creation...

Chapter 4: Form and Content

By “form,” McCulloch means a society's institutions; by “content” its people and all their characteristics. “Historians and ideologues have both tended to be obsessed with form at the expense of content” and this bizarre obsession has only worsened in the past several decades.

Outward form can be grasped and dealt with more readily than inner content. The systems, structures and organisations of form can be easily charted by the historian, and lend themselves to facile manipulation by dogmatic ideologues and superficial “reformers.” Form is all that exists in the doctrines and assorted isms which speak only of reform --changing the form --never of re-content changing the inner content or substance, the nature, value and identity, of the people.

But re-content does occur. The inner content or substance has changed and changed radically in many countries and civilizations. The inner nature and identity of the people within the form has undergone complete and total transubstantiation, decisively altering the nature and values of the country or civilisation, with little or no transformation or change in the outward form of its institutions. This decisive process, the most important phenomenon of history, is missed or ignored by historians obsessed with the unchanging illusion of outward form, who are then perplexed by the profound changes which develop in the behaviour, performance, capabilities and values of the culture they are studying…

Specifically, Northern Europeans have repeatedly founded great civilizations which have attracted “non-Northern infiltrators, immigrants and peaceful invaders” in great numbers because of their excellence. The usurpers “retained in distorted forms -the language and name of the Northern population they have ... replaced, as well as the credit ... for their great deeds.”

The problems now confronting Northernkind are increasingly problems of content, though rarely diagnosed as such. The “yea-saying” mentality of the one Promethean or Faustian race is again being swamped by the “nay-sayers” who predominate among the other races. Traditional Northern “rights, freedoms, folkways and relationships” are being rapidly redefined by the racially alien invaders as “totalitarian,” while the destruction of such freedoms is called "liberation from servitude.”

McCulloch reminds us that the dissatisfactions of the workplace less often derive from the nature of the job itself than from that of the other people involved in it, especially those in managerial or supervisory positions. A truly free economy, with free hiring and firing practices, allows easy means of escape from such problems of “unsatisfactory content.” But as a society's content woes increase, they are increasingly misrepresented (at least publicly) as mere matters of “form.” The re-formers respond by further curtailing freedom, which makes it that much harder to deal with critical content problems.

It is the “erroneous emphasis” on form over content, powered by individual greed, which has "opened the gates of Northern Civilisation to alien races." To close the gates, preoccupation with form must be cast aside. “Each generation must be free to meet and overcome its own dangers” for the survival of an exceptional race is infinitely more important than the democratic procedures which once shielded but now promise to destroy it.

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