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A Clash of Victimologies THAT 'Six Million'...

So, what’s your Old Uncle Victor got for you next, this cold and rainy Sydney weekend? The weather not being exactly conducive to whizzing about on the old iron horses, he’s instead opted to jot down some of the thoughts drifting about in his old grey head. Perhaps he was inspired by the sights and sounds of the previous night’s peregrinations. You see,last evening he was adventurous enough to motor on down to, quite literally, Old Sydney Town and found himself perambulating about The Rocks and eventually standing on the South Eastern aspect of the old ‘coat hanger’ looking across the harbour, through the drizzling rain, at the grand old Sydney Opera House.

Why, you ask. Whatever possessed your Old Uncle to fritter away his precious time this way? Well folks the Opera House was an amazing sight, he even took a lot of photographs, as a very clever and entertaining laser light show was displayed on the ‘sails’ of said building. It’s all part of the ongoing ‘Vivid’ Festival (whatever the Hell that is) and a ‘Festival of Light’ (no, not THAT one) which the highly talented homosexuals of the art scene and cafe latte set have been paid zillions to stage. Still, good on ‘em, it was all very spectacular and at least there were no drag queens or gigantic phallic symbols in evidence. You know, something you could take the kiddies to which is rare these days. There should be more of this kind of thing. After all, we pay enough taxes, don’t we?

Anyway, moving right along, as the walking, talking Jewish proboscis and (presumed) comedic entertainer Jimmy Durante often used to exclaim, “Everybody wants to get into the act!” There is an incredible amount of effort, time and money expended in the maintenance of the other ‘big show in town’ The ‘Holy Hoax’ as an absolutely exclusive and extreme event unequalled in its sheer barbarity and horror. Numbers and statistics, all totally unchallenged (there are actually very serious penalties including huge fines and big gaol terms in many counties to ensure this) are bandied about along with the most lurid tales and quite preposterous claims that defy logic and science, insult one’s intelligence, as well as affronting the most basic and fundamental rules of enquiry, investigation and the onus of proof.

But the purpose of this article is not to criticise the utter lack of intellectual honesty or investigative rigour in these processes but to examine the exclusivity of this modern myth. There is, in this writer’s opinion, good argument to be made that all the other truly horrific acts of cruelty, Genocide and persecution are diminished, minimised and reduced and that the memories of the dead are disrespected and insulted by this exclusivity. The lumbering behemoth of the so-called ‘Holocaust ©’ is, like some ‘Mallueus Evropa’, a weapon designed to smash the folk spirit of White Europeans. The ultimate purpose lays well beyond the mundane ‘make trouble for the White Man’ of which we are all so familiar through such Jew contrived nation wrecking abominations as Humanism, Feminism, Abortion on demand, Socialism, Communism, Anarchism, Gay Rights etc

Nothing short of absolute extinction for our creed and kind will satisfy this monster. The ‘burnt offering’ implied in the Hebrew term ‘Holocaust’ has nothing whatsoever to do with the burning of Jews or their Genocide but rather, in a deliberately perverse fashion typical of the Jew, everything to do with our own demise. To coin a term more crude and from the common vernacular, they own our sorry arses. They own the minds of our children from Kindergarten ferchrissakes! ‘Holocaust Studies’ is becoming increasingly common and compulsory in High Schools and even in Primary Schools. One can only hope that, just as most kids used to snooze through ‘Scripture’ lessons, Bible Studies or even Sunday School, they will swiftly adapt to this new religion by resisting it as a boring crock of shit and sit there daydreaming through class about the weekend rather than soaking it up like poisoned mother’s milk.

George Orwell is credited with the phrase “All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” used in his alleged political satire, the novel ‘Animal Farm’. The book reads though, more like an extremely clever and equally savage critique of Communism. Somewhat ironic perhaps, in that Orwell himself was, at least publicly a (former?) dedicated Socialist despite his having written propaganda himself for the British regime during the Second World War and cooperated with the BBC ‘Thought Police’. Maybe it does indeed ‘take one to know one’. ‘Animal Farm’ was perhaps Orwell’s ‘comic book’ version precursor to his final and most grimly realistic work, ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ where he really tipped the bucket on his former idols. Despite all his failings, Orwell remains this writer’s favourite modern author. Perhaps he truly was, as Malcolm Muggeridge, another long time Fabian Socialist and ‘Establishment man’ (he had been an MI6 operative) once opined, a ‘social barometer’ of his time.

There have of course been others who have used a similar phrase, which may indeed have pre-dated Orwell’s line, “All Men are equal, it’s just that some are more equal than others”. As the television comedy character ‘Father Ted’ once remarked upon viewing a fellow Priest’s collection of National Socialist memorabilia, “It’s funny how you get more Right Wing as you get older.” So too did Muggeridge become more politically conservative and increasingly sceptical of the International Socialist’s Utopian dream, leading to his vilification by the ‘True Believers’ of the extreme Left.

In fact, Muggeridge did such sterling work to repent for his former sins that, during the 2008 commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Ukrainian ‘Famine’, The Holodomor, (Морити голодом or ‘Killing by Hunger') he and the other British former Journalist Gareth Jones were posthumously awarded the ‘Ukrainian Order of Freedom’ in honour of their efforts to expose the truth about what was really going on in the ‘Workers Paradise’ of the Soviet Union.

It is worth noting that the official policy of the so-called Western Powers was one of totally ignoring and even actively suppressing the facts and that the Leftist Criminals of the preposterously labeled International ‘Labour Movement’ continued in their perpetuation of the great lie and smearing of the ‘doubters’ as fools, liars and agents of hate. Sound familiar? It’s all very much like what happens to so-called ‘Holocaust deniers’ and ‘Climate Change deniers’.

If I type ‘Six Million’ into this document every reader would immediately understand it as shorthand for THE ‘Holocaust ©’ and when it comes to the numbers game the Talmud teaches Jews that ‘A thousand Goyim are not worth one Jewish fingernail.’ In light of this attitude the reader can therefore gain an understanding into why Hollywood fails to regale us with heart wrenching dramas based around the events of the Holodomor and why the History Channel also comes up short on documentary offerings on the same subject. The reader will also come to the realisation that it is utterly futile to try and appease the Jew or appeal to any sense of empathy in the Jew by quoting numbers and comparing them to their ‘Holocaust ©’ because, as several Jews have said over the years, in various words, the killing of even ONE Jew is a ‘Holocaust ©’. When any Race of people has a mindset of such arrogance and monumental self importance as that how can one possibly reason with them?

But really, the so-called ‘Holocaust ©’ would be far more accurately described as an ‘expulsion’. It was not, in general terms, at least within the realms of Germany proper, even a pogrom which implies officially sanctioned extreme violence and a breakdown of law and order. The instinctively efficient, officious and highly disciplined Germans would never have allowed this. Anyone who understands anything at all about the ingrained and traditional character of the Germans knows this. However, in the areas such as the General Government of occupied Poland and the Western Russian/Ukrainian regions there were some acts that could be termed atrocities. One has to realise though that these were mostly reprisals by locals against Jewish Commissars and their collaborators by members of the volunteer Einsatzgruppen (Special Squads or Task Forces) who generally attached themselves to various combat units of the Wehrmacht and SS.

These squads were largely comprised of local militia members with some supervision and training provided by SD, Gestapo and Kripo officers. Indeed, the Eisatzgruppen performed a useful purpose in liquidating Communist partisans but were criticised by the German commanders for being, erm, somewhat over enthusiastic in their work. The spurious claim that there were also many members of the elite combat divisions of the Waffen SS included in the ranks can be dismissed as nonsense and Nuremburg Trial propaganda. Any one who has studied the Waffen SS modus operandi and knows even the most rudimentary basics of military strategy and tactics could believe that highly trained frontline fighters would have been wasted on what was regarded as somewhat ‘low’ or even dishonourable work. It could be compared, on a much more discerning and smaller scale, to the so-called ‘Wet Work’ of the Soviet NKVD. There may have been the ocassional Waffen SS man involved if, for example, he was unfit for combat duty or was being punished.

Himmler is on the record as having looked at the detrimental effects on the morale and even the long term mental health of his SS men in being involved for prolonged periods in firing squad duties. This explains why so many local volunteers were employed for such work. No forcible ‘dragooning’ was necessary due to the extreme enmity the local peasants felt for their former overlords of the Jew dominated Soviets. Why do so many Orthodox Ukrainian and Catholic Poles still, even today, harbour such hatred for Jews? To fully understand this aspect of the story that has only been briefly mentioned one needs to study the complex and often vexed history of the, at best symbiotic and at worst parasite/host, relationship White Europeans have had with Jews down through the centuries. Tragically for the Europeans the relationship has all too often been the of the latter variety.

There have been many ‘Genocides’ such as the reasonably well known Armenian Genocide by the Turks but we are all seemingly only properly familiar with one. Even the mainstream ‘Wikipedia’ admits to the ‘reprisal’ Genocide committed against Ethnic Germans post WWII.

Expulsion of Germans after World War II

“With at least 12 million Germans directly involved, possibly 14 million or more, it was the largest movement or transfer of any single ethnic population in modern history (but you've never even heard about it!) and largest among the, post-war expulsions in Central and Eastern Europe (which displaced more than twenty million people in total). Estimates range from 500,000 to 2,000,000, where the higher figures include deaths from famine and disease as well as from violent acts. Many German civilians were also sent to internment and labour camps.

RJ Rummel estimates that 1,585,000 Germans were killed in Poland and 197,000 were killed in Czechoslovakia. The events have been usually classified as population transfer, or as ethnic cleansing. Martin Shaw (2007) and W.D. Rubinstein (2004) describe the expulsions as genocide. Felix Ermacora writing in 1991, (in line with a minority of legal scholars, considered ethnic cleansing to be genocide) and stated that the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans was genocide.”

The gentle reader need not hold his breath for 'the International Community' including twats like Geoffrey Robertson to even mention this atrocity or sympathise with its victims let alone write books or produce documentaries about it. The list below is from the Wikipedia page on Genocide. It purports to be a chronicle of all the known Genocides:

Americas, United States of America, Argentina, Australia, France, Philippines, German South-West Africa, Ireland, War of the Three Kingdoms, Great Irish Famine, Russian Empire, Chinese dynasties, Ottoman Empire/Turkey, Armenian, Assyrian, Greek, Dersim Kurds, Soviet Union, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Nazi Germany and occupied Europe, Partition of India in 1947, Republic of China and Tibet, Expulsion of Germans after World War II, Australia 1900-1969, Zanzibar, Guatemala 1968-1996, Pakistan (Bangladesh War of 1971), Burundi 1972 and 1993, Rwanda 1994, Equatorial Guinea, Cambodia, East Timor under Indonesian occupation, Dirty War in Argentina, Sabra-Shatila, Lebanon, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iraqi Kurds, India, Tibet, Brazil, Somalia, Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995, Rwanda, Darfur, Sudan

Conspicuous by their absence of course are the murderous atrocities against Whites currently still occurring in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The reader can decide whether they qualify as Genocides or ‘merely’ Ethnic Cleansings.

Well, that's it for this evening folks. More to come later...

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