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Book Review

What follows is the first part of a lengthy and comprehensive review, written by the late Wilmot Robertson, of the 1986 book ‘Destiny of Angels’ by Richard McCulloch. The book review alone is quite scholarly in its depth and scope so one can only imagine the complexity and sophistication of the work under review. I admit to not having read the book but I will now certainly endeavour to track a copy down.

This clearly high grade material from yet another mighty mind of our people proves once again that the enemies of the White Race truly are retarded mental dwarves in comparison to our great thinkers. The whining scum of the Red Left and their allies in the other Races who seek to destroy us have absolutely N.O.T.H.I.N.G. and if there is any natural justice whatsoever designed into the matrix of existence then we will prevail in this struggle and ultimately progress Humankind’s development.

Why post this sort of article on WLT? In my opinion, the review addresses many issues which, to those who have been in the White Nationalist Movement for some years, are basic truths and timeless concepts and despite their general familiarity are worthy of constant revision, particularly when presented from a fresh or hitherto unknown perspective.

We will post more sections in the future as we tidy up and edit them for easier comprehension and consumption.

Destiny of Angels

Chapter 1: Ultimate Ethics

Macro-ethics involves the ultimate questions of survival or destruction, integrity or corruption. The successes of the Northern peoples in the four centuries preceding our own gave rise to a false sense of security when, in fact, their manifold new contacts with alien peoples endangered their identity as never before, despite their superficial status as “conquerors.” The disasters of the 20th century have been caused by “Northernkind's” acceptance of ethical premises and beliefs which have disarmed it in the face of these massive contacts.

The branching of the tree of life is the essence of creation, and the “liberal” inter-racist position which demands the amalgamation of created races is evil in every sense of the word. “Racism” is a basic “pro-life” position, which should be “taken for granted” as a condition of existence. McCulloch writes, “It is as if on the micro-social or individual level - there were a word, such as ‘Livism’, for those who wish to live. By this analogy, inter-racism is the macro-social equivalent of ‘Deathism’ - the desire for non existence - on the micro-social or individual scale.”

Today, the Northern World confronts: (1) a dominant alliance of non-Northern Europeans who have invaded the Northern homelands and (2) Northerners whose runaway altruism puts the interests of the invaders ahead of the invaded. This alliance, controlling all the chokepoints of information, effectively censors all serious consideration of the ultimate racial issue.

“The battle is for the hearts and minds of Northernkind,” writes McCulloch. The other races who would invade and supplant the Nordics hope to gain the latter's heretofore superior “metaphysical significance.” For this reason, they dread “any manifestation of Northern racial loyalty, identity or unity” which might yet turn the tide. Consequently, all healthy Northern racism is the object of “intense vituperation and misinformation which portrays it as an evil and negative phenomenon based on malice or hate.” Northernkind's fate “will depend upon millions of independent decisions, the outcome of millions of individual battles and struggles, in the hearts and minds” of its people.

Those who actively pursue the destruction of Northernkind are today classified as “moderates.” Those who would merely allow it to continue living are termed “extremists,” regardless of their other economic, political or cultural goals. Indeed, pro-Northern racism is often regarded as an indication of mental illness. The ideological assault on the vulnerable young is especially deplorable, but it is important to understand that the rootless “Me generation” created by this assault is not truly selfish (for true selfishness is healthy) but rather self-negating.

Attempts to cure this alienated disorientation, and the behaviour and values that stem from it, which are based on the assumption that it is selfish rather than self-negating, are exercises in futility doomed to failure. The victims of pluralistic alienation and disorientation can only be successfully addressed with a logic similar to that used to address those with suicidal or other self-destructive tendencies, to restore a healthy sense of direction and purpose, and give them back their proper sense of identity and knowledge of themselves, their race, and their place in Creation. Without such sense and knowledge they are reduced to a universe of one, shrinking in upon itself to nothingness. No man is an island, and those who would persist in being so, in defiance of all natural law, will find their island sinking beneath the rising waves of an alien sea, and their race - the former mighty continent which they broke asunder into an archipelago of innumerable tiny separate islands - will be submerged with them.

Most Christians would take exception to the claim that if their race dies everything they are also dies, but even Christianity, in its less Levantine/Apocalyptic and more European/Conservative forms, stresses the need for this worldly stewardship. Blaise Pascal's famous “wager” suggested to him that belief in God was a prudent course for the uncertain. McCulloch might respond with a converse wager of his own, that race-consciousness is prudent for Northern European Christians, who, like Christians everywhere, often freely and unashamedly admit that their faith in the hereafter falters periodically.

It is ironic,” writes McCulloch, “that Northernkind, the race which is constantly accused of being ‘racist’ to the extent that racism is regarded as an almost exclusively Northern phenomenon, is presently threatened with racial death and destruction due to its lack of racism, kindredness and pro-self-kind ethics.” Much of the confusion stems from the fact that a belief in group superiority is often falsely believed to be the only motive for racism. In fact, “Other peoples often appear to be racist for the opposite reason - a belief in racial inferiority.”

All Northern migration tends to be in flight from other groups, while much non-Northern migration is in pursuit of Northerners. The pre-Columbian population of the New World was distributed with 95% in the future Latin realm and 5% in the future Anglo realm. Thus, Latin America was a very rich natural environment. At first, the Mediterranean immigrants moved into the many nations which they had created there. But by 1880 it was clear to all that the two Anglo nations of the New World were far more affluent and so the tide of Mediterranean immigration turned strongly from places like Argentina and Brazil to the U.S. and eventually Canada.

Given (1) the genetic recessiveness of most Northern traits and (2) the tendency of Northerners to prefer more room and fewer people than do faster-breeding groups, the certain outcome of such trends will be virtual Nordic extinction. It is not a question of Northerners “making a little room for others in their great lands,” but rather of the world finally recognizing that Northernkind must have some exclusive territory of its own simply to survive.

As McCulloch puts, it, “Racial separation is to Northernkind what water is to a fish. It was created in it and cannot continue to live outside of it or without it. The lack of it means certain death. The only variation is in the temporal duration of the process.”

McCulloch warns, “Northern Man can be killed more easily by kindness than by cruelty.” Unkindness causes him to rally defensively, a point his sugar-tongued enemies well understand. Today, when a “vast, cataclysmic reversal of Creation is unfolding,” and the genetic re-submergence of Northern traits is well underway, Northerners are seduced by the illusionary dramas of television, while those few who would describe to them the "real drama of racial dispossession" are furiously silenced.

This generation is the pivotal generation in the history of Northernkind. To it has been given the task of confronting the issues of ultimate ethics, making the ultimate decisions and choices that will determine the direction not only of itself, but of the uncounted generations yet to be, which will never be if the present generation fails to accept and properly exercise the sacred responsibilities of leadership entrusted to it by the imperatives of life.

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After reading your review article, Whitelaw, I did a search and came up with this link to, "The Racial Compact", based on McColloch articles, which I think you will find interesting. I do and I plan to be reading more of them.